Problems Often Faced When Doing A Wedding Reception

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Doing a wedding does require a lot of preparation which is very draining, time, and also a lot of money.

In addition, the wedding procession will also make you have to prepare various other things that are necessary to be able to hold the wedding smoothly.

Of course, preparations for this wedding must be planned long before the D-day arrives. By doing this planning, several marriage problems can arise that may not be implemented according to the existing plan. If you also have problems creating a concert you can read the articles provided here.

Especially if you don’t use this plan, which are some of the problems that are often encountered in planning a wedding reception below.

Book a Place Before Creating a Guest List

The first problem usually comes with wedding preparations related to booking a wedding hall with a clear guest list.

Of course in this it is very risky and has the potential to make a marriage that was planned very well can turn into chaos.

To make the invitees feel comfortable during the reception, of course, sufficient space and according to capacity is something that must be fulfilled.

Try not to rush to book a place if the number of guests you invite turns out to be more than the capacity of the venue.

Of course this will make guests uncomfortable if they are in a small or narrow place. Which in the end you will lose yourself.

Conversely, if you have booked an area that turns out to be a small number of guests, of course this can hurt you. 

So from that, you must first write down and determine the quantity of guests that you can invite before determining the area that you can use. 

With this you can make the guests more comfortable and the wedding reception can run better and be successful.

Too Hurry to Determine the Concept of a Wedding Party The

the theme or concept of a wedding party is indeed something the invited guests have been waiting for. In determining the concept of this marriage, you must plan and discuss it carefully with your future spouse and family and your in-laws. There may be some differences that the couple or family wants about this concept of marriage. When this happens, then have a good discussion to be able to determine and agree together on the concept of a marriage that will take place. With this mutual agreement, your marriage will have the opportunity to run smoothly and successfully because it gets the support of many parties.

Forgetting Important Marriage Documents

In carrying out a marriage, documents are of course things that must be fulfilled. Some of the documents that you must fulfill include your KTP, birth certificate, marriage certificate and so on.

Why this document is often disputed is because often people who want to hold a wedding focus more on preparing for their wedding than on preparing the document.

In fact, this document will serve as your guide that you are legally married to your spouse in religious and state law.

Renting a Wedding Dress Too Hurriedly

Every wedding does require special clothes, especially for the bride who wants to wear a nice wedding dress.

It is not surprising that many brides order clothes well in advance of their wedding.

Why is this not recommended? Because our bodies are not the same every time, especially if our weight increases before the wedding which can make a wedding suit or dress that previously fit become narrow.

Therefore, it is better if you rent a wedding dress or coat close to the D-day because it will be more guaranteed if there is a fitting problem.

Over Dieting and Over Treatment

Having a good body at the time of the wedding reception will certainly make the bride and groom more confident.

So it’s no wonder that many brides go on a diet program to make their bodies look good on the D-day.

However, you should avoid over-dieting or what is known as over-dieting which will hurt your body.

Too Frugality

 Frugality is indeed a good enough thing to do marriage. But did you know that in holding a wedding, you cannot use funds that are too fitting or minimal.

Sometimes there are some funds that must be set aside for some urgent things such as consumption.

For example, we invite as many as 100 guests, but usually guests will come together with their relatives, spouses, families and so on which of course will require more consumption.

Using Friends or Friends as “Officers” in our wedding.

Using the services of a friend or friend who has a wedding organizer business who can handle our reception.

But did you know that not all of your friends can do their job professionally.

These friendships often make work easier, but you need to be aware of offers from friends that might ruin your own marriage.

Minimizing Mistakes

Of the several mistakes that often occur that have been mentioned above, you must minimize them in order to facilitate a smooth wedding party.

Maybe besides that there are some things you need to pay attention to, such as preparing a music team, documentation team, singers, and so on.

Don’t hesitate to use a wedding organizer or a third party who can help you smoothen your marriage.

Netdata Managed Service

Based on our discussion above, we already know some of the problems that arise when you want to hold a wedding reception.

To increase the level of success in holding a wedding, you should use a variety of assistance from third parties, including the IT network from NetData.

Netdata Service for Wedding Reception

NetData is an IT company that provides trusted service management services in Indonesia. As a client you will get a variety of professional managed services.


As the best managed service provider in Indonesia, NetData will provide the best solution for you, including network matters.

NetData will analyze your needs as well as make the right decision free of problems and obstacles that can ruin your wedding event.

Cable installation

Talking about weddings, of course, will require a lot of network cables connected to each other to the computer which are needed to monitor CCTV, sound systems, and so on.

NetData will use a variety of quality cables with the best connectivity for the smooth running of your wedding reception.

Cloud service

As a service provider, NetData also provides Cloud services that can improve the performance of the fast and best data transfer process.

System Integrator System

Integrator integrates various existing processes with NetData’s originating processes to provide added smoothness for the smooth running of your wedding reception.

Interested in NetData’s managed service for your wedding reception? You can contact us here.

Thus the discussion of this article about NetData manage service for you to organize your wedding smoothly and professionally.


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