Problems Often Faced When Doing A Concert

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In holding an event to run smoothly, it certainly requires careful planning. Before holding the event, there is one thing to consider, namely the concept of the event.

What activities you want to make public is a further matter. If a clear program concept has been found, the next stage is budget preparation.

For the concept of an event that you must apply, for example, a music concert event, both large and small.

Usually, to hold a concert, of course we will invite an artist or a band singer that is liked by the public both from within the country and from abroad. You can also call a Korean girl group or boy band that is loved by teenagers now.

Earlier we have already determined what theme we will create, so as the organizer you must collaborate with the brand to get sponsors who can help you with funding problems.

To carry out activities in the field, you should work with experienced event organizers to streamline your concert affairs.

As for some of the problems that are often experienced by concert organizers and at the same time with the tips below:

Creating a clear theme or event concept

Earlier we discussed applying a clear concept or event theme. Then how do you get a good program concept? A good event concept is being able to provide an attractive appearance to the public.

Maybe there is an event that has been implemented before, now with high creativity, an event will appear more attractive and present a fresher atmosphere.

In drafting the event concept, the organizers will hold discussions or internal meetings with your team.

One of the factors that most influences an event concept is the intended target audience. Therefore, who are the people expected to attend the concert event you are holding.

For example, the problem that is often faced is holding a keroncong music concert, but it turns out that in that area there are more teenagers who prefer Korean music concerts or K POP. 

Therefore, you have to do every concert event according to the audience or you can also adjust it to the area. 

Budget planning

Organizing a music concert especially with a large capacity, you will need a super large budget too.

The equipment that you must prepare, such as tent rental, sound system, consumption, crew uniforms, advertising media for branding, ID cards, and the like. 

To make it easier, you can make a detailed and complete equipment and equipment list or checklist to support the event’s operations.

If the main equipment list has been compiled, then the next step is to find out the price of each item on the list. To find out how much each item costs, of course you need to survey trusted vendors in your city. 

For example, you want to know how much it costs to produce 200 pcs of ID cards, then you need to check the print price at the nearest printery. 

Tips that are often used by event organizers are usually looking for vendors who can provide cheaper prices but with good quality. This was done to reduce production costs and prevent operational cost overruns.

If the main equipment list has been compiled, then the next step is to find out the price of each item on the list. To find out how much each item costs, of course, you must survey the trusted vendors in your city. 

For example, if you want to know how much it costs to process 200 pcs of ID cards, then you must check the print price at the nearest printing area. 

The tips that are often used by event organizers are generally looking for vendors who can provide cheaper prices but along with good quality. This is used to reduce processing costs and to prevent operational cost overruns.

Preparation of the timeline The timeline

needs to be arranged so that the event network can be scheduled properly. This timeline also ensures that everything is done properly.

This timeline is compiled by creating a kind of table containing the date and month of the concert.

In this timeline there is a timetable or deadline for work to be done, for example, on 30 July 2021 concert stage had to be made complete by the system sound

rundown of events planned Create

What is rundown, rundown is a schedule or a series of activities at the time of the concert.

This series of events must be well organized. Because the rundown can be used as information about the course of the event for the audience who attend the concert. Not infrequently there are spectators who don’t want to attend, but after seeing the rundown, they want to attend.

Determine the number of viewers to be achieved

The target of the number of viewers is the essence of the program. For example, if you hold a concert with a famous Korean boy band which costs up to billions of rupiah, of course the target audience who attend must also be large to get profit from ticket sales. 

Develop an alternative plan

There are times when a plan that has been prepared is not working properly. Therefore, it is necessary to “Plan B” or an alternative plan in case something goes wrong.

For example, if an artist is unable to attend, you must be prepared to provide a replacement artist or other event.

Determining the performers

Not infrequently performers are the most important factor of a concert performance. Therefore, the performers should have competence and expertise in their fields.

Apart from the performers, the MC or master of ceremony must also be considered, the host or moderator who will guide the course of the activity. 

To get performers, the organizers have to make the next performers well in advance. 

In addition, you also need to be able to make sure that the next performers are able to be there while the event is going on. 

Of course, performers and presenters receive compensation in the form of commissions or honoraria provided by the organizer. The prices set by the performers and hosts of the show vary depending on the reputation and experience they have.

Collaboration with trusted vendors

In organizing concert performances, of course we need help from trusted third parties or event vendors.

The vendors that are important to work with are catering, car rental, tents, exhibition booths, sound systems, and so on. 

Even if you want to prepare everything yourself, it would be better if you help with the vendor in order to get more structured and maximum results.

However, in choosing a vendor, you should choose a vendor who has experience and track record.

In this case I will take an example of a network vendor. Why is there a need for a network in a concert? Because during this pandemic it is usually held with limited concerts to watch live on the spot.

For those who don’t get a place to watch live, you can buy virtual concert tickets which of course need a more capable network device or broadcast to the internet.

So a vendor that provides experienced service management such as NetData is needed.

Solve licensing problems

Permission is a form of legality that the concert you are holding is in accordance with applicable regulations both local regulations and laws.

And also a clear permit, the concert that is carried out will have a good level of security for the audience who is present because it will be directly protected by the authorities.

The licensing requirements can be anything from the licensing of the event, the place of activity, the time, the performers, and the number of spectators.

Clear team division of tasks

It is common that the success of a concert performance is an integrated team.

Each member of the team that organizes the concert must have their own clear duties and responsibilities.

And also make sure each member has expertise in the assigned task. Therefore it is necessary to hold a meeting and be equipped with written documents on what the duties of each member are, so that there is no confusion or incapacity of each member.

Determining the promotional media

Is a concert event with a well-known artist enough to invite potential audiences? Of course not, because concert events will be crowded with audiences if the promotion is carried out intensively.

So as for some suitable promotional media, for example newspapers, magazines, radio, internet, outdoor media or brochures.

Selection of promotional facilities, of course, considering the available budget. To be more effective and efficient, choose promotional facilities that can give the maximum possible impact along with minimal costs. 

If the budget is actually sufficient, there is nothing wrong with wearing expensive promotional facilities such as billboards, for example. 

However, unless the funds are limited, well-known social facilities such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter can be the right choice. 


This evaluation is carried out after the concert has finished. Why is evaluation needed, this is done to find weaknesses that occur during the event and fix them at the next concert.

The success of an event is determined by many factors. With careful planning accompanied by good implementation in the field, the event will be able to go according to plan and reach the expected object.

Managed Service Netdata Holding

In accordance with the topic this time, thief a concert, especially with a large audience capacity. 

Therefore, cooperation from third parties is needed to support managing the concert for the smooth running of your event.

One of the most vital forms of third party cooperation is managed service. This managed service can take many forms, especially in the IT field.

As said before that we should get gifts from various vendors including in terms of network connections and in other IT matters.

To manage this service, you can certainly give you additional benefits in the ease and smoothness of holding events.

The well-known vendor, namely NetData, is ready to support you in managing service facilities with various advantages and high professionalism.

Netdata Service For NetData Concerts

as a trusted provider of managing service facilities in Indonesia, you will get many benefits with the best professionalism.

The network

Netdata Can be the most suitable solution for those of you who want to hold a big concert as well as an IT asset like a network to run a more modern concert. NetData will make the decision there are no security problems or bottlenecks.


Cabling is an urgent matter where many network cables are connected to each other to a computer to provide additional smooth communication.

With good connectivity it will add smoothness to the continuity of the concert you are holding.

Cloud service

For cloud facilities, actually not all concerts are needed but this new cloud process can also increase the performance of existing processes.


integrator This process integrator is integrating existing processes with processes originating from NetData to provide additional smoothness from the events you organize.

Because with an integrated concert it can make it easier for the team to adjust the course of the event together using a laptop. Interested in concert services from Netdata? You can contact us here.

That is our discussion this time about NetData, a joint service management tool to help you organize large concerts smoothly and professionally.


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