Pentest For Business? What’s Important?

Pentest untuk bisnis
Have you ever heard of a vulnerability assessment? At least that is one activity that is still ongoing with penetration testing.
Just so you know, if an IT industry or at least an IT service usually includes a vulnerability assessment as one of the steps in the penetration testing or pentest process. But unfortunately, many of the vulnerabilities that were discovered were not addressed due to patching incompatibilities or lack of funds. This type of vulnerability must be managed until the system is mitigated, often over a long period of time.
Far from that, here we will only discuss penetration testing or pentest when seen from how important it is from a business perspective.

Get to know Penetration Testing (Pentest)

From the name, it’s also clear, penetration testing is actually an activity in an official simulation attack performed on a computer system to evaluate its security. Penetration testers use the same tools, techniques and processes as attackers to find and demonstrate the business impact of weaknesses in a system.
Penetration tests usually simulate various attacks that could threaten a business. They can check whether a system is robust enough to withstand attacks from authenticated and unauthenticated positions, as well as various system roles. With the right scope, pentesters can dive into any aspect of a system.
Looking from there, there are still similarities with vulnerability assessment services, right? Therefore, it is certain that if there is penetration testing, then vulnerability testing must also be carried out in order to keep the computer network safe.

The Importance of Pentest for Business in the Digital Age

Getting here, it’s no wonder that the pentest is very important. Any business now uses an all-digital method. For example, for the furniture business in the past, maybe the marketing was only by participating in exhibitions, making advertisements in newspapers, or just businesses that were known around. But now, not with the internet, all businesses are digital.
Automated uses such as hubs, servers, computers, routers, laptops are becoming a daily staple for businesses in the digital age.
Ideally, software and systems are designed from the start with the goal of eliminating harmful security vulnerabilities. The pentest provides insight into how well the goal was achieved. Pentest for businesses in the digital age to:
  • Find weaknesses in the system
  • Determine the robustness of the controls
  • Supports compliance with privacy and data security regulations
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative examples of current security postures and budget priorities for management

Penetration Testing Steps

Don’t you understand what penetration testing is actually for? Of course it is very useful for various agencies or businesses, for example for now.
To perform penetration testing, the following steps must be taken:
  • Penetration Testing Planning

First, of course, is planning. This penetration testing plan must be met and discussed on a regular basis which is also related to finding pentest services for which business is best.

  • Scanning
Next, of course, the pentest service provider for the selected business will scan the existing computer network. The planning has also been well thought out.
They use tools to examine weaknesses in target websites or systems, including open services, application security issues, and vulnerabilities in open source. Pentester uses a variety of tools based on what they find during reconnaissance and during testing.
  • Efforts to Gain Access
Of course this is very important to do as a simulation of how to get access from the computer network.
To perform each test case, the penetration testing service determines the best tools and techniques to gain access to the system, whether through vulnerabilities such as SQL injection or through malware, social engineering, or something else.
  • Maintaining Gained Access

Once testers have gained access, attempt to perform a simulated attack they must remain connected long enough to achieve their goals of extracting data, modifying it, or abusing functionality. It’s about showing the potential impact.

  • Analysis

If so, and maybe someone has made this access test successful, an analysis or evaluation will be carried out. Actually, where is the gap in network security? If it can indeed be broken into by means of SQL injection, then you have to make arrangements for input validation and separate the username and password databases as an example.

Pentest service from Netdata

There are more and more industries or businesses in the digital age, so their need for awareness of the existing threats that they can face for their business must be known, one way to be safe is to look for quality and trusted penetration testing or pentest services.
One of them is NetData or even this is the best choice. You can get affordable fees for pentest services with experienced and professional human resources.


Do you understand penetration testing and how important it is for business in this modern era? With the frequency and severity of security breaches increasing year on year, organizations have never had a greater need for visibility into how they can withstand attacks.
NetData can help you in doing penetration testing and can also be used for vulnerability assessments!


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