Tricks on How to Speed Up Internet Connection

Cara Mempercepat Koneksi Internet
How to Speed Up Internet Connection – There are lots of ways to speed up internet connections, of course you often experience internet incidents in your home or office experiencing internet speeds that are very slow or in a sense slow. Work becomes hampered, entertainment such as playing games or watching movies becomes uncomfortable. Maybe you will think that it is indeed one of the providers, but in fact there is one problem that occurs, namely because you choose the wrong internet installation service.
Installing the internet in a building is not easy, you have to pay attention to various aspects so that the signal that is distributed from the router can spread properly and correctly in various rooms of a building.
Instead of you being confused, let’s find out a trick on how to speed up an internet connection that is guaranteed to be slow!

Common Causes of Slow Internet?

Before we discuss how to deal with slow internet, we must first find out what causes this condition. In terms of networking, there are several reasons that can really happen that cause the internet to slow down, including:

Router or Device Requires Restart

Routers or other connected devices may require a restart. It can reset the configuration or cache buildup which often hinders its performance to provide fast internet.

WiFi Router Obstructed by Objects or Walls

As mentioned above, one of the causes of slow internet is the wrong WiFi router layout. This error sounds simple, but if the router is blocked by a wall or other object, it can cause the signal captured by the device to become weak.

Wifi Does Not Support Devices With High Speed

WiFi routers can also be a very common culprit. Even if you are using a device with high internet speed, if WiFi cannot be supported, it will not function properly.

Many Users Using the Network

Networks that are used by many users can be one cause. This is because the router signal is divided into several and causes the speed to be divided equally.

Incorrect Wifi Channel

The cause is overlapping or touching each other between WiFi channels. To avoid collisions with other people’s channels, you can set the wifi channel according to the frequency used.
If you are using the 2.4 GHz frequency, select channels 1, 6, and 11. Meanwhile, if you are using the 5 GHz frequency, it is recommended to select channels 36, 40, 44, and 48. Usually, these channels do not overlap.

There was an error on the server

If indeed all of the causes above are not the cause of your slow internet, maybe the problem is the server. It will take some time for the server to be fixed.

Solution How to Speed ​​Up Internet Connection

If you no longer feel comfortable that the internet that you are currently enjoying has a slow connection, here is a solution for how to speed up internet connection so that it doesn’t slow down and you can enjoy fast and stable internet:

Place the Router in an Affordable Place

The first step you have to take is to put the router in an affordable place. Put the router at least not obstructed by other objects especially walls.

Avoid Near Other Devices

It could be that the WiFi router is having problems with the signal. So, you can place the device close to other devices so that the signal distribution is not disturbed.

Add Repeaters

If indeed the WiFi router can no longer be moved, you can outsmart it by using a repeater. This repeater can catch the signal on the main router and deliver it to your device with a perfect signal.

Reboot Router

If the router has never been restarted, then restart the router and wait a few minutes for it to turn on again.

Use the best device that supports high speed

Also be aware of your device. If indeed the device you are using or the internet network device does not have support for high speed, you can replace it with a new one and support for high speed internet.

Fast Internet Vendor Recommendations

With the various considerations above, it is possible that the internet that you apply is a way to make the internet fast and it has worked. However, there are those who still feel lacking with internet speed. The solution is to choose a fast internet vendor, such as NetData.
NetData is a fast internet vendor with very reliable service. Many big companies have even entrusted NetData for fast internet affairs. So, now it’s your turn to try fast, stable internet, and with professional support that helps you 24 hours from NetData.
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Minta Penawaran Harga !

The need for fast internet today is a must. Overcoming slow internet you can also do it yourself. One solution from the start so that your internet doesn’t slow down is to choose a fast internet vendor like NetData so you can enjoy fast, stable internet, and also at an affordable cost!


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