Wifi is often slow because of many users? Let’s Know How to Limit Your Wifi Speed


Do you sometimes feel very annoyed when you are surfing the internet using wifi where your intention is to save money and the speed is fast, instead what happens is the speed is very slow? Try to look around, are you the only one using the wifi signal? if indeed you are a client, of course there are several ways to make your own internet fast, namely by limiting the wifi speed.

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Yes, this one method is a very important method if it is your internet connection that is actually very important to get a good signal and also with fast internet speed. Maybe this sounds individualistic, but the fact is that many use this method so that one feels that they are fair and not arbitrary using this free internet connection.

Before Limiting Wifi Speed You Must Do This

Before you limit the wifi speed, there are a few things you should do and pay attention to first. Because if you don’t do a few steps below, then what happens next is in vain. Check out the following discussion to limit internet speed on your wifi.

Find the IP Gadget that you are using

Look for the IP address of the gadget, for example on the router, generally it is written under the router. Just turn the router over and look at the underside. Most routers have or Once you have the address, open one of your web browsers.

Home Member Gadget IP Listing

Next is that you record the IP of the gadget, if it is really important for the gadget to be eligible not to get internet speed limitations. For example, at home, you list one by one the gadgets of your household members. This is very important so that there are no misunderstandings between families why the internet speed is limited.

Determine WiFi Speed on Each IP

After that, the last thing is to determine the wifi speed on each IP. Make sure it is divided according to the agreement. So, by limiting your internet speed, the speed will not exceed the limit you have set. Actually, this is also a great way for you to save if, for example, the ISP in your home is not completely unlimited and still uses FUP or data quota.

How To Limit Wifi Speed

So, how to limit Wifi speed? The explanation may vary for each router device you use. So, below are some ways to limit wifi speed on routers that are generally used a lot.

How to Limit Wifi Speed on a TP-Link Router

       1. Go to Advanced Routing > Control Settings

Click Enable bandwidth control, now in Engress bandwidth (Download speed) and Ingress bandwidth (Upload speed), write down the maximum speed provided by your Internet provider.

       2. Now go to Advance Routing >> Rules List

Now paste the IP address you copied into the IP Range and send minimum bandwidth to 0 and maximum bandwidth to whatever you want the users to be limited to. For example 1000 to limit the user at 1Mbps and click Save.

       3. There he is! Now selected IP users will only access the speed defined by you using this rule.

How to Limit Wifi Speed on the Indihome Router

  1. Enter the IP address then complete the Username and Password fields to Login.
  2. If so, click the Network menu > Wireless (92.2GHz).
  3. Next, you can simply change the Wifi Mode to B Mode.
  4. Then click Save.

How to Limit Wifi Speed on a D-Link Router

       1. Go to Advanced > Traffic control

You will see a section called QoS Rules, now click the Add button.

       2. Paste the copied IP address into the source IP and change Up Floor, Down Floor Up Ceiling and Down Ceiling (It is possible that other routers have some different unique names for these) to whatever you want. Like if you want to limit it to 1Mbps, write 1000Kbps and click Add/Save.

How to Limit Wifi Speed on Tenda Router

  1. Enter the IP address
  2. Complete the login data using the account you have.
  3. Next, click the Advanced menu > DHCP Client List to display the connected IP address on your Indihome Wifi.
  4. Click the QoS tab > Bandwidth Control.
  5. Then input the IP address where the internet speed will be limited and click the Upload / Download section.
  6. Determine the desired Indihome Wifi speed in the Bandwidth Range column.
  7. Now click Add to List then select OK.
  8. Finished

Benefits of Putting Limits On Wifi Speed

The real question is, “Why limit the internet speed? Isn’t that a very unfair thing for the people who use it?”. Relax, of course there are several reasons why there should be a speed limit on wifi. Following are the reasons.

Enjoy Internet with Stable Speed Every Month

Do you often experience that the internet that you pay monthly to the ISP experiences fluctuating speeds? Sometimes it’s very fast and sometimes it’s very slow, downloading an image with a size of 1Mb takes just over 5 minutes, of course it’s very annoying.

Instead of that happening, maybe it’s a good idea to get used to limiting your internet speed. With internet speed restrictions, you will start to get used to the internet speed by assuming that the internet network you have is stable. But is that the main reason? Of course not!

FUP More Efficient

The main reason is that FUP is economical. FUP can be called a reasonable restriction on internet use. So, every ISP must have its FUP even though they provide unlimited service for one month. However, surely you have experienced that after using the internet for 15 days, the next 15 days the internet feels very slow. Did you use the internet intensely 15 days ago and download various videos and also watch videos in 4K quality?

With internet restrictions, you can be wiser in using the internet and FUP can be more economical, so the internet will be very stable until the end of the month.

Teach a Device Connecting Your Wifi Without Permission

Do you feel very annoyed when the wifi you have in your house is used without your permission by your neighbors or the kids who are always playing games on your terrace and using your wifi without permission? Of course that is a very annoying thing right? It doesn’t have permission and it actually harms you, unless you get permission first and use it within reasonable limits, it might still be okay.

With internet restrictions, an unregistered IP can mean very slow internet. Therefore, pay attention to the points above related to listing the IP gadgets of your home members.

Reducing Internet Speeds That Are Too Fast, So It’s Not Used Wrongly To Access Sites That Are Less Important

Sometimes if you are complacent with a fast internet connection that makes you open sites that are not important, for example, to download games with very large sizes of up to tens of Gb. Of course, this will make your FUP run out quickly and then your internet speed will decrease.


That was about how to limit internet speed from various devices and an explanation of its benefits. Do you feel confused about limiting internet speed? Consult NETDATA which is very capable of handling various IT matters including for your home or office internet network.

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