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Get to know SOC – SOC is a centralized cyber security service used by companies that need security protection from many cyber threats. There are still many companies that think cybersecurity is not too important.

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According to data analysis from Kaspersky, the number of attacks in 2022 has increased to 35 million attacks against various lines of companies, both MSME and even large companies.

This shows that this cyber attack is real and also does not discriminate whether it is a small business or belongs to a large company. Therefore, through this article we will get to know more closely what SOC is and what SOC functions for companies in more detail.

Get to know the SOC Division in the Company

There is an SOC division within the company that functions to be the division responsible for providing centralized services that provide cybersecurity services for the company’s servers. The SOC Division consists of various expert staff consisting of SOC managers, SOC analysts, and security engineers. Each staff has their respective roles in maintaining the security of the server network at the company.

SOC Analysts and Security Engineers are tasked with monitoring to detect any threats more quickly and efficiently. if a threat is found, they will immediately report it to the SOC manager. The SOC manager’s job is to give trouble to the CISO or (Chief Information Security Officer) to find out what to do to deal with the threat.

The Importance of SOC For Network Security

To better understand and Get to Know SOC and the role of SOC in maintaining the company’s security network. Here are some of the SOC functions that you need to know about, including:

  • Preventive measures to maintain cybersecurity

SOC is important to be a preventive step before cyber attacks attack the company. This is done to keep the server safe from threats, so that the risk of damage is minimized.

  • Protect customer data security

Data adalah hal yang paling penting dalam sebuah perusahaan. Namun sayang sekali bahwa perusahaan ini masih saja kurang sigap untuk melakukan manajemen data sehingga mampu membuatnya menjadi lebih rentan terkena serangan siber seperti data breach.

SOC adalah layanan keamanan siber yang dapat melindungi data-data penting yang ada pada perusahaan seperti misalnya data pelanggan, data informasi karyawan, finansial, dan masih banyak lagi.

  • Mengurangi risiko perusahaan terpapar kejahatan siber

Dengan adanya Security Operation Center, resiko serangan siber ke perusahaan akan menjadi semakin rendah. Karena selain dapat mencegah dan mengatasi serangan siber, SOC ini akan menumbuhkan security awareness kepada setiap karyawan. Sehingga mereka yang lebih berhati-hati dalam mengakses server perusahaan.

  • Mendeteksi dan merespon ancaman secara akurat

With SOC members who are experts in their fields, they are certainly able to overcome existing cyber threats. With this expertise, SOC members will be able to detect quickly and respond more accurately to existing threats to the company.

Capabilities That SOC Must Have

The Security Operation Center or SOC has their respective roles and duties which create and maintain security on company servers. Some of the SOC capabilities that must be possessed include:

  • Data Ingestion

Data ingestion is the process of moving data from a source into a storage. This data will be stored and further analyzed. This data there are many types of data formats collected. There are data that don’t fit together like puzzle pieces which can be difficult to analyze.

Because of this, before analyzing the collected data it is necessary to clean and change the format. This large amount of data and various formats will require time to process its collection.

Usually companies choose to use certain software or applications which automate the data ingestion process.

  • Detection

SOC must be able to have the ability to detect the occurrence of all events that enter the system. This detection is event focused, as opposed to traditional solutions which only focus on detecting files or network traffic. SOC can also take advantage of a combination of rules between correlation, machine learning, and analytics to some extent.

  • predictions

The SOC capability that must exist is predicting security events which enables SOC to proactively escalate these incidents to humans in order to streamline responses with pre-existing processes.

With this predictive ability, SOC is able to provide early warning against analysis by using precursors or indicators of a larger attack, as well as being able to identify unknown events before a greater risk occurs.

  • Automation

With automation tools, all work will feel easier and faster. The SOC also has standard operating procedures that can turn it into a digital playbook to expedite analysis, evaluation, hunting, containment and repair.

SOC using automation capabilities can handle more events because processes that used to take 30 minutes, for example, can now be done in just 40 seconds. With the evolution of SOCs, this automation is no longer an option, but a much needed tool.

  • Collaborate

SOC teamwork is very important in coordination, communication, and collaboration. In a SOC environment, nothing can be undone, everything must be processed comprehensively and requires the ability to collaborate and connect tools, people, processes and automation to a transparent workplace.

The process that brings information, ideas, and data to the forefront, enabling security to better collaborate. Collaborating with people outside the company is possible provided they are warned, and share important details that are sensitive at any given time.

  • Manage Cases

If an incident occurs, you must anticipate by doing your best. What is important is teamwork which must be armed with all the necessities in managing the response process. The team also needs to ensure that they have a response plan, workflow, evidence collection, communication, documentation, as well as a timeline.

  • Reporting

As SOC experts they cannot manage what cannot be measured. Which in order to be able to measure all aspects of the security process, an appropriate reporting tool is needed to support security. Having the right reporting tools helps you to track performance so the SOC team can accurately gauge where they are and where they need to go.

Using Managed Service SOC From Netdata

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