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WiFi Ruijie. WiFi is not stable, it is really troublesome, work becomes obstructed, makes us stressful, in the end our productivity decreases. I just know getting a love letter from HRD … it’s not really fun, right? So, so that the events that mimin mentioned above don’t happen to you, let’s see Mimin’s explanation.

Because Mimin cares about the problems you experience, Mimin wants to give you information about wifi Ruijie which can be a solution to your unstable wifi connection problem. “Why should it be Ruijie Min?” maybe that’s the first sentence that comes to your mind. Ok, hold on .. let me explain slowly.

History of Ruijie

History of Ruijie which was first built in 2000. Ruijie wifi aims to build immersive application-oriented experiences through solution design and innovation in the industry.

So that it can help increase the digitization of each industry. Ruijie has also researched and developed its own 8 product lines such as switches, routers, wireless, cloud class, security, gateways, IT management, as well as authentication & accounting.


Ruijie is an IT-based company that produces several well-known network products such as switches, routers, wireless, and so on.

Ruijie Indonesia

In 2006 Ruijie expanded its wings by marketing its router products in Indonesia. Seeing this opportunity, Ruijie Indonesia markets a feature-rich router to meet demand in Indonesia.

With further improvements, Ruijie wifi launched a full-featured RSR router series that combines router, switching, VPN, Firewall, transmission and application platforms into one router with trusted service.

Ruijie Networks

In order to meet the demand for mobile internet needs, Ruijie is also developing a new series of routers for the industry especially those that support 3G / 4G cellular data which can be applied in industrial scenarios.

Ruijie Networks patented some of its products such as Ruijie VCPU, REF and X-Flow, Ruijie Networks routers are reliable and powerful will not harm any service under any traffic attack. 

Ruijie Products

From 2000 until now Ruijie has created innovations in the form of best-in-class networking products, along with the Ruijie product line.


Reyee is a sub-brand of UKM formed by Ruijie in 2014. Reyee also creates many networking products especially switches, routers, wireless, and home products.

The purpose of establishing Reyee is to simplify the network and also simplify the installation of small systems or integrators to conduct a business.


Ruijie as one of thesuppliers switches largestin China has set up several fully featured switch sets for data center networks.

To date, the Ruijie switch has been implemented in various sectors including the Internet, finance, network operators, government, education, corporate, healthcare, etc.

Seeing the rapid development in the internet world, Ruijie is used to be dedicated in improving information services to ease, manage and control.

In 2013 Ruijie has successfully implemented network simplicity solutions for thousands of networks in a variety of scenarios including switches.


Ruijie manufactures various types of wireless with their respective functions. 

Reyee Indoor AP

  • 802.11ac Wave 2 technology MU-MIMO
  • Dual-LAN port
  • Support Seamless Layer 3 Roaming
  • Support self-managed network
  • Lifetime free Ruijie Cloud Management

Reyee Wall AP

  • Built-inUniversal standard built-in installation 86
  • Enclosed by high-conductivity material, cool device inside 10 from before
  • Support Seamless Layer 3 Roaming
  • Ruijie Cloud Management free lifetime

Reyee AP Outdoor

  • IP68, 6000V, V0, durable in harsh conditions
  • Dual-radio supports up to 1167Mbps, 802.11ac Wave2
  • Excellent 5GHz wireless range up to 300m, capacity max client 164
  • Industrial design with Dual-Lan, dual supply (802.3af / at PoE or DC 12V)
  • Lifetime free Ruijie Cloud Management

Reyee Wireless Bridge

  • Dual power supply (802.3af / at PoE or DC 12V)
  • Flexibility to assemble, mast orinstallation options
  • Solid and reliable, IP65, V0, withstands a wide range of temperatures, made to last the outdoors
  • Ruijie Cloud Management Lifetime Free


Ru product line The high-end ijie Gateway is the next generation RG-EG3000UE / XE high-performance integrated gateway that is adapted for medium to large scale network scenarios such as universities, Education Bureaus, medium to large enterprises, and wireless cities.

The RG-EG3000UE / XE was created using a multi-core MIPS hardware architecture combined with the fast-tracking technology developed by Ruijie to provide high-speed NAT forwarding performance. 

The RG-EG3000UE / XE high-performance integrated gateway supports a variety of key features such as multi-link load balancing, smart DNS, application / user based router technology, intelligent flow control, AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) gateways, online behavior management and IPsec VPN visualization. 

Software The

line software Ruijieintelligently serves a wide range of sectors including hospitality, retail, higher education, and SME offices, with years of holistic, flexible and dynamic management plans.

Ruijie security management software has adopted AAA technology which offers a suite of network security management including NAC (Network Access Control).

This network management software features an easy interface and real-time monitoring of network status, which has improved efficiency in the management and configuration of network performance. 

Driven by the goal of empowering users with a simple yet effective management platform, Ruijie wifi has never stopped excelling at automation, data intelligence and manageability in their products.


In 2006 Ruijie produced the routers company’s first patentedas a stepping stone into the IP data communications equipment sector.

Ruijie also pioneered the Chinese router industry, creating feature-rich routers tailored for financial networks.

For further enhancements Ruijie launched a series of RSR routers capable of combining routing, switching, VPN, firewall, transmission and application platforms into one multi-service and high-reliability router, which can support a variety of routing scenarios, including core, aggregation and access. . 

Cloud Class

Server Cloud Class RuijieRuijie including the RG-RCD6000E V3 and RG-RCD3000 V3 are core devices developed independently for the education classroom.

The RG-RCD6000E V3 supports up to 60 and each RG-RCD3000 V3 supports up to 35. Teaching materials are distributed to student devices via a network to achieve centralized education, intelligent management and simplified maintenance, bringing the computer room into the cloud era. 

Cloud Class Features:

  • Best Cloud Performance
  • HD 1080p Screen Sharing High Efficiency
  • Centralized
  • Classroom Management Interactive Workspace

So, the guarantee of a stable connection from Ruijie’s wifi is not without reason, because Ruijie already supports wifi 6 (802.11ax) where the maximum data rate speed reaches 9 , 6 Gbps, in contrast to the previous generation wifi 5 (802.11ac), which has a maximum data rate of only 1 Gbps. So you don’t have to worry anymore about bottlenecks.

In addition, wifi 6 will also add frequency channels, apart from using the same frequency as the previous generation (2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz frequencies only), wifi 6 will also use 6 GHz frequencies. With the increase in frequency, there will be more channel choices that can be used, thus reducing the possibility of interference with other Ruijie wifi devices.

There is one more thing that makes Ruijie cool .. So, Ruijie has an antenna technology called the 5th gen X-sense smart antenna which is claimed to be 360¡ zero-dead zone coverage, which means that the signal covers a 360 degree area of ​​the antenna without any blind spots. How? It’s really cool. 

Ruijie Flagship Products

Ruijie has an excellent product range. With very good quality, this is a very profitable thing for you, because indeed you can get very good quality products at a more affordable price than other brands.

There are various products that Ruijie excels at, including:

Ruijie Access Point

Ruijie Access Point is the right choice. You can choose between 2, namely an indoor access point and an outdoor access point.

An access point is a device that creates a wireless local area network, or WLAN, usually in an office or large building. The access point connects to a wired router, switch, or hub via an Ethernet cable, and projects a Wi-Fi signal over a designated area.

The indoor access point from Ruijie already uses Wi-Fi 6 technology, as well as for pricing matters. You can get a low price with quality that is not cheap. This is why the access point from Ruijie is such an excellent product.

Ruijie Switch

Another excellent product from Ruijie is a switch. Switch is network hardware that connects devices on a computer network using packet switching to receive and forward data to the destination device.

A network switch is a multiport network bridge that uses MAC addresses to forward data at the data link layer of the OSI model.

Ruijie provides various models and types of switches that you can choose according to your needs. of course with very good quality and also at a more affordable price than other brands.

Ruijie AP

Ruijie AP (Access Point) is also a flagship product from Ruijie. Ruijie also has an access point with wireless technology. What are the advantages of using a wireless access point?

Access points with wireless technology are better for businesses because of their wide transmission range, high user access, and stronger signal transmission and reception capabilities. A wireless AP or wireless AP also has better safety performance, which is essential for any business.

There are various features of Ruijie AP to make work easier and also to make the experience of using an access point to the maximum. This is why it is so profitable to choose Ruijie AP.

Ruijie RG-AP 710 The

Ruijie AP 710 is a cost-effective 802.11ac access point with 2×2 MIMO and a Simultaneous Dual-band design, data rates of up to 1.167Gbps.

Taking advantage of the flexibility of Ruijie hybrid management, customers can choose a Lifetime FREE Ruijie Cloud Management and Controller Hardware for a variety of rapidly changing business needs.

It doesn’t matter cloud-based controllers or hardware, everything is integrated with advanced radio optimization, wireless roaming, as well as secure out-of-box authentication. The Entry AP 710 is perfectly balanced for small to mid-sized offices, retail chains and budget hotels for their indoor scenarios.

Ruijie Cloud

Another excellent product from Ruijie is the Ruijie Cloud. Ruijie’s intuitive and intelligent management software platform has served a wide variety of sectors, including hospitality, retail, higher education, and SME offices, with a holistic, flexible and dynamic management plan for many years.

Ruijie cloud software in collaboration with AAA technology, offers a complete range of network security controls including NAC (Network Access Control). The network management software, featuring a user friendly interface and real-time monitoring of network status, improves efficiency in the management and configuration of network performance.

The latest MACC platform, featuring centralized management in the cloud, allows users to configure, control and manage networks with utmost ease. This is why Ruijie Cloud is a superior product from Ruijie which is guaranteed to be very suitable for your various businesses, both small and large scale. If you are interested in Ruijie’s Cloud products, you can read more about them here.

Ruijie Controller The

Ruijie controller is a WLAN network controller managing a wireless network access point that allows wireless devices to connect to the network. What a wireless access point does for your network is similar to what an amplifier does for your home stereo.

Ruijie Controller has high performance which is designed for wireless network which is guaranteed to have high speed and stability.

There are various layer options that you can adjust to your needs. This is a very profitable thing, because you can get a wireless controller with good quality but at an affordable price.

How to Set Ruijie

If you have an access point with the Ruijie brand and want to set it to the factory setting, maybe you need the default IP name. 

Maybe for maintenance, making the access point the default setting is very important, so that’s why here will explain the default IP of Ruijie.

Ruijie Default IP

Access point from Ruijie has a default IP that is with the same username and password, namely admin. In general, the access point only continues the connection from the main device that provides DHCP IP.

Other Information

If you are interested in using the Ruijie cloud, you can get a very interesting advantage from Ruijie wifi, which is the Ruijie Cloud Planner.

It is very advantageous to use the Ruijie Cloud Site Planner

Survey. The Ruijie

Site Survey can include: Existing buildings (including assessments, metered surveys, structural surveys, structural investigations, condition surveys, and demolition surveys). Geology and geotechnics. Topographical surveys, possibly including laser scans,Lidar and photogrammetric

Ruijie’sSurvey Site Planner are very good choices. With a survey planner you can build your network virtually and also test your network.

Ruiji Survey is the right choice with a variety of features that are very complete and guaranteed to be very profitable.

Ruijie’s Advantage Over Others

Why choose Ruijie wifi? There are various advantages over choosing other products:

  1. Very good quality, with good build components, guaranteed durable and long lasting goods.
  2. Various features that are very helpful
  3. Sophisticated, always at the forefront of updating both software and hardware
  4. Prices are cheaper than others
  5. Customer service who is professional and experienced.


Choosing Ruijie is a very profitable thing. With a price that is more affordable than other brands, making you more profitable. You can also get various Ruijie products easily, because now you can get them on Netdata various genuine Ruijie products.

You can feel the advantages of Ruijie’s wifi by subscribing to manage service on Netdata, so you can enjoy a stable wifi connection without the need to bother setting and maintaining your wifi device. But if you are still curious about Ruijie’s wifi , yyou can contact directly here..


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