Importance of Managed Colocation Service

Managed Colocation Service

IT technology is currently very developing, where you are in the IT field managed colocation services are very likely to know enough about hosting and domains.

Managed Colocation Service

Managed colocation service is a management service for data center or server facilities for companies that require independent servers.

Building a data center facility for a company may not be easy, especially when it is very expensive.

The costs that must be incurred start from the server, in this case the room, data storage, electricity, cooling, minor assets, to security.

In general, companies, both large companies, have difficulty in building internet servers, especially in matters of placing the right environment and the expertise of the people who manage them.

To avoid this additional cost, companies can use the colocation services offered by data center service providers such as NetData.

NetData provides the best Managed Colocation services ranging from providing hardware assistance, system administration, server backup, network equipment management, as well as active server maintenance monitoring.

To keep your data online you will definitely need a server, data center, storage and network connectivity.

Apart from rooms and facilities you also need IT staff who are experts in managing, maintaining, and configuring your server.

If you don’t use the manage colocation service, the company will be diverted from building servers rather than growing their business.

Therefore, start now, it’s time for your company to submit this task to NetData, which provides the best managed colocation service for you.

But not everyone knows what a Managed Colocation Service is ?. Currently, many do not know the colocation server, maybe you don’t know it yourself.

The majority of people only know which hosting and domains are often offered by hosting service providers.

Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss what a colocation server is, its advantages, benefits, and also when to use it.

For most people, still unfamiliar with colocation service. In fact, this is one of the important things in a company so that it can make marketing products or order data entry very easy. Yes, of course every company wants the product or service it manages to be marketed properly, right?

Colocation Server

Colocation server is a server storage service at the data center provider or colocation server service provider.

You as a service user do not need to pay to build a data center room infrastructure and hire IT staff to manage it.

As a user, you usually only provide a server and a data storage place is left to the service provider. 

Managed colocation is a collocation and proximity service platform that provides customers with access to all major liquidity centers globally across all asset classes (equities, derivatives, fixed income and foreign exchange).

The platform provides a managed environment for live market data delivery, order entry, servers, and colocation spaces as either a single managed service or an individual component service.

Leveraging the fastest WAN linkages between major centers, technology breed to the best, and operational processes hardened over 20 years in business, enables e-commerce companies to operate with more agility and cost certainty than traditional approaches.

Service providers will provide server space, cooling, electricity, internet bandwidth, and physical security. 

So you can focus more on managing your main business without worrying about IT problems. There are 2 options regarding server management namely Unmanage Colo where you control or manage your own server.

To manage colo server technical problems will all be left to the colocation service provider.

User Recommendations 

In using a colocation server it is highly recommended for the following:

  • usersApplication or website users that require high server resources.
  • Companies in the field of information media or software makers who want to reduce hosting costs. 
  • Startup business companies that need custom build server support to run their business.

When to Use a Colocation Server

When to use a colocation server? To be honest, there is no definite time to use this colocation server service.

In using a colocation server depends on the needs of each company. Here are some things that might help you in using a colocation server.

Abundant Website Visitors

If your website visitors are increasingly abundant and if the services you are currently using are not sufficient to support the increase in traffic to your website. Then the time is right for you to upgrade the services you used before.

If you use aservice Linux VPS , you can upgrade by using a colocation server or a dedicated server.

Save Funds

If your company wants to have a server for its own business. However, it is constrained by the cost which is quite expensive to make a data center room and its contents.

So using a colocation server service is the right choice. Because by using colocation services, of course you don’t have to hire an IT technician anymore, create a data center room, electricity, security systems with international standards, air conditioning, internet bandwidth and so on.

Website starts slowly

If more and more visitors are accessing your website then there is a possibility that your website is starting to load slowly. This slow page causes a high bounce rate and visitors can leave your website.

So that visitors have a bad experience with your website and are likely not to visit your website again. If the loading of web pages starts to slow down, chances are that your server is no longer able to accommodate any more visitors.

Therefore, hiring a colocation server service is one of the right choices to increase the ability to process more visitors.

Benefits of Using a Colocation Server

Colocation server is a service to rent a data center to put the server that you have. What is a data center? Namely the building used to store a number of servers complete with other supporting facilities. Here are the advantages of using a colocation server.

Save Cost & Time

The cost of company expenses will be more efficient than building your own data center because you have to recruit IT technicians, electricity, provide space, security systems and so on. 

Security Guarantee

Regarding the security of the company’s servers that are entrusted to it, of course it is very guaranteed. Because usually the colocation server service provider will provide a high security system. 

Like the International Standard Colocation Data Center , not just anyone can enter and is equipped with their respective access keys. And also buildings with international standard safety can certainly avoid fires and various other disasters.  

Increase Productivity

Apart from saving costs and also saving time, you can also focus more on increasing the productivity of your company. 

Server Protection

Companies that want to entrust their servers without the hassle of upgrading the server system. The colocation server service provider will be responsible if the customer chooses the technically managed option.

However, if the customer chooses the technical unmanaged option, it means that the server is fully managed and becomes the responsibility of the user both in terms of installation, server management, and others. 

Technical Team Assistance

As a customer you no longer need to recruit a team of IT experts to take care of your servers. Things related to server management and maintenance have been guaranteed by the colocation server service provider. 

Non stop server Non stop

server or stay online 24 hours even though you are not using it.

Not Dependent on a Web Hosting Provider

You are no longer dependent on a web hosting provider because you already have your own server that you can install any software you need.

Colocation Server Services Colocation Server

Services are very useful in the field of business related to IT, especially those that require their own servers. This colocation service is a data center server storage service that exists in each region.

Colocation Server Jakarta 

For example, in this case NetData is one of the Colocation Server service providers in Jakarta.

Why on NetData? Because NetData has many solutions offered to those of you who want to have their own server but are still economical.

So NetData has a solution by providing the best colocation server services in Indonesia.

Colocation Server Indonesia

NetData is an IT company primarily dealing with manage services such as colocation servers in Indonesia.

You can consult your company’s needs with so that you will get the best solution for your company. 

What Managed Colocation Service Does The


Managed colocation service collaborates with vendors and clients to continuously research and apply the latest and greatest breed production technology. Provides a dedicated ultra-low latency platform and the flexibility to deploy the latest and greatest technologies without the constraints of hardware vendor lockout.


Optionfollow an always attractive connectivity approach, building the fastest low latency network on the market. New and existing routes are selected and updated only on the fastest available route, very diverse with paths that do not need to give 100% confidence.

Data center

Managed colocation service conducts an overview and expansion of the data center area to ensure it provides collocation and proximity services at each liquidity center and points of interest to the market.


This is the article on the discussion of colocation servers and what are the advantages. Those of you who choose middle and upper class companies may be interested in using this colocation service. 

Because usually companies with large capacities will actually need development in the IT field, especially servers.

Therefore NetData is ready to support you to find and provide the right solution for your company. Starting from quality server racks to saving costs, you will get it from the service. Thank you and hope it is useful.

Interested in the service managed colocation service from Netdata? You can contact directly here.


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