Colocation is a type of service that provides a special place to store or leave various data center servers. Where storage is carried out with adequate infrastructure and safety standards for both physical and non-physical factors. This is because a number of colocation infrastructures require stable electricity support, stable internet access, power generators, UPS, flooring, water temperature control, security, and CCTV systems.

All servers need to be arranged in a special way using a special rack. So that it can be given the best service for clients. Nowadays there are many colocation servers in Indonesia that promise optimal performance. For business people, in short this service will provide convenience in running a business. Especially with the benefits to be provided.

Benefits of Using Colocation?

  • Given the many servers that must be prepared and a number of infrastructure that is not easy to set up, then there is no harm in utilizing the server colocation services offered. After getting to know what a server collocation is, here are some benefits you can get:
  • As you know, building your own colocation requires a lot of money. Similarly, monthly fees must be paid such as bandwidth payments. However, if you use a collocation service in your data center, you don’t need to worry about the monthly receipts that must be paid.
  • Other benefits provide a high level of security. This is because all collocation in general provides the best place. So that your company’s data will be kept confidential.
  • By using a collocation service, you do not need construction in choosing a collocation. Because a number of large companies always use server collocation that can add shelves and bandwidth quickly and easily. So that the company’s needs can be immediately met.