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Ruijie Cloud

Ruijie Cloud – It can’t be denied, nowadays there are many advanced technologies that really help human work. This of course has to do with the IT world. Talking about IT is of course very broad. One of the benefits of a company, be it a small business or a large company, is cloud computing technology.

Yes, this technology is very important. With the existence of cloud computing in a computer organization, it can provide various advantages such as storage that does not require a hard drive so that data is guaranteed to be very safe, easy file sharing, and many other advantages. One of the cloud providers or parties that provide cloud computing innovation is Ruijie, who has been trusted by many companies.

About Ruijie Cloud

Ruijie, was founded in 2000. It may still be famous recently, but its various technologies cannot be underestimated. Ruijie has built in-depth scenario-oriented application experiences through solution design and industry innovation, helping to scale up to the digitization of all industries. Ruijie has researched and developed its own 8 product lines, including switches, routers, wireless, cloud-grade, security, gateways, IT management, and authentication & accounting.

Of the many technologies from Ruijie, the current conversation is the Ruijie cloud.

Why do so many entrust the Ruijie cloud more than others? Of course there are various factors and advantages that exist. Among them:

  1. It is suitable for new companies or SMEs with full support
  2. No need for a controller or server installation at the customer’s place, so guaranteed to be very simple
  3. Ruijie Cloud App supports provisioning of devices (e.g. Access Points, switches, gateways) with QR-Code scanning
  4. Guest hotspot, voucher, Wi-Fi karyawan (PPSK), jelajah nirkabel, dll
  5. Device upgrade, reporting, alarm management, etc. Which are operated centrally in the Cloud or Mobile Application. So with the mobile application, you can easily monitor it anywhere and anytime
  6. Automatic optimization of the RRM wireless network is supported manually or based on a schedule

If asked why Ruijie cloud is so suitable for an SME, then the most appropriate is because of the affordable subscription price. With this affordable cost, you can get various advantages that are usually provided by other cloud providers with a subscription price which is quite expensive and also with various complicated terms and conditions.

If you interested, you can contact us directly here.

If you are not satisfied, you can also check out our youtube video about Ruijie cloud below.



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