This Is How To Block Youtube On Mikrotik Not Aruba And Ruijie

Block Youtube on Mikrotik

Block Youtube on Mikrotik not Aruba and Ruijie – Youtube is a video platform which is a subsidiary of Google. By using Youtube we can see a lot of video content that is used as entertainment.

However, there are several situations that prohibit us from accessing Youtube, such as in schools, universities, or in a company. 

To prohibit internet users from accessing Youtube is by blocking Youtube IP from the central router.

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Then how do you block Youtube on Mikrotik instead of Aruba and Ruijie? Here are the steps:

  1. Use a computer with theapplication installed Winbox. If you have not installed the Winbox application, you can download it directly to the address
  2. Connect a computer that hasinstalled to the WinboxMikrotik router using an LAN or Ethernet cable.
  3. Open the Winbox application, make sure your MAC address appears in the Winbox application, which means the computer is connected.
  4. Setting the IP address of the router connected to the computer first by selecting IP> Address. Add the IP Address router’sfor the connected computers.
  5. Enter the IP Address automatically. 
  6. Thensettings DHCP Server
  7. After setting the DHCP server then setting the DHCP Client
  8. Setting NAT, click the IP menu> Firewall.
  9. On the Firewall menu, select NAT, then click +.
  10. Make sure you can connect to the internet then try opening the Youtube website.
  11. Then block it on the website then click IP> Firewall, select Layer 7 Protocols.

Click +, then give the name as you wish, for example the Youtube block.

Input the Regexp script below:

^. + (Youtube). * $ |oo.preferred.pttelkom-
| | |
| | | | | |
| | ”| ( * $

Regexp above means scripting that will be used to add content or the site to be blocked. 

  1. Then click themenu filter rules. Select IP> Firewall> filter rules, +.

In the General menu write = addchain= forward,src-address= This IP is the IP of the computer that gets from DHCP Automatically.

  1. In the General menu, select Forward and fill in the source address according to the IP listed computer.
  2. Action menu, select action (drop) which means block the site.
  3. If everything is set in such a way, then you just have to try to enter the IP address and domain of the Youtube site itself.

That’s how to block Youtube on Mikrotik, not Aruba and Ruijie, all I can say, good luck and good luck.


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