New Normal Remote Work With Netdata

New Normal Remote Work With Netdata

The pandemic brings many changes that are experienced by all companies. One of them changes to working remotely. What’s the difference between Remote Work? How remote work tips? That’s what will be discussed in this article.

Working as an engineer or technician, especially technicians in the IT field before the pandemic, some have already implemented working remotely, especially if the server is out of town. Talking about working remotely, we know that during this pandemic, everyone was advised to go to WFH or work from home which IT technicians also did. This of course aims to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus itself.

Talking about WFH, of course IT technicians will need tools or tools that can optimize their performance. Some of them are the use of cloud-based devices and applications. Technology so make sure to bring your laptop home, and don’t forget the charger, mouse and keyboard.

Then make sure to use the correct software you have. There are several software or applications that can help you in WFH such as Skype, Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Team, or GoToMeeting.

In addition, make sure you have internet at home with adequate bandwidth. A fast internet will give you an advantage when you are WFH such as for example you have an online meeting so that it will not be buffering. Besides that, you can also access the cloud without being slow.

If you look at the current condition, it is indeed considered an unexpected condition because the pandemic was not planned and appeared suddenly. Therefore, an engineer must be ready to face this matter, still be professional in carrying out his duties and obligations. In WFH or work from home, of course you will need equipment or tools that you have to prepare both for Remote Work, cloud computing, monitoring, and also company data security.

Therefore, if your company needs a solution for IT needs, especially those related to WFH or Remote Work, then NetData is the right solution for you.

If you interested, you can contact us directly here.

Let’s watch the Netdata Podcast below to understand more about Engineer First VS Engineer New Normal.



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