Wifi For Events What’s the Difference Between Wireless & Wi-Fi?

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Wifi For Events What’s the Difference Between Wireless & Wi-Fi?

People often consider the terms “wireless” and “Wi-Fi” as synonyms, when they describe two completely different ways of accessing the Internet. While wireless connections use cellular networks and allow you to use the Internet almost anywhere, establishing a Wi-Fi connection requires you to install hardware in your home or use your computer within the range of the router that you access. Both types of connections have advantages and disadvantages in areas such as transfer speed, signal coverage and cost.

Wi-Fi is a standard for short-range wireless communication, mainly used by computers. You can also take advantage of Wi-Fi connections with several types of mobile devices and game consoles. In Wi-Fi settings, the device is connected to a router or access point that conveys communication to the Internet via a broadband modem. Wireless connections are used mainly by cellular phones, although it is also possible to use a wireless connection with a computer by installing the necessary hardware. In wireless settings, the device sends and receives data through the nearest cell tower owned by the user’s cellphone company.

Hardware Requirements

If you have a cellphone, you don’t need additional hardware to access the Internet through a wireless connection; You only need to confirm that your mobile plan includes data access and open a mobile Web browser to go online.

the computer also has an integrated cellular wireless card. If your computer doesn’t have a cellular card or USB device, install one to access the Internet through a cellphone provider. To access the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection in your home, you need to buy a Wi-Fi router and connect it to your broadband modem. You also need a Wi-Fi network adapter. Modern laptop computers include these, and they are also available as USB or expansion cards. Wi-Fi connections can be accessed outside the home in many businesses and other public places. Usually, libraries offer Wi-Fi connections, as do many restaurants and coffee shops.

Signal range

Wireless connections have a much greater range than Wi-Fi connections. You can take advantage of wireless connections from any location where you receive signals from your cell phone provider. The range of Wi-Fi connections is much more limited; for best performance, use a connection from within the same building where the Wi-Fi router is installed.


Download and upload speeds that are available with wireless connections are usually slower than speeds available with Wi-Fi connections. According to PCWorld 2012 articles, customers in areas with 4G wireless services can receive download and upload speeds of up to 9.12 and 5.86 megabits per second, respectively. The speed on 3G networks is much slower. Modern Wi-Fi routers that are compatible with 802.11n communication standards support transfer speeds of up to 300 megabits per second, but Internet connection speeds limit download and upload speeds.


Costs associated with Wi-Fi connections tend to be much lower than wireless connections. After purchasing the necessary hardware and establishing a Wi-Fi connection in your home, your monthly Internet service bill is your only cost, and there are no usage restrictions. Connection fees may apply when using a Wi-Fi access point outside the home. The basic costs of a wireless connection are similar, but you can often only download a few gigabytes of data per month. If you download more data than specified in your package, you will be charged more.

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