Wifi network

What is a Wifi Network?

Wifi network is one type of network based on communication media, which allows devices in it such as computers, cellphones, etc. to communicate with each other wirelessly / wirelessly. Wireless networks are generally implemented using radio communication. This implementation is at the physical layer level (pysical layer) of the OSI model.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wifi

The advantage in wireless :

  • Building a network is very good
  • Affordable low maintenance costs
  • Easy to develop
  • Small dimension of infrastructure
  • Can be relocated

Weaknesses in wireless :

  • Very long delay
  • Kualitas sinyal yang dipengaruhi dengan keadaan cuaca
  • Bigger revenue compared to using cable media

How Wifi Works

The way this wireless works is because the computer has a built in transreceiver like wakly-talky. Transistor called wireless adapter. The wireless adapter does a number of jobs. The first, detect whether there is a wireless network around the computer via radio and also tuning in to connect the receiver to detect any incoming signal. After a signal is detected, to connect it through sign and user authentication. Whatever data is sent from a computer or through a laptop / notebook is changed via a wireless adapter, from digital form (0s & 1s) to radio signal (analog form).