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Juniper Is – As we all know, nowadays the internet has become increasingly popular in various circles. This is indeed, with the internet, you can search for any kind of information you need, the latest news, and can also be used to make money. Therefore, now there are many tools that support a fast internet.

One company that sells various kinds of hardware and software related to internet networks is Juniper, which is already an expert in networking, including internet networks.

Juniper Networks, Inc. namely an American multinational company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The company optimizes and sells network products, including routers, switches, network management software, network security products, and software-regulated network technologies.

The company was founded in 1996 by Pradeep Sindhu, with Scott Kriens as the first CEO, which lasted until September 2008. Kriens has been credited with many of Juniper’s startup market successes. He received a partial round of funding from venture capitalists and telecommunications companies before going public in 1999.

Juniper grew to $ 673 million in annual revenue in 2000. In 2001 it controlled a 37% share of the core router market, challenging Cisco’s ever-dominant market share. Its revenues increased to $ 4 billion in 2004 and $ 4.63 billion in 2014. Juniper appointed Kevin Johnson CEO in 2008, Shaygan Kheradpir in 2013 and Rami Rahim in 2014.

Juniper Networks was originally centered on a core router, which is used by internet service providers (ISPs) to perform IP domicile searches and advise on internet traffic. Following the acquisition of Unisphere, in 2002, the company entered the market for edge routers, which are used by ISPs to advise Internet traffic to individual consumers. In 2003, Juniper entered the IT security market with JProtect’s own security suite before acquiring security company NetScreen Technologies the following year.

In the early 2000s, Juniper entered the corporate segment, which accounted for a third of its revenue in 2005. In 2014, Juniper was already focused on developing new software-based networking products.

Juniper Networks designs and markets IT networking products, such as routers, switches and IT security products. It started selling core routers to ISPs, and developed into edge routers, data centers, wireless networks, networks for branch offices and other access and aggregation devices.

Juniper is the third largest overall market share holder for routers and switches used by ISPs. According to analyst firm Dell’Oro Group, it is the fourth largest for edge routers and second for core routers with 25% of the core market. It is also the second largest market share holder for firewall products with 24.8% share of the firewall market. In data center security equipment, Juniper is the second market share holder behind Cisco.

In WLAN, where Juniper used to have a more marginal market share, Juniper is now expanding through the acquisition of Mist Systems, which is now a visionary in WLAN according to Gartner. Juniper provides technical support and services through the J-Care program.

Best Juniper Jakarta Partner

Juniper is not only engaged in hardware and software related to internet networks, Juniper is also an expert in the field of security. Of course, this makes Juniper the choice of many companies that really keep their data safe, so they hire Netdata, who is Juniper Jakarta’s best partner.

Regarding security, Juniper Networks introduced JProtect security tools in May 2003. That includes firewalls, flow monitoring, filtering and Network Address Translation (NAT). Through the acquisition of NetScreen Technologies in 2004, Juniper acquired the Juniper Secure Meeting product line, as well as remote desktop access software. The NetScreen-5GT ADSL security kit is the first new NetScreen product Juniper introduced after the acquisition and its first wireless product. The first Juniper product aimed at small businesses was a remote access tool released in August 2004. The open interface for developing third-party tools for the tool became available in September.

Trusted partner of Juniper Indonesia

In September 2004, Juniper was ahead of the market for the company’s three-router entry road router, which is the first of the J-series product family. It uses channel partners it gets with NetScreen to bring the router to market. Juniper released its first dedicated Network Access Control (NAC) product in late 2005, exemplified by the acquisition of Funk Software for its capabilities.

NAC for switches.

According to a 2006 review on Network World, Juniper’s SSG 520 firewall and routing product is the “first serious threat” to competing products from Cisco. Juniper released the SRX gateway product family in 2008. The gateway sold well, but customers and retailers reported a variety of technical problems starting in 2010, which Juniper didn’t know until 2012, when it started providing updates to product software.

In August 2011, Juniper and AT&T announced that they would jointly develop the AT&T Mobile Security application based on Juniper’s Pulse security software. In May 2012, Juniper released a series of new features for website security software that it acquired from Mykonos Software that February.

Mykonos software is focused on tricking hackers by presenting fake vulnerabilities and tracking their busy lives. In January 2014, Juniper announced Firefly Suite security and switching products for virtual machines. The following month Juniper Networks releases several products for “intrusion deception,” which creates fake files, puts incorrect passwords, and modifies network maps to confuse hackers who have penetrated the network perimeter.

This is why so many entrust Juniper as data security to their company. Therefore, if you want Juniper in your company, contact Netdata, which is the best and trusted partner of Juniper Indonesia!

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