Maintain Your Uptime with AHR (Advance Hardware Replacement)

Jaga Uptime-mu dengan AHR (Advance Hardware Replacement)

Netters, this time Mimin wants to give you more info about other NetCare services, namely Advance Hardware Replacement or commonly abbreviated as AHR. What is AHR, admin?

AHR is technically a service offered by Netdata through NetCare in the form of a backup unit for network devices that can be used temporarily, as long as the original damaged device is sent to the principal for the RMA process. So that during the RMA process it does not interfere with business operations

Not only that, if your office has a system for changing devices on a scheduled basis, AHR can really be applied. So, the replacement is no longer based on the end of support from the principal as usual, but based on a predetermined schedule.

In addition, AHR is also ready to support 24×7, which means that it is ready to serve 24 hours non-stop with a maximum response time of 15 minutes. So if you have trouble and require device replacement, you can really contact NetCare customer service, the rest let NetCare do its job. That way your uptime SLA will be maintained without you making more effort.

Well, now you have started to understand what AHR is, if you are still curious and want to know more about AHR, you can contact Mimin directly.

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