Aruba Wireless 2.4 GHz Spectrum Back?

Aruba Wireless

When most people think of the 2.4 GHz spectrum we definitely think of older, older devices. The reality is that many various devices are still using this 2.4 GHz wireless network band.

From smart phone devices to IoT to some new digital devices that don’t use the 5GHz spectrum. This could start to cause problems because the newer wave of Aruba Wireless WiFi technology has focused on the 5 GHz spectrum – until now.

The truth is that 2.4 GHz never disappears no matter how hard some of us try to make it happen. I recently bought a new wireless home security system with an IP camera from a major provider and only 2.4 GHz is compatible.

I like to think that 2, 4 GHz makes a comeback because of the new work that 802.11ax is trying for wireless networks in totality. Unlike 802.11ac, the new Aruba Wireless WiFi 6 wireless technology wants to operate on the 2, 4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

Aruba Wireless and 2.4 GHZ Speed

At the moment, I want to say that the speed will vary depending on the band, but there is a partial alibi meaning that 802.11ax wants to increase the 2.4 GHz spectrum. The main subject that I want to focus on is total network capacity. Like that which really makes me excited about maybe the future of 802.11ax. This is intended to support and provide better connectivity to more features than before.

For the matter of the 2.4 GHz capacity it is king when it comes to current networks. With more and more devices being exchanged for “smart” devices, usable technologies and other general computing products, networks need to handle this large wave of devices more than ever before. There are several 802.11ax features that will help handle the capacity of this larger device.

The beginning is the target wake time. I’m saying that many of the 2.4 GHz features are going to be IoT features. This feature is not required to report and use wireless as long as possible. By using TWT, this feature can make the network adapter sleep for a certain period of time, thereby reducing the number of active features on the saturated 2.4 GHz band.

You can buy high quality Aruba Wireless products on NetData or on the website only for shipments in Indonesia.

Aruba Network

Talking about Aruba Network products, of course there are a number of things to consider for those of you who are looking for network devices but are confused about choosing them. Here are some of the advantages if you use products from Aruba:

Aruba Wireless = Instant IAP

Integrated Access Point (IAP) is the main key in a wireless network, before using IAP there were two ways to manage access points, if you have 6 access points then you can manage them one by one as needed. But what happens if the device has more than 6 access points? Of course you will be inconvenienced.

So the role of Aruba instant IAP is that you easily control all APs very easily which allows you to manage APs faster without consuming a lot of time.

Wireless connection from the cloud

The second advantage is that you can use a wireless network using a cloud system. This allows you to build a central network profile in the cloud and your access points can be conveniently managed via the cloud.

Transparent Airwave

Apart from instant IAP, there is one more feature of the Aruba Network that deals with wireless, namely Airwave. This Airwave can you integrate into the network in your company and can provide information about existing network systems with accuracy. Airwave can display a map that shows which wireless network managers are experiencing heavy loads, mace data, “dead zones” and network problems that could disrupt your wireless system.

Those are some things you need to know about the Aruba Network for more details you can contact NetData.

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