Aruba Wireless 2.4 GHz Spectrum Back?

Aruba Wireless

When most people think of the 2.4 GHz spectrum we definitely think of older, older devices. The reality is that many various devices are still using this 2.4 GHz wireless network band.

From smart phone devices to IoT to some new digital devices that don’t use the 5GHz spectrum. This could start to cause problems because the newer wave of Aruba Wireless WiFi technology has focused on the 5 GHz spectrum – until now.

The truth is that 2.4 GHz never disappears no matter how hard some of us try to make it happen. I recently bought a new wireless home security system with an IP camera from a major provider and only 2.4 GHz is compatible.

I like to think that 2, 4 GHz makes a comeback because of the new work that 802.11ax is trying for wireless networks in totality. Unlike 802.11ac, the new Aruba Wireless WiFi 6 wireless technology wants to operate on the 2, 4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

Aruba Wireless and 2.4 GHZ Speed

At the moment, I want to say that the speed will vary depending on the band, but there is a partial alibi meaning that 802.11ax wants to increase the 2.4 GHz spectrum. The main subject that I want to focus on is total network capacity. Like that which really makes me excited about maybe the future of 802.11ax. This is intended to support and provide better connectivity to more features than before.

For the matter of the 2.4 GHz capacity it is king when it comes to current networks. With more and more devices being exchanged for “smart” devices, usable technologies and other general computing products, networks need to handle this large wave of devices more than ever before. There are several 802.11ax features that will help handle the capacity of this larger device.

The beginning is the target wake time. I’m saying that many of the 2.4 GHz features are going to be IoT features. This feature is not required to report and use wireless as long as possible. By using TWT, this feature can make the network adapter sleep for a certain period of time, thereby reducing the number of active features on the saturated 2.4 GHz band.

You can buy high quality Aruba Wireless products on NetData or on the website only for shipments in Indonesia.

Aruba Network

Talking about Aruba Network products, of course there are a number of things to consider for those of you who are looking for network devices but are confused about choosing them. Here are some of the advantages if you use products from Aruba:

Aruba Wireless = Instant IAP

Integrated Access Point (IAP) is the main key in a wireless network, before using IAP there were two ways to manage access points, if you have 6 access points then you can manage them one by one as needed. But what happens if the device has more than 6 access points? Of course you will be inconvenienced.

So the role of Aruba instant IAP is that you easily control all APs very easily which allows you to manage APs faster without consuming a lot of time.

Wireless connection from the cloud

The second advantage is that you can use a wireless network using a cloud system. This allows you to build a central network profile in the cloud and your access points can be conveniently managed via the cloud.

Transparent Airwave

Apart from instant IAP, there is one more feature of the Aruba Network that deals with wireless, namely Airwave. This Airwave can you integrate into the network in your company and can provide information about existing network systems with accuracy. Airwave can display a map that shows which wireless network managers are experiencing heavy loads, mace data, “dead zones” and network problems that could disrupt your wireless system.

The need for the internet has indeed become a very natural thing in today’s modern times. Many people are also busy looking for wifi signals in restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. Not aware that currently there are lots of wifi signals everywhere just to meet the needs of the internet network. There are lots of companies that produce this wifi device, one of which is Ruijie Wireless.

Everyone, of course, is very familiar with the name wifi, including yourself. But do you know what is the true meaning of wifi? In the following we will discuss one by one what is the meaning of wifi and also its uses.

Wifi is short for wireless fidelity, which is a medium for conducting data communication without cables that can be used as a channel for programs and data at high speed. How fast can it be? Because the medium of conducting wifi is radio waves using certain frequencies.

Currently, most people in Indonesia know that this wifi is only used as an internet facility. It is true that most of the wifi in Indonesia is used for internet facilities, especially companies to the internet cafe level. This wireless network is also usually called an LAN local area network. So that currently computers in one location can be connected to other computers that are located differently.

In the current use of the wifi internet, it requires an access point or access point which is commonly called a hotspot to connect and control between wifi users and the central internet network.

The hotspot device is equipped with a password that can minimize anyone who wants to use the facility. This of course will be frequently used by home users, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and hotels. But there are also hotspots that are not given a password, so anyone can use these facilities. For example, amusement parks and stadiums. For example in Surabaya, namely the Sulawesi Park.

There are four parts to the working frequency of a hotspot based on the standards of IEE (electrical and electronic engineers):

  • 802.11b 11 mb / s 2.4 ghz b
  • 802.11a 54 mb / s 5 ghz a
  • 802.11g 54 mb / s 2.4 ghz b, g
  • 802.11n 100 mb / s 2.4 ghz b, g, n

Coming back to Ruijie Wireless which also provides Ruijie hybrid management, customers can choose Ruijie Cloud management and Hardware Controller for a variety of fast changing business needs.

For the Indonesian market, Ruijie has entrusted NetData as the official distributor of the most comprehensive and quality Ruijie Wireless devices. And also NetData. You can choose various brands of quality network devices such as Cisco, Fortinet, Falco, and many other well-known brands.

Indonesia is indeed experiencing an increase in demand for internet networks in all lines of business, especially during the Covid 19 pandemic. Of course every company inevitably has to implement network-based hardware to support work activities, especially for working at home.

By seeing this opportunity, the Aruba network immediately tries to offer solutions for every company in Indonesia. Aruba is a wireless company that has recently been acquired by a large company, namely Hewlett Packard (HP).

The Aruba network has introduced innovative wireless solutions to the Indonesian market. Solutions that can help businesses of all sizes manage their corporate wireless network more efficiently.

It’s true, even though the Aruba network is a new company, every innovation and product has been recognized by many other IT companies and is worth considering.

Why on the Aruba network? Of course there are advantages if you use products from the Aruba network such as:

Aruba Wireless = Instant IAP

Integrated Access Point (IAP) is the main key of a wireless network. In the old days there were two ways to manage access points, for example you had less than six access points then you adjusted each of these access points separately, as needed, to change passwords and other configurations. But if there are more than six pieces then you will be in trouble.

That’s why the Aruba Instant IAP was created, which is a controller that attaches to every access point so you can manage any wireless device quickly and easily in no time. This allows you to more quickly and easily change each access point configuration.

Wireless connection from the cloud

There is one other option for wireless networking, namely by using the cloud. In this case you will build a central network profile in the cloud and your access points can be managed from the cloud.

Transparent Airwave

In addition to Instant IAP, the Aruba network has also introduced a tool for wireless networking called Airwave. Airwave is able to integrate into your existing network to provide you with information regarding the entire system. It triggers a heat map to show the wireless network manager where there are heavy usage, congestion, dead zones and any issues.


The Aruba ClearPass Tool is another device that allows you to partition a wireless network according to your own rules and policies. In the case of hotels, for example, you can use ClearPass to provide faster access to the network for your business clients.

Hospitality businesses consistently upgrade their facilities to attract guests, and now that means the best and latest technology. What is saved on labor alone can make the new Aruba product investment worthwhile.

Netdata As Partner of Aruba Indonesia

If you are looking for a variety of products from Aruba Network in Indonesia that are trusted and reliable, then you can choose Netdata, which is a partner of Aruba Indonesia, which has offers that are really attractive and guaranteed to be trusted.

Aruba Best Wireless Access Point. Hearing the word or name aruba clearly that is in our minds is a company name with trusted mobility. This company itself provides a very empowering solution to serve mobile users who always prioritize internal and cloud-based applications. There are so many aspects of work that certainly emphasize that aspect. Lots of services are offered as software from the public and private cloud.

Even now wireless aruba is also able to provide connectivity as a safe, comfortable and reliable service for cellular and iot. This clearly allows it professionals to build networks that keep up with changes in technology as it is today. Always updating or following technological developments is clearly very important, especially to prioritize current knowledge.

Now, in a computer network a wireless access point (wap) or just an access point (ap) is a network hardware device that allows other Wi-Fi to be connected to a network using a cable. This ap is usually connected to a router or via cable as a standalone device. Meanwhile, AP itself can be distinguished from a hotspot, which is a physical location where Wi-Fi access is currently available.

Best Aruba Wireless Provider

Today wireless access clearly has special security considerations. In fact, many wired networks base security on physical access control. However, if the wireless access point is connected directly to a network within AP range it is clearly capable of attaching to a predetermined network. For this reason, it is very important to get a solution through wireless traffic encryption.

There are many types and providers of wireless aruba nowadays, but the best one is definitely netdata. Even now, some aps also support authentication for gaa hotspots that use a radius as well as other authentication servers. This is not only easy, but also concise, because this wireless model doesn’t use cables anymore. Aruba access points (APs) also provide simple, fast and of course secure access.

Wi-fi is now also the main way users and devices can connect quickly and easily. The type of the aruba wireless ap of course uses the AI powered RF optimization. Now users will be rich in insights and of course application intelligence, dynamic segmentation and smart management options are easier and faster.

The Latest Aruba Wireless

When all the performance and simplicity are so important, it’s clear that the use of wireless aruba is also key to exist. To support this, it is clear that the right tools are needed. Both indoor and outdoor aruba itself currently provides seamless connectivity to public places. These public places such as parks, parking lots and even swimming pools and work spaces.

Using wireless aruba is indeed very important, especially this tool is able to connect two networks together only via wi-fi. This wireless bridge itself acts as a client that goes to the main router and gets an internet connection. Later this internet connection will be tested to a device connected to the LAN jack. Of course, with this wireless system it is getting easier, faster and of course also concise. How many devices are connected can also be limited.

The use of this tool is very profitable because we can find out the usage and of course also save costs and time because we don’t use cables. Wireless systems like this are very important and needed at this time.

By choosing Netdata, you can get a low price, guaranteed authentic goods, and also a long warranty!

Those are some things you need to know about the Aruba Network for more details you can contact NetData.


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