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Partner Juniper Jakarta

Partner Juniper Jakarta – The IT sector does not end, where it is increasingly becoming more complex. Therefore, IT companies such as Juniper have participated in enlivening the Indonesian market which is currently in need of considerable IT assistance. Moreover, currently the Covid 19 virus pandemic is forcing companies to enforce health protocols while providing internet facilities for those who work at home.

In addition to internet facilities, the company’s internal network also needs to be repaired to be safer from wide-ranging disturbances while at the same time making the existing network easier. So Juniper is here to give you the convenience of implementing IT technology with various good features in the network field.

Juniper has various products in the network field such as routers, switches, firewalls, etc. They not only sell services in the network sector but also sell services in your cyber security sector.

Juniper Network’s Growth History

Juniper was founded in 1996 in Sunnyvale, California, United States. Juniper was founded by an Indian named Pradeep Shindu. He was not alone in building Juniper, he was accompanied by Scott Kriens as the initial CEO of the juniper network. Scott Kriens became CEO until 2008 after which he was replaced by Shaygan Kheradpir then Rami Rahim until now.

Juniper Jakarta NetData partners have indeed started working with Juniper so that Indonesians can find quality IT solutions. Juniper’s beginnings focused on the core area of ​​routers which used industrial ISPs that used IP lookups that were destined for internet traffic. In essence, Juniper is the ISP industry as well as the telecommunications industry. And until now, many providers still use Juniper as the core of their network.

ISP itself is an industry that focuses on providing internet access to the wider community. On the other hand, the core network acts like switching on a UMTS network, managing the network and also being the interface between the UMTS network and other networks.

After 2002 Juniper acquired unisphere and after acquiring unisphere they also started to enter the edge router market. The Unisphere is used by the ISP industry to ensure internet traffic to each consumer. In 2003 Juniper ventured into the world of IT security with the Jprotect security toolkit first before venturing into the security industry.

In 2004 Juniper focused on developing network products when Rami Rahim served as CEO in 2014 until now he still focuses on network products.

That is why the partner of Juniper Jakarta NetData, who is a network IT company, is very enthusiastic about marketing to Indonesia so that Indonesian companies can develop quickly and improve the Indonesian economy.

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