Why Should You Use a KWH Meter?

Use a KWH Meter

Use a KWH Meter – an electricity meter, energy meter, or kilowatt-hour meter is a device that measures the amount of electrical energy consumed by a residence, business, or electrically powered device. KWH meter is a unit commonly used to measure the amount of electricity in a building.

The electricity meter or energy meter measures the total power consumed over a time interval.

Why should you use a KWH meter for your home? let’s discuss!

KWH Meter is

Electric utilities use electricity meters installed at customer premises for billing and monitoring purposes. They are usually calibrated in billing units, the most common being the kilowatt hour (kWh). They are usually read once each billing period.

A KWH meter contains an aluminum disc, which is supported by a shaft with worm gears. The worm gear drives a register, or series of dials, which is used to record how much energy is used. The kilowatt-hour meter also contains a coil, which works in conjunction with the disc, and a permanent magnet.

Maybe now there are many more KwH meters in forms that do not use discs. But basically the current KwH meter is more modern.

KWH Meter Function

The kilowatt-hour meter calculates the electrical energy consumption in the billing cycle, which is measured in kilowatt-hours, or units of energy equivalent to 1,000 watt-hours. The periodic readings taken by the kwh meter form the billing cycle used by utility companies.

The other functions of the kWh meter include:

  • To limit the electrical power used by customers according to the installation contract
  • Being a switch to cut off electricity which can be caused by the customer being detected running an application outside the normal limits, the occurrence of a short circuit or when a power line repair is about to be carried out so that the current should be turned off.
  • Converts the analog signal from the electricity token that you propose via the rubber keypad into digital numbers that are displayed on the screen.
  • Detects electricity pulse savings in real-time so that if it is used up and you have not recharged, then the electricity will be cut off automatically.

How KWH Meters Work

How this KWH meter works may sound trivial, but it’s not that complicated.

If you look at the disk in the KWH meter, you can see that the disk moves slower during times of low power consumption, such as at night, and faster during peak usage times.

KWH meters use two coils of conductors that create a magnetic field. One coil is affected by the current across the conductor; other coils are affected by the voltage across the conductors.

Simultaneously, the magnetic field created by the coil rotates the thin aluminum disc at a controlled speed. (Aluminum is not magnetic but in this case is driven by a principle known as eddy current). The disc rotates a series of gears that drive five knobs that record electricity in kilowatt-hours. These mechanisms are called indicators.

Your electricity consumption is read manually by the utility service personnel who visit your home to read the number on the dial. The mechanical power meter cannot be read remotely. The electricity consumption of your building or home is calculated by subtracting last month’s number from this month’s reading.

Savvy consumers can learn to read these buttons to measure their own electricity usage and verify that utility costs are accurate.

Reasons to Use a KWH Meter

The obvious reason why you should use a kwh meter is to regulate the electrical power in the building you have. You can choose for yourself which electric power you want.

In addition, Indonesia also has a program to replace the kwh meter from the old one to the newer one.

PLN explained that old kwh meters also get replacement because old kwh meters often have problems, and one of them is accuracy which is sometimes inaccurate which is sometimes detrimental.

In addition, the current kWh meter system is also easier. That is by using a token system that is very similar to pulses on cellphones.

Buy the Best KWH Meter

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You can get cheap electricity token prices, lots of promos, and of course they are guaranteed to be trusted with a very easy way of buying.


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