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Advanced Electricity Meter

Advanced Electricity Meter – Nowadays, technological developments are increasingly advanced, including for electricity meters. Yes, the electricity meter in your home or in your office may be different and more modern. Electricity meters are now more sophisticated with easier payment methods and more affordable prices from NetData.

Speaking of increasingly sophisticated electricity meters, of course there are many things that need to be discussed what is called an electricity meter, the function of an electricity meter, and there are also two types of electricity meters that you need to know.

What is an Electricity Meter

An electricity meter is a tool used to measure the use of electrical energy in homes, buildings, or other electrically powered devices. They are used to provide accurate billing to customers.

Analog power meters, use a variety of coils and gears, but their operation can be as simplified as an electric motor. An electric current traveling through the coil produces a changing magnetic field in which the metal disc responds. With the help of a permanent magnet, the disk rotates in proportion to how much electricity is used. The movement rotates the gears which finally shows the reading on the dial like a clock.

Digital meters simply state the number of kWh of electricity that has been used. It is important to note that neither digital nor analog meters are reset at the beginning of the month, the power company subtracts from beginning to end to find out how much the household bill. Digital meters can often communicate directly with the power company, reducing the need for people to walk around the neighborhood to see everyone’s meter.

Electric Meter Function

Most electricity meters installed are analog meters, which display units that are intended to be read visually.

Recently, meters have been developed for granular and cloud-connected energy tracking.

This trend is helping to achieve better operational performance in buildings. First, by monitoring the energy usage of the building, equipment, and tenant space in real time, operators can immediately identify when there is a problem in the building.

Second, in terms of maximizing energy efficiency, an energy audit is only a picture of efficiency; meters that track energy usage in real time providing continuous visibility into the property.

The function of this sophisticated electricity meter is certainly very useful, apart from being only useful for knowing the electrical power consumption in a building.

Difference between Prepaid and Postpaid Electricity

The main difference between prepaid and postpaid electricity lies in the method of payment. As the name implies, postpaid means paid after application. As for prepaid, paid or purchased before being used.

Prepaid Electricity

Prepaid electricity services are considered to be able to help save people’s expenses.

This service is done by means of pulses. Customers are welcome to buy credit according to their abilities, so that they can then use electricity.

The credit will generally be a token number that is entered into the electricity meter. If successful, the pulse increases and electricity can even be used.

In this way, customers are considered to be able to control the application of electricity. Customers can pay attention to the remaining electricity pulses so that they can start saving.

In addition, if the customer is not accurate and diligently checks the remaining credit, the electricity may suddenly go out because it runs out. For this reason, customers are advised to check their remaining balance regularly just in case.

Postpaid Electricity

In postpaid electricity services, customers are welcome to use as much electricity as they want for one month. The customer is then required to pay the total electricity bill which is calculated according to usage for a month.

Because there are no restrictions, the postpaid method sometimes makes electricity consumption swell. As a result, suddenly the bill at the end of the month soared due to uncontrolled usage.

Luckily, postpaid service users can avoid the risk of electricity suddenly going out. Power outages can only occur when there is a disturbance.

Currently, postpaid service users can convert it to prepaid by following regulated procedures.

Advantages of Using an Advanced Electric Meter

The biggest advantage of prepaid electricity is the use of electricity that can be adjusted to the budget. For example, if you have set a budget of IDR 300 thousand for electricity costs this month, then all you have to do is buy prepaid electricity tokens for that price. This way, there will be no surprising run-of-the-mill electricity costs at the end of the month.

In addition, there are various other advantages of advanced electricity meters, including:

  • More controllable use of electricity
  • No penalties for termination and delays
  • Purchases according to ability and without meter recording
  • There is no active period limit (as long as kWh is left)
  • Undisturbed privacy

How to Pay for the Electricity Meter

Prepaid and postpaid electricity have different ways of paying for the electricity meter, what’s the difference?


  1. First download the PLN Mobile application on your mobile phone.
  2. Select the issue menu on the menu tab.
  3. Select the bill and electricity token issue menu.
  4. Enter your Customer ID or meter number.
  5. Click search.
  6. The application will show the status of your electricity bill along with the nominal amount.

Next is how to pay, there are many ways you can pay, such as:

  • Through the Post Office.
  • Through PPOB (Payment Point Online Banking) payment counters for Banking Partners, ATMs, Internet Banking and SMS Banking.
  • Via e-Commerce.


The first thing you have to do is check the bill, the way you can do it is the same as checking for prepaid electricity. Next is how to pay, here’s how to pay for postpaid electricity via ATM.

  • Prepare a receipt or IDPEL number.
  • Select the payment menu.
  • Select Electricity/PLN.
  • Select Postpaid electricity.
  • Enter the 12 digit customer ID/IDPEL number.

Buy Electric Meter

If you want to buy a sophisticated electricity meter with definite advantages, you can entrust it to NetData. You can get affordable prices with various other benefits, one of which is a promo in the form of a discount. Very profitable isn’t it?


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