How to Create Yahoo Email

Cara Membuat Email Yahoo

How to Create a Yahoo Email – Many people are looking for the easiest way to create a Yahoo email, not without reason, which is related to the need to use Yahoo email for certain needs. Are you one of those people? Exactly you visited this article.

Email addresses have indeed become a digital correspondence facility that also becomes the identity of users, both individuals and companies.

This email account can also be used as the main account for social media such as Facebook, LINE, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Yahoo Email Account

Yahoo email account is a service facility from Yahoo. Yahoo is an electronic mail service that is provided free of charge to its users.

Yahoo email is also included in the most popular email services such as Gmail from Google. In the past, Yahoo email was the most favorite email account before Google launched Gmail.

Not only becomes the favorite email after Gmail, Yahoo accounts can also be created with a very large number.

How to Create a New Yahoo Email Account

Creating a new Yahoo email account is generally free and easy by simply entering your personal data and password on the account you created.

Biasanya alamat email Yahoo memiliki akhiran, atau untuk lebih rinci Anda bisa mengikuti beberapa tahap berikut ini :

  1. First you visit the official website of Yahoo mail to register, namely
    Select Email.
  2. Then select Register or Sign Up if you are a new email user.Kemudian muncul jendela ke formulir pendaftaran akun
  3. Yahoo baru. Isi beberapa kolom data diri seperti :
    • Fill in the First name & Last name fields, fill in your first name and last name.
    • Fill in the Email Address field, fill in your username or username and it will be your new email name.
    • Fill in the Password field, fill in a password that is easy to remember but difficult to guess.
    • In the Mobile Number field, enter your active mobile number.
    • Birth Month, Day & Year: Enter the correct date, month and year of your birth.
    • Gender: Choose your gender male or female.
  4. If it is filled correctly then click Continue.
  5. Then you have to verify and re-check the mobile number that you filled in earlier.
  6. If it is correct then you select Text Me an Account Key.
  7. Wait a while then you will receive an sms from Yahoo containing a pin to be entered into the pin column to go to the next step.
  8. If so, your Yahoo account has been created successfully.

How to Create a New Yahoo Account with an Android phone or Other OS.

There is also the easiest Yahoo email to use using a cellphone by utilizing the Yahoo application.

You can download the Yahoo mail app on the Play Store or AppStore. Here is the easiest way to use the application on HP:

  1. Download the Yahoo Mail app on the Play Store or AppStore.
  2. After the download is complete, you can select Sign Up or Register.
  3. Enter personal data such as date of birth, gender, cellphone number, password, and email address that you want to create.
  4. Select Continue or Continue. Then verify the mobile number. Make sure the cellphone number entered is correct then click the “Text me a verification code” button.
  5. After receiving the SMS from Yahoo, enter the verification code into the column provided.
  6. Select verify, then the Yahoo account has been successfully created, click continue to enjoy access from the Yahoo email.


That’s the discussion from Netdata about how to create the easiest Yahoo email. What we can conclude from this article is that creating a Yahoo email account is very easy and also free. Yahoo email accounts can be used for various YouTube, Google, Playstore.


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