Digitalization of the Hospitality Business

Digitalisasi Bisnis Perhotelan

Digitalization of the Hospitality Business – Maybe in the past you often heard stories from your friends or siblings when they were out of town having trouble finding the right hotel. Once out of the airport, you have to look for hotels one by one, come to one hotel room, the room is full, you get a hotel but the facilities are modest, it’s your turn to be asked, the price is really expensive.

Now, thanks to the digitization of incidents like this, it’s really rare to hear about it. The pioneer is Airbnb, an online hotel booking platform. With Airbnb, you can order hotels long before you check-in. In Indonesia there are also many similar applications, such as: Traveloka,, and

What I will discuss this time is why Digitalization of the Hospitality Business is so important today

1. To stay competitive

The first is the reason to keep competing, now is not the time for customers looking for hotels, but hotels that are competing to find customers, if you want to keep competing, at least the hotel must have collaborated with several applicators, for example: Traveloka and so you can hook the customer.

2. Improve service

The second is to improve service, Free WiFi is now a mandatory facility in hotels, good WiFi quality affects the level of customer satisfaction.

3. Facilitate operations

The last one is to make operations easier, problems such as double bookings or wrong room bookings may often occur if the hotel front office operational system still uses manual methods. Therefore, an application-based system is needed that can facilitate front office work.

In essence, all business and business sectors, if you want to remain competitive and in demand by the market, must always be up to date with the times and understand what the market needs, so that the products and services offered can be accepted by the market.

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