Tired of Frequent Complaints from Users Due to Slow WiFi? Come on, turn to WMS


For those of you IT staff who usually manage office WiFi, you must have complained about it by users because WiFi is slow, especially when the bosses complain sometimes their words make you hurt. Even though your job is not just taking care of WiFi, so that you don’t get hurt over and over because of user complaints and so you can focus on other jobs, let’s switch to WMS.

What is WMS? stands for WiFi Manage Service, technically WMS is a part of manage service provider products whose main focus is the provision of wireless network infrastructure.

The services offered by WMS do not only provide access point devices, but all devices that support network infrastructure in your office. Starting from Routers, Switches, Firewalls, even to the cabeling level were provided by NetData. One stop solution like that.

Well, for your info .. Netdata also provides WMS services, there are many types of devices from different brands that Netdata offers, including Cisco and Aruba. Cisco and Aruba have been named market leaders by the technology research institute Gartner. So, the capabilities of the two brands are not in doubt.

Apart from Cisco and Aruba, WMS Netdata also offers products from the Ruijie brand, even though it is a newcomer, Ruijie products have been widely used in many major companies in the world. The solutions offered by Ruijie are very segmented targeting certain markets, so they are easily accepted by the market, starting from the hospitality, retail, small office segments, even though at the enterprise scale.

So, if you are still curious about WMS and the WMS products that Netdata provides, you can ask around in the comments or chat us at www.nds.id for more info.

Interested in the products and services from NetData? You can call directly here.


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