Why Companies Need Fortinet Firewall

Why Company Requires Firewall

The threat of the digital world is increasingly real and dangerous and companies need a fortinet firewall. Maybe in recent years we have almost never seen a virus or malware attack such as ransomware, trojans, and phishing.

However, for company-class internet users it is also very important that the use of a firewall is very important for the continuity of their business.

Best Firewall Provider

Talking about the best firewall provider, one of them is Fortinet. Fortinet is a provider of network security tools including world-class firewalls.

The products and services provided are quite diverse and many are already using them all over the world.

Therefore, there is no need to doubt that fortnet is a firewall solution for your company.

Reasons Companies Should Use Fortinet

Judging from the company’s awareness relating to network security is increasing from year to year.

This is because they see for themselves that this cyber attack can cause huge losses so that not a few companies go out of business because of it.

Fortinet sees this should not be tolerated, so Fortinet creates a reliable Firewall innovation.

Fortinet creates its famous firewall product, Fortigate. This company from the United States has experience in manufacturing quality firewalls.

No wonder many companies are starting to use Fortigate as their main network security system. In general, this company uses a fortinet as a deterrent to cyber attacks.

Advantages of Using Fortinet Products

The advantage of using the Fortinet product is the well-known range of Firewall products, the FortiClient tool which is designed to be used in an Enterprise Management Server (EMS) environment which provides centrally managed network antivirus protection.

Here are 5 advantages of using Fortinet for a firewall system:

  1. More Flexible Management

Fortinet makes it easy for each of its customers to be more flexible in managing their devices.

So that every configuration made by Fortinet users can adjust to their device.

Fortinet covers the whole network security as a gateway, firewall router. And also we can monitor via the internet.

  1. UTM Fortinet

The UTM feature or (Unified Threat Management) itself is a special facility used to handle existing network cases.

For example, Fortigate has a firewall feature, namely an intrusion prevention system (IPS), website filtering, antivirus as well as routing in one super complete hardware package.

  1. Features virtual domains (VDOMs)

The virtual domain offered by Fortinet is a well-known feature in providing access to various companies with different administrators but still using the same Firewall unit.

  1. The existence of FortiASIC ​​services

Through the FortiASIC ​​service, Fortinet is able to detect and minimize in real time, integrated threats.

Not only minor threats, Fortinet is able to handle threats on a more complex scale without compromising network performance. This is definitely very useful to minimize threats and problems to the company.

Fortinet Features

Fortinet from its various products, there is one product that can be taken as an example to explain its features, namely FortiClient.

Forticlient can scan for vulnerabilities on your network so that it will directly prevent intruders from getting into your local network.

Apart from being a vulnerability scanner, this program can also provide remote access. So it is perfect for users who want to configure a VPN connection.

Forticlient is a full version VPN connection editor for creating outgoing connections. Fortinet has equipped its device with an Ipsec VPN SSL-VPN server connection VPN certification.

So for those of you who want to use a VPN to access their corporate internet network, a remote access tool to increase a more secure network connection.

Fortinet Support

Fortinet support You can use the free download facility to use as the online support knowledge base for your company. Also with an active discussion forum and a more comprehensive video library.

Better SD-WAN Orchestration through the Cloud

Fortinet adds new functionality to its SD-WAN devices to provide enhanced orchestration capable of better connecting users, devices, applications and workloads.

Fortinet has taken a hybrid approach, providing local management to improve performance and scalability and new components residing in the cloud to minimize zero touch.

The New Entry-Level Firewall Is Suitable For The Home Office

Fortinet has created an innovative entry level firewall that is perfect for small business or home use.

The Fortigate F model is one of the devices that has a 3 to 4 level better performance than the previous Fortinet Firewall.

A Stronger Bond Between FortiAnalyzer And FortiManager

By combining FortiAnalyzer and FortiManager on Fortinet, the network and security team will be enhanced.

Both of these Firewall features allow a better correlation between threats and performance data for the IPS management console.

It may sound very complicated, meaning that the correlation between these two features can make it easier for us to implement a Fortinet Firewall more easily but still have the quality of a top-class Firewall.

More Integration and SOAR Playbook

Fortinet improves the correlation of its SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Response) device which can link alerts and better automate the response process.

New High-End Firewall With Massive Scalability

Fortinet’s new high-end firewall targets mid-to-high enterprises with larger data centers relying on the SPU architecture or (Security Processing Unit) architecture rather than the cheaper systems on the chip model used for entry-level firewalls.

Meanwhile, the latest NP7 network processor offers even more scalability for Fortinet systems.

Where to Buy Fortinet Products

After seeing the features of Fortinet’s very innovative products, of course you are interested in using it, right ?. If so, then you don’t need to be confused about where to buy this Fortinet.

NETDATA provides Fortinet Firewall products, namely Fortigate which are complete in Indonesia, starting from entry-level to high-end Firewall systems, all available at NETDATA.

If you are interested in Fortinet products you can contact us here . You can ask us about anything about Fortinet products.

For the matter of Fortinet’s price on NETDATA, it is among the cheapest in Indonesia because NETDATA is working with Fortinet companies to get Fortinet at the cheapest price and guaranteed to be original.


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