Meraki Cisco For Cloud Based IT Solutions

Meraki Cisco

Meraki Cisco again brings a variety of benefits to the cloud system from the world of networking. Cisco meraki offers a variety of advantages and convenience in managing wireless solutions, switching, and security. With it, customers can easily seize new business opportunities by reducing operating costs.

Cisco meraki stands on a cloud network, which offers a fairly complete range of cloud management services ranging from wireless LANs, Ethernet switches, Security Appliances, and mobile device management.

With this convenience, it is quite attractive to many people up to 10,000 customers around the world.

History of Meraki Cisco

Cisco Meraki was founded by Sanjit Biswas and John Bicket, together with Hans Robertson. The company is based in part on the MIT Roofnet project, an experimental 802.11b / g mesh network developed by the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Meraki is funded by Google and Sequoia Capital. The organization started in Mountain View, California, in 2006, before moving to San Francisco. Meraki hired people who worked on the MIT Roofnet project.

In 2007, Meraki chose San Francisco for their community-based Free the Net campaign. 

They began placing gateway devices in the Lower Haight environment to provide Internet access and provide repeaters. 

In the first year of the project, network growth occurred mainly in the Mission District. As of October 2007, they estimate that 20,000 different users are connected and that about 5 terabytes of data are being transferred across this network. 

In July 2008, Meraki said 100,000 people in San Francisco were using the “Free the Network” service. Since then, Meraki has stopped this public service, although many access points remain active, there is no connection to the Internet.

On November 18, 2012, Cisco Systems announced it would acquire Meraki for an estimated $ 1.2 billion. 

Benefits of Using Cloud Products

Cloud services are changing computing technology in the IT world. This is felt by various companies that use this cloud service, especially in the financial sector.

This sophisticated technology can take advantage of the computerized internet network, in order to facilitate financial work, offices, to the education sector.

Cloud is a technology that combines internet facilities with computer networks to access information simultaneously on one server.

The data on the computer will be stored in a storage area on the cloud or the internet.  

The advantage of using the cloud is that you can be more practical, save time, money and effort.

Users do not need to continuously tidy up the details of the data access system, but the data that has been stored is guaranteed to be safe and neat. You can also access the data anywhere and anytime.

Cloud-based IT management solutions using Cisco Meraki

There are many advantages if you use a cloud product for an IT management solution using Cisco Meraki.

One of the advantages of using it with cloud computing is that you can focus more on doing business. 

You need to use a Cisco meraki license in order to use the entire menu from the dashboard so that you can provide the IT solution you want.

How to Login Meraki Cisco

Every Cisco device, either a router or a switch, you must log in to the device first in order to be able to do further configuration.

Then how do you log in to the Cisco meraki? Here’s the explanation.

Meraki Login

On a Cisco Meraki router you will need to connect the router to your local network first.

If so, you can open an internet browser, be it IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or Safari.

Then type in the address box in the browser and press enter.

Then a login page will appear on the meraki router by entering the username and password id listed under your router device.

Meraki Dashboard

If you have entered the Meraki Dashboard operating system, then you can use Meraki dashboard.

Meraki dashboard is the operating system of Meraki Cisco devices which has a function to provide easy management for your company.

Where to Buy and Sell Cisco Meraki Products

From various product lines, from Wireless LAN, Security and SD-WAN, Switching, Security Camera, Endpoint Management and so on. 

If you are confused about where this Cisco meraki product is sold, then you should contact NETDATA to get various information about the complete product series.

Examples of Cisco Meraki Products

If you want to use Cisco meraki products, here are some examples of products that might be your reference if you want to buy them:

Meraki Mx64

Meraki MX64 product is a cloud computing device that can be used as cloud managed and feature-rich SD Wan.

Meraki MX64 and MX65 are enterprise security tools designed for distributed deployments that require remote administration. It is ideal for network administrators who want ease of deployment and a powerful feature set. 

Meraki’s dashboard allows simple and easy deployment of MX64 or MX65 with minimal initial configuration in nearly any location.

MX64 and MX65 are also available in Wireless models (MX64W / MX65W) which can provide 802.11ac coverage for wireless clients.

Meraki Mx100

Meraki MX100 is an enterprise security tool designed for distributed deployments that require remote administration. It is ideal for network administrators who want ease of deployment and a powerful feature set. This security tool provides the following new features:

  • Two GbE SFP connections (requires optional Meraki SFP-1GB-SX transceiver).
  • USB port, to support approved 3G / 4G cards for failover to mobile networks.
  • 1TByte cache storage for WAN acceleration.
  • LAN port 2 can be configured to be a LAN or WAN connection, enabling support for up to 2 WAN connections.
  • Dedicated management port.
  • Front panel rack mount.

Those are some of the cisco meraki products, you can ask about these products to us, you can contact us here . Thank you


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