Aruba Wireless Solutions to Your Network Problems

Aruba Wireless Solutions to Your Network Problems

Aruba Wireless Solutions to Your Network Problems – With the times almost all technology has been applied to a business. So that companies inevitably have to apply the concept of digital business in it so that they can still exist in the business world.

No exception, the use of the internet network to support business in order to be more practical and faster must be applied.

Seeing this opportunity Aruba as a digital company creates a solution to your network problems with its quality wireless products.

What is Aruba Wireless?

Aruba wireless is one of the product lines of the Aruba Network, which is a subsidiary of a large technology company, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, based in Santa Clara, California.

Aruba wireless is targeting the network target market that provides networking solutions for startups to large companies

By presenting innovative wireless solutions to the Indonesian market, Aruba is expected to provide solutions to meet the needs of businesses in Indonesia to become more efficient.

Aruba Wireless Products

Aruba wireless products are based on the wireless network needed by the company to support its business, including access points, switches, wireless controllers, network management.

Aruba Wireless Access Point

Aruba access points (APs) offer maximum deployment flexibility in a variety of wireless LAN (WLAN) environments – central and remote sites, locations with a high concentration of Wi-Fi clients, indoors and outdoors, and harsh industrial environments.

Working with Aruba Mobility Controllers, this centrally managed single and multi-radio AP provides zero-touch configuration and automatic software updates. The multi-functional Aruba AP performs spectrum analysis to reduce Wi-Fi interference, air monitoring to ensure wireless security, and operates as a Remote AP (RAP) or as part of a secure corporate network.


Aruba is known for its many excellent products in the switch product line. Currently, Aruba has created 2 categories of switches, namely access switches and campus core and data center switches.

For access switches, Aruba embeds important features in it such as Wifi 6, power IoT devices, and provides many ports so that it supports the flexibility of your network usage.

Meanwhile, the campus core and data center switches are intended for those of you who want to create a more complex data center.

So Aruba creates the best switch for you. By reducing the risk of data corruption, increasing efficiency, and ensuring the network will always be available to operate various data transfer requests. Equipped with cloud native OS, and complete management tools.

Aruba Wireless Controller

Aruba Wireless Controller offers enterprise-class features that allow organizations to optimize the Wi-Fi and Wired Segmentation experience for end users.

Capabilities include high-performance traffic and data routing, IPSec tunnel termination for VPN clients and site to site, role-based access, Per-User firewall, Dynamic Segmentation.

Network Management

Aruba AirWave is the only multi-vendor wired and wireless network management solution designed with mobile devices, users and applications in mind.

By proactively monitoring the health and performance of everything connected, AirWave provides IT with the insights they need to support today’s digital workplace.

As network management becomes more complex, the risks associated with disrupted data flow also increase. HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) provides comprehensive management across the campus core network and data centers.

IMC turns meaningless network data into actionable information to keep your network, and your business, moving.

Aruba Instant On

One of the Aruba wireless products that are widely used by small businesses is Aruba instant on. From the name Aruba presents an access point that can be used quickly and practically.

The form of Aruba instant on is quite small and compact so it is suitable to be placed in even a small room.

Although Aruba instant on has a small form, Aruba does not leave important features in it such as Wifi 5 Ghz and easier signal management.

Why Should Aruba?

The internal network of a company is very important and should not be overlooked. Moreover, the bigger the company is, the more complex the internal network must be built.

Using Aruba wireless devices will provide a more complete small to large corporate network solution.

NETDATA As a Partner of Aruba

If you are looking for a network solution with Aruba products in Indonesia, you can choose NETDATA as your trusted and reliable partner for Aruba.

NETDATA is a partner of Aruba Indonesia which offers complete and original range of Aruba wireless products.

By choosing NETDATA, you can choose Aruba wireless products at affordable prices and official guarantees.

Aruba products on NETDATA

Aruba provides the most complete range of Aruba wireless products in Indonesia. One of them is the following:

Access Point+VPN

Aruba wireless access points have the advantage of quickly connecting users to the internet. The first mobile connectivity to provide simple, fast and secure access is one of the key requirements. Move to a 5G connection from Cisco Indonesia and choose the best access point with a better connection.

5G, the latest generation of cellular networks, and Wi-Fi 6 will provide advances in performance for their existing markets. Each presents a different use case but will work together to provide increased mobility, capacity, and data speed.

Aruba Instant On

Aruba Instant On is an access point (AP) that is suitable for use in business places, shops, to offices. This AP supports Smart Mesh technology to make it easier for you to control the AP and all connected devices. This AP is suitable for use in small, medium, to large rooms.

AP settings are easier because you can use the Aruba Instant On mobile application on Android and iPhone. Aruba Instant On is equipped with Wireless 802.11ac Wave 2 technology which is safer, more stable, and faster.


In addition to providing the most comprehensive range of Aruba hardware requirements, NETDATA provides networking needs to help companies better utilize the internal network.

Large companies with many branches will certainly need a secure SD-Wan network. NETDATA provides the best SD-wan network needs and is guaranteed to be secure.


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