Best Firewall Recommendations 2021

Best Firewall Recommendations 2021

Best Firewall Recommendations 2021 – Currently, many firewall manufacturers are competing to make the best firewall with a variety of excellent features they have. Of course, with the special features for a firewall to make it more unique and also more viewed as a firewall product that can meet the market according to your needs or as you wish.

The network firewall market for enterprise needs still consists of tools made specifically for securing corporate networks, although virtual tools in public and private clouds and highly virtualized data centers are becoming more important.

Firewall products on the market must be able to support single enterprise firewall deployments and large and / or complex deployments. These include traditional “big firewall” data center deployments, branch offices, multitiered demilitarized zones, and, virtualized versions for data centers and various cloud environments.

So, what are the recommendations for the best firewalls that can be used in 2021? Come on, see the complete summary from NetData :

Fortigate Next Generation Firewall by Fortinet

The best choice in choosing the best firewall is Fortigate. With the latest generation of Fortinet, making this firewall is the first rank among the best firewall choices.

The useful features of this product are as follows:

  • Engineered for Innovation uses Fortinet’s purpose-built security processor (SPU) to provide industry-leading threat protection performance and ultra-low latency.
  • Provides industry-leading performance and protection for encrypted SSL traffic including the first firewall vendor to provide in-depth TLS 1.3 checks
  • Prevents and detects known attacks using continuous threat intelligence from the AI-powered FortiGuard Labs security service.
  • Proactively block unknown advanced attacks in real-time with the AI-powered Forti Sandbox integrated with the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Cisco ASA by Cisco

Cisco is a manufacturer engaged in networking and telecommunications. There have been many products from Cisco that have been used in various agencies, no wonder the Cisco brand is inherent in hardware and software matters.

The most advantage of this Cisco ASA is from the advantages of its equipment, some users have used it in several access points and controls. critical, internal and external. With it, Cisco ASA can deploy a VPN that connects all authorized offices and consultants for remote access.

Next Generation Firewall by Checkpoint

Check Point gateways provide superior security beyond the Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). Best designed for Sandblast Network protection, this firewall is the best at preventing fifth-generation cyberattacks with over 60 innovative security services.

From several people who have provided reviews, it can be concluded that the advantages of Checkpoint’s Next Generation Firewall are:

  • The solution is scalable and very easy to manage
  • Lower operating costs are a big plus compared to other vendors.
  • Problem analysis is very easy. It works well on premises and cloud.
  • Durable and always updated.
  • The implementation module is different from others and can be used easily.
  • The support is good and solid.

PA – series by Palo Alto

One of the best firewalls you can use in your company whether it’s a startup company or maybe already has many branches, the firewall from Palo Alto is the best.

Palo Alto is the firewall choice with less warning, end-to-end automation, smarter security operations.

What makes this firewall from Palo Alto one of the NGFW recommendations for 2021?

  • The native Panorama management system makes it easy to scale and manage physical and virtual firewalls, apply updates, and view reports and logs.
  • Palo Alto’s knowledgeable support team, unlike other IT vendors, has had some difficulties in recent years.
  • The product performance is excellent.
  • There is a price, guaranteed quality will not disappoint!

SRX series by Juniper Network

The Juniper SRX series is indeed the best choice for a firewall from Juniper. Juniper has no doubt about the issue of security for cyber security, because that’s what is the advantage of products from Juniper, is the problem of security. However, is the advantage of the SRX series only in safety?

The Juniper firewall is very reliable. The CLI has a lot of flexibility and makes it very easy to implement features and services. Apart from that, Juniper Support (JTAC) is very responsive and helpful in responding to any issues you may encounter.

With these various advantages, it’s no wonder that Juniper is included in the best Firewall recommendations for 2021.

Sophos XG Firewall by Sophos

Sophos XG firewall is the choice for the best firewall of 2021. Sophos XG firewall features Xstream Protection. This is a feature where the architecture protects your network from the latest threats while speeding up traffic for your critical cloud, SD-WAN, and SaaS applications.

In addition, the Sophos XG firewall performs well, performance at every price point to provide the protection you need for today’s diverse, distributed, and encrypted networks. With a fast connection, built in with XStream, and also with performance tailored to market needs, it’s no wonder this is the best firewall recommendation for 2021.

Unified Security Gateway (USG) by Huawei

This manufacturer of various network technology devices, telecommunications, and others who dominate the Chinese market also has a Firewall which is one of the best firewall recommendations for 2021.

USG by Huawei is an excellent choice for large networks. Because from past experiences, when one product type is reduced by one step, you can actually reduce our workload. USG has greatly improved in operation and maintenance, based on the deployment of business and change strategies, OPEX safety and maintenance operations were reduced by more than 80%.


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