4 Ways to Save on IT Infrastructure Costs

IT Infrastruktur

Why is it necessary to save on corporate IT infrastructure costs?

The impact of Covid-19 is still very much felt today, especially in IT Infrastructure problems. Companies are required to reallocate all resources so that they can continue to grow in a pandemic situation. The IT Division, as the division with the highest expenditure items, needs to make savings and optimize the budget   that has been budgeted.

According to Gartner (United States information technology research company), these 4 techniques can be applied by CIOs to reduce IT costs.

Implementation of “Shared Service”

Shared services are services that share tasks or share to overcome the limited resources owned by the company. Implementation of shared service is generally applied to technology and human resources.

According to Telkom’s Director of Enterprise Business Service, Bogi Witjaksono, many companies understand the importance of digitizing processes, but are constrained by investment in equipment that is not cheap and lack of professional staff availability. The burden that is shared between shared services will prevent companies from having to invest heavily in technology, expensive devices, application license fees, to Human Resources (HR) costs.

Shared services solutions not only provide the company’s operational efficiency, but also increase service reliability. Because the shared services provider will supervise the operation of the service led by a number of experts in their fields.

Likewise on the human resources side. With shared services , companies will be assisted in finding which jobs are repetitive and then automation will be carried out, which can be done using technology. This approach will certainly result in efficiency in the work process and reduce costs.

Reducing costs by implementing shared services can save operational costs ranging from 15% to 20%. In the implementation of 18 to 36 months the highest savings can reach more than 25%.

Data Center Consolidation and Virtualization

This method can also help you reposition so that the company can really optimize technological developments. When it comes to expanding the company, the traditional data center will cost more. Virtualization software is able to significantly maximize server usage, which often requires very little capacity. Even Gartner explains that virtualization allows you to reduce hardware and power costs by up to 50%. This of course can have a positive impact on IT infrastructure spending.

Speed ​​Up Data Migration to the Cloud

Many companies are already planning to move their data center infrastructure to the cloud. Now is the right time to make it happen, so that cost savings can be realized as soon as possible.

Limiting Additions to Assets & Extending the Service Life of Existing Assets

Hardware updates must be limited in order to support remote work systems. Third party maintenance services can be a solution if the hardware is not supported by the principal. even though the device is already end of life, third party maintenance can extend the life of the device

Partnership With Vendors To Get Win-Win Solution

In order to make savings, it is important to maintain communication and partnering with an MSP ( Managed Service Provider ) or choose a third party maintenance service in order to find win-win solutions in difficult times like today. MSP with its flexibility allows it to reduce bill costs according to the SLA given depending on negotiations from both parties, resulting in a win-win solution that does not burden both parties, work hand in hand so that they can survive difficult times like today.

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