What services and support can you expect from Netdata?


For those of you who are still confused, Mimin wants to explain what services Netdata provides that can answer your expectations of the problems you are currently facing. You are still confused about what services are suitable for your needs? In order not to get more confused, Mimin will help to illustrate, what services are suitable for you.

If you are an IT staff in a company that is not engaged in IT, maybe you will be required to provide good network services, both in terms of a good internet connection, stable wifi and intranet networks to users.

But you don’t get good support from management. So that you feel that you can’t handle everything anymore. Well, Manage Service Netdata is perfect. You can submit the procurement, management, and maintenance of your IT equipment to Netdata.

Starting from routers, switches, & access points, all can be provided by Netdata, which provides 24-hour non-stop customer service support. Not only that. If your IT device has a problem, but the support from the principal has expired, you can really use NetCare products from Netdata. Because NetCare supports devices that have expired the support & warranty from their principal.

If you want to know more details about the manage service and NetCare products from Netdata, you can check them at www.nds.id or if you are still confused, you can also confide in DM, wait for it.

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