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Rent Router Jakarta – Wireless Router and access point are both objects that are both used as network devices. However, these two objects do have differences that you can see in several aspects. In addition, from its time, access points were created earlier than wireless routers.

The difference between a wireless router and a wireless access point lies in the NAT function of the firewall, which is a security feature. Generally, wireless access points do not have NAT or security features, but on the other hand, wireless routers do not have NAT firewall and other security features.

To find out more about the differences between Access Point and Wireless Router, here are some meanings between these network devices.

Access Point is a device that has a function to connect each client computer wirelessly and network devices connected to the same network. So that it can be likened to a wireless access point that can also be connected to a switch or hub that acts as a center that is centered on the transmitter and receiver of the radio signal. An access point is a node that has been configured specifically on a WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).

A wireless router is a network device that functions to forward data packets originating from a network to another network such as LAN to LAN or LAN to WAN so that the available hosts will be able to communicate with other hosts.

That is the meaning between an access point and a wireless router, which is the first difference that we should know. Apart from understanding there are several factors that can differentiate these two devices. In the following we will discuss other information about these two devices.

Wireless Router

  • Wireless Routers can connect more than one wireless network with different or different subnets
  • Wireless Router can be a DHCP server, which generally requires a server for this DHCP service
  • Wireless Routers can deflect packets of data that are destined for a specific server (Port Redirect).
  • Wireless Router can map the available service ports on the pc / server to a different port (Port Forwarding).
  • Wireless Router can be used for Internet Sharing or internet access to more than one computer.
  • Wireless Router can do NAT, where the Internet Public IP comes from a different ISP along with the computer’s local IP. NAT can be considered like a firewall, because other networks on the internet cannot immediately open your computer, but need to go through a router first.
  • The Wireless Router can swap a network server that provides shared internet access or a bandwidth manager
  • Wireless Router can do Traffic Shaping / Bandwidth Management.

Access Point

  • Access Point serves as a gateway for wireless network users to enter the network.
  • Access Point cannot be a DHCP server
  • Access Point does not have Port Forwarding facility
  • Access Point does not have Port Redirecting facility
  • The Access Point is unable to swap a network / Internet sharing server
  • Access Point does not have NAT feature, which means it cannot connect 2 different networks.
  • Access Point the slower the response on the network unless many users enter / use the network
  • Access Point does not have bandwidth Management / Traffic Shaping features

Those are some of the differences Rent Router Jakarta between the wireless router and the access point above, which are differences in terms of features. For a wireless access point it has quite limited capabilities, namely as a liaison from several client computers. While a wireless router can also function as an access point. That’s the main difference between a router and an access point.

After knowing the difference between a router and an access point, we just need to determine what you need, be it a router or an AP. In the need for a network, especially the internet, of course the use of network devices such as a router or access point will be needed. Not a few companies use Indonesian router rental services that can provide solutions to the company’s needs.

Seeing the price of the router itself is quite expensive, so companies that do not have IT expert staff will prefer to rent it instead of buying it.

Indonesian Router Rental Functions

Further understanding of the Indonesian router rental, we must know what its functions are, below are some complete router functions.

Network Connecting

The most absolute function of a router is as a network connector, as we discussed earlier that this router has the benefit of connecting from one network to another so that it can be used to transmit data to other devices.

This connection from one network to another is by distributing IP addresses to all computers on the network which are automatically configured in DHCP or Procotol Dynamic Host Configuration.

Transmitting Information

The next router function is to distribute information. The distribution of data that will become info to computer devices on the network is the second benefit of this router. Indirectly, this router becomes a bridge or bridge between networks to other networks.

Connect the Network to DSL

The third router function is to connect a local network with a DSL or digital subscriber line connection. Router technology is now actually much more sophisticated so that users do not just use a LAN cable connection, but include wireless connection or wireless technology.

Rental Router Jakarta on NetData

If we already know the most important functions of the router itself, of course we know that Rent Router Jakarta are very important for network needs in a company. A router can be a very crucial device for your company. If you want a reliable Jakarta router rental, you’d better contact NetData or visit the official website at to get the best solution for your business growth.

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