what is Subnetting and its Advantages

what is Subnetting

Many even some of the people do not and also do not know about the basics of computer networking. One of them is about subnetting. Even though subnetting itself has a very important role in a computer network network. Subnetting is a technique of breaking a network (computer network) into several smaller subnetworks. what is Subnetting itself can only be done on IP Address classes A, B and C only. By using this technique, a network can and is able to create several additional networks.

Although it is able to create multiple networks, unfortunately it can also reduce the maximum number of hosts on each network itself. Subnetting itself is actually the same as an analogue of a road. The way subnetting works itself is a network (computer network). In the sense here is to facilitate the optimization of computer networks in an institution, an office which seems necessary to have subnetting.

Obviously, using subnetting has a very important and needed role. Not only that, subnetting is also able to help complete your work quickly, correctly and of course also easier than usual. In fact, not only that, this subnetting is the best network and is also very much needed today.

Use of Subnetting

There are many advantages that you will get when using subnetting. Some of them are able to streamline the allocation of IP addresses in a network in order to maximize the use of the IP address itself. In addition, it is also able to solve the problem of differences in hardware and physical media used in a computer network. Even with subnetting, it can also increase security and reduce congestion or instability due to too many hosts on a network.

However, to do subnetting, we also need several processes such as: determining the number of subnets generated by the subnet mask. Not only that, you also need to determine the number of hosts per subnet, determine what is Subnetting valid and also determine the broadcast address for each subnet properly and correctly.

Why Subnetting Should Be Done?

Questions such as why subnetting should be done are obviously overwhelming. Subnetting itself is very necessary and clearly needed for optimization and efficiency of network work. This is because the traffic path is not centralized on one large network but is divided into several network networks. This is why subnetting is needed and absolutely necessary. By using subnetting, the network flow will certainly be better and correct.

Subnetting is something that is really needed to support performance, especially those related to the network. Not only that, the use of subnetting can certainly support and help complete work optimally and also faster than usual. The network network path will also become clearer. Interested in the product Subnetting from Netdata? You can call directly here.


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