Why Cloud Computing Systems Are Superior In Data Storage

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The need for technology in the IT field continues to increase. We can see this in the field of cloud computing. Yes, the cloud is now very trendy in Indonesia, especially now that Indonesian cloud providers are also increasing by offering features that are quite profitable. But what is meant by the cloud itself? How does it work and what are the pitfalls when it comes to computing? Here is the explanation.

Understanding Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing in Indonesian is called cloud computing, not cloud. Cloud computing is a computing management system over the internet network. In other words, the data transfer event does not run physically because the data management process is carried out online and we will receive the result data from the computation.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Utilization of both computers and cellular users continues to increase, data storage or data storage has become a priority in almost all areas of business. Large or small scale businesses can develop together with information as the center. Businesses mostly pay a lot of money to maintain this valuable company data.

That is why there is a real need for strong IT protection along with a high-performance storage center. Not all business actors can pay high fees for in-house IT infrastructure. So that for cloud computing entrepreneurs, this can be a good solution because the costs are cheaper. In addition, there are several things that should be considered such as efficiency in data transfer, computing, and also less maintenance costs, here are some things that will be discussed in more depth.

Cloud computing can actually reduce the demand for hardware and software from the user’s side. The only thing that the user runs is the interface or software interface of the cloud computing system that you can run using a web browser. Of course this will make it easier as well as support in reducing user work with the Cloud network technology that is fast and also automatic in solving other IT problems.

If you are not a businessman or businessman, you can still use cloud computing technology. You may not know that more than one cloud computing feature can be used. Various email tools GMail, Hotmail or Yahoo, moreover, they can support this technology.

When accessing or using the email feature, your information will be stored on a cloud server which is not on your computer. The technology as well as the infrastructure behind the cloud is actually invisible. So it is no longer necessary whether the cloud facility is based on HTTP, XML, PHP, Ruby or other programming languages ​​which are still user-friendly and functional. You as a user can connect to the cloud using your computer device such as a laptop or smartphone.

This cloud computing is also suitable for use by small businesses that can be used effectively which has quite limited resources. By using cloud computing, it can provide features to small and medium businesses that they don’t have. Cloud computing can also provide considerable benefits for small businesses, such as the costs incurred are not too much with abundant features.

Cloud Storage

Digital data storage media is a modern technology. Indeed, we used to only know traditional data storage places such as hard drives in computer devices or portable flash disks that can be carried anywhere. But now technological developments provide online data storage technology known as cloud storage.

Unlike offline places that need special devices which can use cloud storage technology, we can more easily open digital data just by using internet access. This shows that more cloud storage is offered.

In addition to better data security, we also don’t need to worry if there is damage to our computers that occurs at any time. All permanent data that is owned forever will be stored in cloud storage securely. If you want to find out more about cloud storage, here is an explanation.

Definition and History of Cloud Storage Technology

Cloud storage is a digital data storage technology that can be used by using a virtual server as a storage area. Unlike traditional storage places that usually use hardware such as CDs or hard disks, Cloud Storage technology does not need any additional devices. All you need to open digital data is a computer or smartphone that has an internet connection.

Cloud storage as the name suggests is an online storage which consists of the words cloud and storage. Cloud in Indonesian is a cloud which is the term It is internet. The internet is also termed a large cloud and can accommodate a lot of data and information, so that programs are in one place and can be used easily by many users.

The word storage means storage or storage, in this case data stored digitally comes from written, audio, visual data to digital applications and programs. So in general, cloud storage can be concluded as a technology that uses the internet as a place to store your digital data.

Basically cloud storage technology is a development of a cloud computing system which is also called cloud computing. This cloud computing is the basic concept of cloud storage with the application of cloud computing technology,

Basically, Cloud Storage technology is a development of the Cloud Computing system or what is called counting together with the meaning of cloud computing. Cloud computing is the basic concept of having Cloud Storage facilities. With the application of Cloud Computing technology, Cloud Storage facility providers are able to build these online storage areas. Regarding cloud computing, this is an internet technology that has a long history.

In short, this cloud computing system uses a series of optimized server computers along with a storage system that can form a virtual server or a large data storage area on the internet network. The data stored on the virtual server will forever be available on the central server. If the user wants to access the data then all you have to do is access it and it will be stored regularly on your device.

Did you know that this technology has been introduced since the 1960s by a computer engineering engineer from MIT named John McCarthy. However, at that time the system had not been implemented in the internet network, but only in infrastructure network systems such as electricity and water. But John McCarthy at that time already felt that the concept of merging systems in a special place would be continued and developed into cloud computing.

The development of this cloud storage system was first introduced in modern times by the ecommerce company Amazon in 2000. Amazon became a pioneer in the use of the cloud computing system as a proxy for all its ecommcerce tools that entered the Amazon Web Service facility.

It was only recently that the development of this cloud computing system was growing rapidly, such as a product from Google, namely Google Drive, which also took part in cloud storage in Indonesia. Currently there are also quite a lot of cloud storage service providers that provide data storage features. Some of them are free tools that can be used by anyone and some are paid services aimed at corporations or large companies.

Advantages Of Digital Storage Technology

By adopting the use of the internet as a storage area, this cloud storage technology has many advantages when compared to other hardware storage areas such as hard disks, CDs, portable disks or other storage. Here are the advantages of 3 advantages of using Cloud Storage.

  • Scalability

Cloud storage can be tailored to your needs. For example, in adding hardware, a cloud storage facility provider can increase its data capacity. And also for users to choose cloud storage because it is better and more effective if it adapts to the storage capacity needed.

  • Accessibility

Cloud storage technology is also not too difficult to use, aka it will be easier for you to want to use this facility. By using cloud storage technology, you will easily access data, download, open, and run stored data programs whenever and wherever if you are connected to the internet. Of course this will be the right choice for companies that use cloud storage that can access data simultaneously more easily and quickly.

  • Security

When talking about security, of course this is the most absolute thing in terms of data storage, especially data stored in cloud storage. Not only that, in terms of storing digital data in cloud storage, it will actually reduce the risk of data loss that can occur if it is stored in a local storage area such as a hard disk. This loss of data in local storage usually occurs due to damage to computer devices, gadgets that have their own storage space.

In the development of cloud storage technology services, it continues to be carried out in order to create the best features and efficiency. Some Jakarta Cloud Providers that prioritize more specific types of data such as music cloud storage or image cloud storage are currently increasingly emerging. Talking about companies that provide cloud storage services, for example, is NetData. Why NetData? At NetData you can get the best cloud storage solution for your company.

At NetData you will be able to hire a manage service which also includes quality cloud storage. Manage service on NetData You don’t need to worry about service quality and the results are guaranteed to be the best for your company’s needs. The advantage is that you can focus more on developing your business to be more advanced without having to worry about problems in the IT field.

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