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Cloud service providers or commonly referred to as cloud providers are companies that offer Cloud components as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS) – to other businesses or individuals. In Indonesia, of course many of these service providers, especially for the cloud provider Jakarta which is the capital need to choose a good service provider.

Jakarta Cloud Provider Types

Usually consumers will choose cloud services provided such as IaaS, SaaS and PaaS.

  • IaaS Provider.
    In the IaaS model, cloud service providers provide infrastructure components that would otherwise exist in the on-site data center. These components can consist of server, storage and network and virtualization layers, which host IaaS providers in their own data centers. Cloud service providers can also equip their IaaS products with services such as monitoring, security, load balancing, and storage durability.
  • SaaS Provider.
    SaaS vendors currently offer a variety of business technologies, such as productivity suites, customer relationship management software (CRM) and human resource management software (HR), all of which host and provide SaaS vendors over the internet. Many traditional software vendors now sell cloud-based options from their local software products.
  • PaaS Provider.
    The third type of cloud service provider, PaaS vendor, offers cloud infrastructure and services that users can access to perform various functions. PaaS products are generally used in software development. Compared to IaaS providers, PaaS providers will add more application stacks, such as operating systems and middleware, to the underlying infrastructure.

Cloud Providers are also categorized based on whether they provide public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud services.

General Characteristics and Services

In general, cloud provider Jakarta such as NetData can provide cloud services on request, on their own provision. In addition, consumers can pay for cloud-based services on a subscription basis – for example, under a monthly or quarterly billing structure.

Some cloud service providers have differentiated themselves by adjusting their offerings to vertical market requirements. Their cloud-based services may seek to provide industry-specific functionality or help users meet certain regulatory requirements. For example, several health service cloud products have been released that allow health care providers to store, maintain and support personal health information. To choose a good cloud provider Jakarta, just rely on NetData who already has experience and many choices and services that can be obtained.

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