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The need for computer networks is currently very large, especially for companies that need IT support. This computer network is a science in IT that connects two or more computers in order to exchange data or information.

In general, this computer network is a science related to communication on computer systems and other devices. Computers that are connected to each other and have the ability to exchange data. At this time we will discuss what a switch means, the benefits of a switch and also how it is different from a complete hub below.

What’s a switch? Switch is a computer network component that is used to connect more than one computer device in order to exchange packets, both receiving, processing, and forwarding information to the destination device. There is another opinion with the meaning of a switch, which is a type of computer network component that is used to connect more than one HUB in forming a larger computer network and also requires a large enough bandwidth.

This switch is different from HUB, what’s the difference? This switch has the ability to direct data to its destination more efficiently, exchange data, process, and also send data. The switch can also detect target data in order to prevent collisions or data errors when sent.

Switch Functions in General and Switch Rental in Indonesia

The use of a switch in a computer network is as a concentrator in receiving and sharing information between computer devices. Here are some of the switch functions:

  • Address Learning. The switch can record the MAC address that comes from the network device connected to the switch. When the switch is receiving data, the switch will record the sender’s MAC address and learn where to send the information.
  • Filtering / Forwarding Frame Data, the switch can also filter and forward received data packets to the destination address, to which port address and to which MAC address. So that way there will be no data collisions during transmission.
  • Looping Avoidance, switches can also inhibit looping, this looping is data circulating in switch ports. When the data is received the purpose is unknown. Received data can also be forwarded to the target address with
    switch can prevent looping (data only circulates on switch ports) when the received data has no known destination. Received data can be forwarded to the target address by blocking one of the ports that open with other devices.

For in Indonesia, switches are also leased with quality Cisco equipment. The Indonesian Switch Rental, pioneered by NetData.

How to Work Switch and Switch Rental in Jakarta

Coming back from Sewa Switch Jakarta, we will discuss how the switch works. The way a switch works is somewhat different from a HUB, the difference is that switch capabilities are better and more efficient in exchanging data, processing, and sending data.

In fact, the switch will receive data from the connected computer device and then the switch will detect and match the MAC address of the device with the data it will target.

After matching the correct MAC address of the device, the switch will perform a connection logic with which ports are open on the destination device. That way the data that will be sent will be received through that port, while other ports that cannot receive the data will not be sent and avoid potential data collisions.

Types of Switches

Based on the OSI (Open System Interconnection) model, switches can be differentiated into two types of explanation as below:

Layer 2 switches: based on the Data Link Layer at the OSI model layer. This type of switch can forward data packets by detecting the destination MAC address. This switch can carry out the benefit of bridhe on more than one part of the LAN because the switch sends data packets along with the step of seeing the destination address without knowing the network protocol used.

Layer 3 switches: located at the Network Layer of the OSI model layer. This type of switch uses packet data router through the IP address of a device. This switch is also called a routing switch or multi-layer switch.

Cisco Indonesia Switch Rental

Talking about switch brands, there is one brand that is well known for its quality, such as Cisco. Cisco Catalyst and Cisco Nexus campus cores are distribution LAN switches that provide a variety of features, scale, port speed, and interface type. Cisco core and distribution LAN switches are fixed as well as modular which have been designed to cover a wide network.

Cisco products in the Switch line have no doubt about their quality, which is rich in features and also the best security. By using a Cisco Switch you can benefit from enhanced integrated network security both before, during, and after a cyber attack.

In addition to guaranteed security, Cisco switches are also easy to manage using wired and wireless networks, strengthen security, and simplify your LAN campus. Cisco also makes it easy for you with a digital network ready with automatic access switches. Because the quality of the switches is the best, it’s no wonder that many companies also use Cisco Indonesia switch rental services as an alternative for their companies.

Cisco Jakarta Switch Rental

Cisco is also available at several distributors in Indonesia who also provide Cisco Jakarta switch rental services, including PT. Network Data System or NetDAta for short. Netdata is a company engaged in the IT field which also provides a lot of IT products, including selling Switch products from Cisco.

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