Why Do Companies Need to Rent Indonesian Switches?

Mengapa Perusahaan Perlu Sewa Switch Indonesia Di Netdata?

Who does not need internet? Even individuals and companies will certainly need the name of this internet for various needs. As for some of the benefits of the Rent Indonesian Switches for companies such as product and market analysis, providers of job vacancies & employee recruitment, a container for clients or customers, to spread and access information.

As a source of information from experts, a place to find ideas, as a medium of rapid communication, sending & receiving documents. To use this internet service will certainly require devices such as routers and switches. This switch is a device that is usually used as a concentrator on star topology networks.

Here the concentrator functions as the sender and receiver of data from the source computer to the destination computer. Besides switches there are also other devices that have the same basic functions, namely Hub. But there are some disadvantages of a hub compared to a switch which makes this hub gradually replaced by a switch.

But there are some things that companies consider buying this switch starting from the price, quality, to the maintenance which is a bit complicated and has to be done periodically. Therefore many of these switch device manufacturers provide switch rental services to companies. One of them is Indonesia’s switch rental service which is well known for its NetData quality.

NetData as a provider of Rent Indonesian Switches services is provided by NetData with the original switch equipment from Cisco as well as providing the best consulting for companies to be more efficient. The advantage in using this switch from Cisco, namely..

  1. The extensive deployment option of NetData as an Rent Indonesian Switches service provider is provided by NetData with original switch equipment from Cisco as well as providing the best consultation for companies to become more efficient. Choice of traditional modes, cloud managed, or full fabric control – as well as features, scale, port speed, and interface types from 1G to 100G.
  1. Network design based on intention. Fixed and modular LAN switches, core, distribution, and LAN access have been designed for a new era of intent-based networks.
  2. Safe and smart Supported by intentions and information based on context, with security embedded in it. Our switches help your network continue to learn and grow to meet business needs.

In this modern world we know that IT technology has developed very rapidly. Where this IT technology is unconsciously we often use it everyday, for example is the internet. Yes, the internet in Rent Indonesian Switches society has become an important thing so that it has become a necessity for some people or companies.

This internet can be used for various needs, for example, to find entertainment media and also to find important information needed. In addition, this internet company is also used to support the company’s operations.

for companies that have large office buildings, it will need a structured network device which can manage a wide internet network and is also more structured.

By using a structured network, everything will be easier. However, this will require adequate network equipment and experienced IT personnel. This network device consists of several devices such as switches.

A switch is one of the components of a computer network whose task is to connect several HUB devices to form a larger computer network. The purpose of using this switch is to share network traffic on a computer network so that data will be transferred to its destination more efficiently.

For those of you who want to save money on buying a switch at a high price, you can use the cheaper Rent Indonesian Switches service on NetData.

Best Switch Rental

Why should it be on NetData? Because NetData provides a trusted Rent Indonesian Switches in Indonesia as a company in the IT field that is ready to provide solutions to IT problems in your company.

NetData will provide the best and most effective solutions to provide the best service and support for you.

Trusted Switch Rental

By using Indonesian switch rental services at NetData you will get the lowest prices and will also get cheaper maintenance costs with professional IT experts.

Cisco Indonesia Switch Rental

After discussing the advantages of leasing a Rent Indonesian Switches, there is a switch product from Cisco which might be an example that Cisco is indeed very suitable for solving network problems in your company such as the Catalyst 9400 Series

Catalyst 9400 Series is a new generation switch that is often used by many industries. The Cisco Catalyst 9400 Series is claimed to be the best network product at the 2017 and 2018 CRNs. This modular switch has various important features such as security, IoT and cloud. They provide sophisticated high availability

It was recognized as the 2017 and 2018 CRN Network Product of the Year. This modular access switch is built for security, IoT and the cloud. They deliver state-of-the-art high availability, support up to 9 Tbps, provide the latest 90 watts UPOE +, and form one of the building blocks for SD-Access, Cisco’s leading enterprise architecture.

Rental Switch Indonesia

In the matter of Indonesian switch rental, using the Cisco brand has become a very logical reason. Why is that because Cisco is focused on improving the safety and efficiency of its products such as the Catalyst 9400 Series Switch features

  • Defense across the attack continuum

Reduce your attack surface with Cisco Trustworthy Solutions and MACsec 256-bit encryption. Quickly improve malware detection and threat containment.

  • IoT readiness

Provides up to 90W UPOE + power and automates network provisioning, segmentation, and policy management to support uninterrupted IoT, while limiting where IoT devices are on the network.

  • Cloud readiness

Simplify, help secure, and transform your cloud environment from the edge of the network to where applications reside.

  • Basic technology

High density and high availability with elegant patching, insertion and removal (GIR), NSF / SSO, and redundant platinum tiered fan and power supply.

Cisco introduces the new Catalyst 1000 Series switch in November, 2019.

Because there are many members in the Catalyst series, what’s new about this Catalyst 1000? What series will be replaced by Catalyst 1000?

Let’s find the answer below.

  1. Fitur-Fitur Switches Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series :

The Cisco Catalyst 1000 switch is designed for small businesses. With PoE features, fanless, easy to use and more, the Catalyst 1000 provides cost-effective use and good performance.

The Catalyst 1000 switch provides these features:

  • 8, 16, 24, atau 48 Gigabit Ethernet data atau port PoE + with line level forwarding
  • 2 atau 4 fixed 1 Gigabit Ethernet Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) / RJ 45 Combo uplinks atau 4 fixed 10 Gigabit Ethernet Enhanced SFP (SFP +) uplinks
  • Lasting PoE + support with a power budget of up to 740W
  • CLI and / or intuitive web UI management options
  • Network monitoring through sample flow (sFlow)
  • Security with 802.1X support for connected devices, Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN), and Data Protocol Unit Guard (BPDU)
  • A compact fanless model is available with a depth of less than 13 inches (33 cm)
  • Support for device management with over-the-air access via Bluetooth, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), RJ-45, or USB console access
  • Reliability with higher Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and support for an Enhanced Limited Lifetime Guarantee (E-LLW)
  1. Model Switch Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series

The Catalyst 1000 series provides four models:

(1) Port Catalyst 1000 8

  • 2 SFP/ RJ-45 combo uplinks
  • Internal or external power supply
  • Fanless
  • Up to 120W PoE
  • Over-the-air Bluetooth access

(2) Catalyst 1000 16 port

  • 2 SFP uplinks
  • Internal or external power supply
  • Fanless
  • Up to 240W PoE
  • Over-the-air Bluetooth access

(3) Catalyst 1000 24 port

  • 4 SFP or SFP+ uplinks
  • Fanless available
  • Up to 370W PoE
  • Over-the-air Bluetooth access

(4) Catalyst 1000 48 port

  • 4 SFP or SFP+ uplinks
  • Up to 740W PoE
  • Over-the-air Bluetooth access

Why Upgrade to Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series Switches?

The Cisco Catalyst 1000 series is designed to provide better service than the old Catalyst 2960 and Catalyst 2060-L.

Table 1. Benefits of upgrading to the Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series

Category Feature Cisco Catalyst 2960-Plus Series Cisco Catalyst 2960-L Series Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series The benefits
Scale and performance Downlink type Fast Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet More results and more power to meet the increased connectivity demands of a variety of smart devices.
Uplinks 2x 1G,

2x 1000BASE-T

2x 1G,

4x 1G,

4x 10G

2x 1G,

4x 1G,

4x 10G

Maximum PoE budget Up to 370W Up to 370W Up to 740W
Perpetual PoE
Flexibility Operating temperature Up to 45°C (113°F) Up to 45°C (113°F) Up to 50°C (122°F)** Greater flexibility to allow for more placement scenarios.
Single IP management
Fanless* Increased options for network management mean you can allocate resources in various ways as your organization and network grows.
Over-the-air Bluetooth
Function Dynamic VLAN assignment Improved support for VLANs and more sophisticated service quality help maintain network security while meeting several connectivity requirements.
DHCP relay and server

Those are some of the advantages of using Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series products. If you don’t want to bother buying and choosing this Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series, you can use the well-known Indonesian switch rental service, NetData, with all the benefits as well as choosing the right Rent Indonesian Switches for your business.

In today’s modern world, many technologies in the IT field are increasingly developing. We can see this for example on the internet technology side. This internet is indeed used by many people because it can be a tool that can provide information as well as support the business operations of a company.

Seeing the importance of the internet, of course we will agree that every company will need a complete IT device such as a router. This router is an IT device that functions as an internet device. Apart from routers, there are also IT devices such as switches that function to connect local networks within large companies in a more structured manner.

Using a more structured network will make it easier for the server to send data to client computers quickly and without sending errors. The switch itself is a computer network component whose job it is to connect several HUB devices to form a larger computer network. The purpose of using this switch is so that network traffic contained in a computer network will be more easily transferred to its destination more efficiently.

However, using this switch requires good network knowledge as well as the price of this switch is not cheap, so many companies prefer to Rent Indonesian Switches rental services on NetData.

Best Switch Rental

NetData is an IT company that has many IT professionals who are ready to help you solve IT problems, especially in companies and industries. Netdata will also provide you with solutions based on your consultation so as to provide the best solution that is most effective in providing the best service and support for you.

Trusted Switch Rental

By using Rent Indonesian Switches at NetData, you will get prices that are quite competitive with other IT service companies. Also Netdata is ready to provide maintenance or maintenance services for your company with professional experts.

The IT field has indeed developed from day to day to become more sophisticated. For example, technology in the IT sector that is needed by many people is the internet. Yes, using the internet is used for various needs of a company, such as analyzing products and markets, providing job vacancies and recruiting employees. Especially for country like Indonesia that still need faster internet access, one of the best solution is rental switch.

Besides the internet can be used to spread and access information, as a source of information from various sources, looking for ideas, as a medium of rapid communication, sending and receiving documents.

To use the internet with a lot of devices such as in a company, surely you will need additional devices to regulate the internet path so that it is more organized and efficient, namely using a switch.

A switch is a device that can switch networks to multiple networks looking at MAC addresses. As for companies that prefer to Rent Indonesian Switches on NetData. Of course for Rent Indonesian Switches there are many providers who are able to provide good services with the latest equipment.

The Best Indonesian Switch Rental

Why do companies prefer rental switches over buying themselves? Some considerations for not buying a switch yourself are the price is quite expensive, the maintenance is quite difficult, and also requires experts to use it.

One of rental switch Indonesia services is NetData, which provides a variety of switch devices with well-known brands such as Cisco and provides more efficient usage solutions.

NetData Rental Switch Indonesia

The advantages of using rental services in NetData such as:

  • Broader deployment options
  • Choice of traditional modes, cloud managed, or full fabric control – as well as features, scale, port speed, and interface types from 1G to 100G.
  • Network design is goal oriented

Fixed and modular LAN switches, core, distribution, and LAN access have been designed for a new era according to company needs. To get smooth and fast WiFi access, it is necessary to choose the best provider with lots of experience. No need to worry because NetData is there to provide rental switch Indonesia with the latest equipment and good service.

When building a network in an office or building that requires good internet access but is still on a small scale, the two most important equipment you need is a switch and a router. Although they look similar, the two devices perform different functions in the network. But, actually, what is a switch and why is it so important for a network?

The switch facilitates the sharing of resources by connecting together all devices, including computers, printers, and servers, in a small business network. Thanks to this switch, these connected devices can share information and talk with each other, regardless of where they are. Building a small business network is not possible without a switch to tie devices together. Therefore, for those of you who are in need of a Switch and want to Rent Indonesian Switches, Netdata as a rental switch Jakarta is the most appropriate solution.

The need for computer networks is currently very large, especially for companies that need IT support. This computer network is a science in IT that connects two or more computers in order to exchange data or information.

In general, this computer network is a science related to communication on computer systems and other devices. Computers that are connected to each other and have the ability to exchange data. At this time we will discuss what a switch means, the benefits of a switch and also how it is different from a complete hub below.

What’s a switch? Switch is a computer network component that is used to connect more than one computer device in order to exchange packets, both receiving, processing, and forwarding information to the destination device. There is another opinion with the meaning of a switch, which is a type of computer network component that is used to connect more than one HUB in forming a larger computer network and also requires a large enough bandwidth.

This switch is different from HUB, what’s the difference? This switch has the ability to direct data to its destination more efficiently, exchange data, process, and also send data. The switch can also detect target data in order to prevent collisions or data errors when sent.

Switch Functions in General and Switch Rental in Indonesia

The use of a switch in a computer network is as a concentrator in receiving and sharing information between computer devices. Here are some of the switch functions:

  • Address Learning. The switch can record the MAC address that comes from the network device connected to the switch. When the switch is receiving data, the switch will record the sender’s MAC address and learn where to send the information.
  • Filtering / Forwarding Frame Data, the switch can also filter and forward received data packets to the destination address, to which port address and to which MAC address. So that way there will be no data collisions during transmission.
  • Looping Avoidance, switches can also inhibit looping, this looping is data circulating in switch ports. When the data is received the purpose is unknown. Received data can also be forwarded to the target address with
    switch can prevent looping (data only circulates on switch ports) when the received data has no known destination. Received data can be forwarded to the target address by blocking one of the ports that open with other devices.

For in Indonesia, switches are also leased with quality Cisco equipment. The Indonesian Switch Rental, pioneered by NetData.

How to Work Switch and Switch Rental in Jakarta

Coming back from Sewa Switch Jakarta, we will discuss how the switch works. The way a switch works is somewhat different from a HUB, the difference is that switch capabilities are better and more efficient in exchanging data, processing, and sending data.

In fact, the switch will receive data from the connected computer device and then the switch will detect and match the MAC address of the device with the data it will target.

After matching the correct MAC address of the device, the switch will perform a connection logic with which ports are open on the destination device. That way the data that will be sent will be received through that port, while other ports that cannot receive the data will not be sent and avoid potential data collisions.

Types of Switches

Based on the OSI (Open System Interconnection) model, switches can be differentiated into two types of explanation as below:

Layer 2 switches: based on the Data Link Layer at the OSI model layer. This type of switch can forward data packets by detecting the destination MAC address. This switch can carry out the benefit of bridhe on more than one part of the LAN because the switch sends data packets along with the step of seeing the destination address without knowing the network protocol used.

Layer 3 switches: located at the Network Layer of the OSI model layer. This type of switch uses packet data router through the IP address of a device. This switch is also called a routing switch or multi-layer switch.

Cisco Indonesia Switch Rental

Talking about switch brands, there is one brand that is well known for its quality, such as Cisco. Cisco Catalyst and Cisco Nexus campus cores are distribution LAN switches that provide a variety of features, scale, port speed, and interface type. Cisco core and distribution LAN switches are fixed as well as modular which have been designed to cover a wide network.

Cisco products in the Switch line have no doubt about their quality, which is rich in features and also the best security. By using a Cisco Switch you can benefit from enhanced integrated network security both before, during, and after a cyber attack.

In addition to guaranteed security, Cisco switches are also easy to manage using wired and wireless networks, strengthen security, and simplify your LAN campus. Cisco also makes it easy for you with a digital network ready with automatic access switches. Because the quality of the switches is the best, it’s no wonder that many companies also use Cisco Indonesia switch rental services as an alternative for their companies.

Cisco Jakarta Switch Rental

Cisco is also available at several distributors in Indonesia who also provide Cisco Jakarta switch rental services, including PT. Network Data System or NetDAta for short. Netdata is a company engaged in the IT field which also provides a lot of IT products, including selling Switch products from Cisco.

Choose Netdata as the Rental Switch

Choosing Netdata as the rental switch Jakarta is indeed the right thing. Because there are various advantages that you can get by entrusting Netdata. The various switches that are rented out to you are switches with very good quality and with features that can support an internet activity that is in your office.

There are various advantages of rental switches on Netdata. An intuitive web dashboard simplifies operation. Plug and play with existing wireless, data, video and network solutions. Predictable performance in an ideal form factor for the deployment of small to medium sized companies. And also comprehensive security to prevent malware, phishing, and other threats from reaching your network. This is because the various switches in Netdata that are fortified are switches with brands that have proven to be good.

The sophistication of today’s IT equipment can be utilized to meet our information and technology needs. Yes one of these technologies is the existence of the internet that affects our lives. No exception by business people who are greatly helped by the internet to run their business. As for the many benefits of the internet in the business world such as product and market analysis, providers of job vacancies & employee recruitment, a container for clients or customers, to spread and access information, as a source of information from experts, a place to find ideas, as a medium of rapid communication, sending & receive documents.

And there is also e-mail or electronic mail that can provide services in sending and receiving documents in the form of soft files that can be saved or printed to hard copy. In sending e-mails only requires a very short time to get to the intended tool. This e-mail can almost replace the postal system that uses cost and also more time.

As for some internet devices that need to be needed by the company, one of which is a switch. A switch is a network switching device or a device that connects segmentation baffle from many networks by looking at the MAC address. The function of the Switch is the management of traffic that is on a computer network, the Switch has the task of transferring a data packet to get to the right device. This switch also has the function of finding a very good and optimal path and ensuring efficient data packet delivery.

The price of a switch device especially for a company is certainly not cheap and also the maintenance of the switch itself must be done regularly. Therefore many of these switch device manufacturers provide switch rental services to companies. One of them is the Cisco Indonesia switch rental service that is already known for its quality.

This Rent Indonesian Switches service is provided by NetData with the original switch equipment from Cisco as well as providing the best consultation for companies to be more efficient. The advantage in using this switch from Cisco, namely.

  1. Broad deployment options

Choice of traditional modes, cloud managed, or full fabric control – as well as features, scale, port speed, and interface types from 1G to 100G.

  1. Network design based on intention

Fixed and modular LAN switches, core, distribution, and LAN access have been designed for a new era of intent-based networks.

  1. Safe and smart Supported by intention and information based on context, with security embedded in it. Our switches help your network continue to learn and grow to meet business needs.

Why choose Cisco Nexus 9000 switch? You can register at least 10 reasons, such as fast, measurable, safe. What are the bright features of the Nexus 9000 series compared to the popular Catalyst 6500 core switches?

Nexus 9500 and Catalyst 6500 are both very reliable core switches but serve different purposes.

The Catalyst 6500 Switching platform is perfect for the core / backbone of the campus, where the Nexus 9500 Switching Series is intended for core / data center aggregation.

Catalyst 6500 Series switches


  1. Catalyst 6500 supports centralized forwarding, where supervisors make forwarding decisions, or distributed forwarding, where line cards make forwarding decisions.
  2. The Cisco Nexus 9500 Series does all data plane processing on the I / O module and fabric module. This frees supervisors to focus exclusively on scaling up control areas, which are important in large-scale Data Centers.


  1. Nexus 9500 has a switch fabric or fabric module located in a separate part of the chassis, apart from other cards. Because of this architecture, the Nexus 9500 watchdog only manages the control area.
  2. Linecards on the Catalyst 6500 are integrated in the switch fabric to the supervisor itself.



The Nexus 9500 platform has an 8-port 100 Gigabit Ethernet CFP2 line card, which is designed for use in the aggregation switch role.


Modern Data Centers switch from the 10GbE transition to 40GbE and the Nexus 9500 supports different 40GbE QSFP + line cards. Catalyst 6500 now also has the possibility to add a 40GbE line card.

1 / 10GbE

Because the Nexus 9500 is a pure Data Center Switch, SFP + 1 / 10Gbase-T and 1 / 10GbE liner cards are available. The Catalyst 6500 platform, which is intended for campus, still focuses on pure gigabit interfaces but also has 10GbE linecards to connect aggregation / access switches.

But for 10GbE, the Nexus 9500 has a number of high density 10GbE options that Catalyst 6500 does not have, such as 48-port SFP + and 48 port 10GBase-T line cards. The Catalyst 6500 only has 4-, 8- or 16-port 10GbE line cards available.


Both the Nexus 9500 and Catalyst 6500 have a set of common high-end L3 switching features, such as full routing protocol support and QoS capabilities. However, each platform has unique capabilities that often affect which platform to use. Here are some platform-specific features:

VSS (Virtual Switching System)

Virtual Switching System (VSS) mode is a Cisco grouping technology that combines two Catalyst 6500 Switches into a single virtual switch with integrated control fields. The advantage of this design is the multi-chassis link aggregation and high availability without the concerns of Spanning Tree. VSS members are connected by virtual switch links (VSLs) using standard Gigabit Ethernet or 10 Gigabit connections between VSS members.

VSS simplifies network configuration and operation by providing a loop-free Layer 2 topology using two Catalyst 6500 Switches that act as one large Virtual Switch.

vPC (Virtual Port-Channel)

Virtual PortChannel (vPC) allows links that are physically connected to two different Cisco Nexus devices to appear as one PortChannel to the third device. The third device can be a switch, server, or other network device that supports EtherChannel. VPC provides Layer 2 multipathing, eliminating blocked Spanning Tree Protocol ports, allowing you to create redundancy by increasing bandwidth, enabling multiple parallel paths between nodes and balancing traffic loads in cases where alternative paths exist. vPC, compared to VSS, does not rely on integrated control fields so they operate independently.

Service Module

The Catalyst 6500 platform has the ability to add a number of service module line cards that can expand system capabilities. Some examples of service modules are ASA-SM cards, which provide high throughput firewall capabilities, ACE cards that provide load-balancing or Wireless Service Controllers, which are able to manage up to 1,000 Access Points.

WAN and Service Interfaces

Through the use of the Common Port Interface Adapter (SIP) Interface Adapter Module, the Catalyst 6500 can support a variety of WAN interfaces, which allows great flexibility in how the switch can be used. For applications that demand fine-grained QoS or additional Ethernet services, some 7600 Ethernet Service cards are also supported.

Fabric Extender

Nexus 9500 supports the use of the Nexus 2200/2300 Series Fabric Extenders to expand system ports and provide large-scale virtual chassis in the data center. Fabric Extender can be seen as a remote line card and managed by Nexus 9500, which simplifies administration / management.


Nexus 9500 has support for Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN; network overlay protocol) bridging and routing, supporting and accelerating communication between virtual and physical servers in various data centers.

The Nexus 9000 series supports the classic NX-OS mode and ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) mode. Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is an innovative architecture that radically simplifies, optimizes, and accelerates the entire cycle of application deployment usage.

Cisco ACI uses a holistic system-based approach, with strong integration between physical and virtual elements, open ecosystem models, and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC), hardware, and software that includes innovation. This unique approach uses a common policy-based operating model in ACI-ready networks, and security elements (computing, storage in the future), overcoming IT silos and drastically reducing costs and complexity.

If you don’t want to bother choosing your switch, NetData can provide the right solution, NetData as a provider of rent a Cisco Jakarta switch services will provide you with the right network setup solution and also choose the right router or access point for you.

Jakarta Switch Rental Trusted and Affordable

Choosing Netdata as the rental switch Jakarta is indeed very profitable. In addition to getting a variety of switch features that are very supportive of work, you can also get even more attractive offers, especially if not for a very affordable switch rental fee? In addition, there are various types of switches that you can adjust to your needs.

Looking for a reliable and affordable Jakarta rental switch venue? Then it’s definitely Netdata’s solution! Check the Netdata website at nds.id now for complete information and various attractive offers!

Interested in the product Rent Indonesian Switches Netdata? You can call directly here


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