Forgot Password Mikrotik? Here’s how to fix it

Lupa Password Mikrotik

Mikrotik itself is currently widely used and needed, especially in the world of information technology as it is today. Mikrotik itself has many advantages and advantages which are of course very much needed. But have you ever Forgot Password Mikrotik? Obviously this is really not wearing and makes you confused how to get into the proxy settings itself.

There are several ways you can do when you forget the password from the proxy itself. Obviously the first one you can use Winbox and the second can use the proxy password recovery. Forgetting is indeed one of the things that is very natural to happen, especially when there are many things to remember besides the password from the proxy itself. But if you often forget, of course this is questionable.

Obviously, the causes of forgetfulness are many, some are due to illness, busyness or fatigue. However, most people forget because of the U factor or age. For this reason, to avoid forgetting even important passwords, of course, it is very necessary and important to write down the username and password in notepad.

How to Know the Mikrotik Password

There are currently many ways to find out the password from the proxy that you have. What’s more, when you forget the password on the proxy. The first step you have to do is clearly check the Winbox login file on the computer. Before doing these tips, make sure you have logged into Mikrotik via Winbox. If you have never logged in using a computer to open Winbox, obviously this trick doesn’t work.

However, when you have logged in and opened the proxy via Winboxx, obviously this way is very easy to do and certainly does not require an internet connection. After that you can open windows explorer on a computer / laptop that has been used to login proxy via winbox. Look for the folder with the .cfg extension and then open it using notepad. Then you will easily find out your mac address, username to proxy password.

When Forgot Password Mikrotik What To Do

Don’t ever panic. When you Forgot Password Mikrotik, always face it with a cool head because all problems have a solution. Apart from going through the Winbo login file on the computer, you can also find out the password through the proxy recovery tools. Obviously to do this trick, you must first have or prepare a proxy backup file as a condition.

If you have done this, now you can visit the proxy recovery tools provider. Then upload the proxy backup file. This is where you will get information about your proxy username and password. There are so many easy and simple ways to find out and open the proxy password when you forget.

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