Forgot Password Mikrotik? Here’s how to fix it

Lupa Password Mikrotik

Mikrotik itself is currently widely used and needed, especially in the world of information technology as it is today. Mikrotik itself has many advantages and advantages which are of course very much needed. But have you ever Forgot Password Mikrotik? Obviously this is really not wearing and makes you confused how to get into the proxy settings itself.

There are several ways you can do when you forget the password from the proxy itself. Obviously the first one you can use Winbox and the second can use the proxy password recovery. Forgetting is indeed one of the things that is very natural to happen, especially when there are many things to remember besides the password from the proxy itself. But if you often forget, of course this is questionable.

Obviously, the causes of forgetfulness are many, some are due to illness, busyness or fatigue. However, most people forget because of the U or age factor. For this reason, to avoid forgetting even important passwords, of course, it is very necessary and important to write down the username and password in notepad.

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How to Know the Mikrotik Password

There are currently many ways to find out the password from the proxy you have. What’s more, I forgot the password on the proxy. The first step you have to do is clearly check the Winbox login file on the computer. Before doing these tips, make sure you have logged into Mikrotik via Winbox. If you have never logged in using a computer to open Winbox, obviously this trick doesn’t work.

However, when you have logged in and opened the proxy via Winbox, obviously this way is very easy to do and certainly does not require an internet connection. After that you can open windows explorer on a computer / laptop that has been used to login proxy via winbox. Look for the folder with the .cfg extension then open it using notepad. Then you will easily find out your mac address, username to proxy password.

Sometimes we as humans experience Forgot Password Mikrotik, well forget what we will discuss this time is forgetting Mikrotik’s password.

Then what is the password for Mikrotik? Passwords on Mikrotik are usually used to log into Mikrotik Winbox Loader. The Mikrotik Winbox Loader is a page for configuring the Mikrotik router that we have.

In this article, we will discuss more about how to properly solve the Forgot Password Mikrotik so that you can log back into Mikrotik and be able to configure as usual.

How to Overcome Forgotten Password Mikrotik

Before we discuss the steps to overcome Forgot Password Mikrotik, make sure you have already logged into Mikrotik via Winbox.

If you have logged in via Winbox, it will be easier to read the script that is the username and your Mikrotik Password .

Forgot Winbox Password

One way to overcome Forgot Password Mikrotik is through the following Windows Explorer:

  • First open Windows Explorer on a computer that has logged into Mikrotik using Winbox. Then open the directory C: Users (Nama_User) AppData Roaming Mikrotik Winbox then Nama_User with your computer username.
  • Then in the folder there is a file called settings.cfg. open setting.cfg using notepad. You just need to right-click then select Open With> More Apps> Notepad> Ok.
  • Having the file open does look a little complicated if you look at the script. But here you can see the username and password that have been logged in to Winbox.
  • So if you already know the password you can try to log into Winbox.

When Forgetting Mikrotik Password What To Do

Never panic When you Forgot Password Mikrotik, always face it with a cool head because all problems have a solution. Apart from going through the Winbo login file on the computer, you can also find out the password through the proxy recovery tools. Obviously to do this trick, you must first have or prepare a proxy backup file as a condition.

If you have done this, now you can visit the proxy recovery tools provider. Then upload the proxy backup file. This is where you will get information about your proxy username and password. There are so many easy and simple ways to find out and open the proxy password when you forget.

How to Know the Password Mikrotik The Forgotten

addition to the above we can also use a way to know the password Mikrotik Forget the following way:

How to Know the Password Mikrotik By Cmd

Before doing the tutorial you should prepare two materials as below:

  • download python
  • download Winbox Exploit
  1. if you already download the two materials directly install python to your computer, when installing python then click the Customize installation menu because place it in C: Users Admin “, you can change to” Admin “according to your wishes.
  2. In the Optional Features you don’t need to change anything later Click next.
  3. And in the Advanced Options it doesn’t need to be changed, then we can change it in the Customize install location section.
  4. Check only the options “Associates files with Python” and “Create Shortcuts For installed application” then next.
  5. When it’s finished installing, then can click Close and enter CMD rock, it’s easy, just open the search in menu Windows then click CMD.
  6. Type “cd Python”, note that the capital letter must be properly written without the quotes.
  7. type “cd Python” and remember that the typing must be correct from uppercase letters.
  8. In the Python directory then type “Python D: WinboxExploit-master”.

Note: “D: WinboxExploit-master” is where the WinboxExploit file has been downloaded and where the extract can be placed as you wish, for the ip please enter the ip proxy.

In running commands on CMD, you must still connect Mikrotik to the computer, do not get disconnected.

  1. If you see the results, you will see the username and password that has entered your Mikrotik.
  2. If you already know the password, you can immediately log into the username and password that appeared in CMD earlier.
  3. After entering, you can change the password by clicking “System> Password”.
  4. Then enter the password earlier in the old password section and enter the new password in the new password and confirm the password, please leave it blank then click “change”.

How to know the Mikrotik

To username and password find out the Mikrotik username and password with Android.with Android we will do some tests which will be explained in this tutorial. However, you need to know that there are a number of things that you have to prepare such as rooted Android, and prepare three applications, namely Pry-Fi, ezNetScan, ChameleMAC.

Steps :

  • First you have to download and install all the three applications mentioned earlier.
  • Then determine the hotspot target that uses Mikrotik and the target hotspot where users have successfully logged in.
  • Make sure your Android smartphone is rooted.
  • Open the Pry-Fi application and activate the application, then you will see the original MAC address of the wifi adapter on your Android.
  • Please connect to the target hotspot and try to open the browser, you will be sure to be prompted to log in first with a username and password.
  • Open the application ezNetScan, in this application you will see the hotspots that are already connected and click SCAN, the goal is to see other hotspot users who are connected to wifi.
  • If the SCAN has been completed you will see a list of IP and MAC addresses connected to the Mikrotik wifi.
  • Click on the IP user which we will take the MAC address for us to use as a bypass to the Mikrotik wifi, after that press MAC address to copy the user’s mac address.
  • Open the application ChameleMAC and paste the MAC Address that was copied earlier into the column. And then press Apply new MAC to change MAC Address, then press Change.
  • If you have changed the MAC address, you will automatically be disconnected from wifi.
  • Then please open the browser again, you will automatically log into the hotspot and be able to browse.

Mikrotik Password Recovery How

to use password recovery is actually less effective because you need to make a backup file beforehand.

Because in Mikrotik winbox does not provide a forget password, it is unlikely that you can get it from this password recovery , but there is nothing wrong with trying it as below:

  1. First of all you have to visit the Mikrotik Password Recovery Tool site by MRT.
  2. Select Choose File, your Mikrotik Backup File.
  3. Click submit, this tool will read the Mikrotik username and password from the backup file.
  4. Then you will see a list of Mikrotik users and passwords.
  5. Done.

Other Mikrotik Password Solutions

If you can’t find out the password above then you can use other Mikrotik password solutions like the following:

How to enter Mikrotik without a password

Being a forgetful person is a very annoying thing, especially when it comes to configuring passwords on the proxy device.

But there are also people who have not previously changed their proxy password. The best one is by logging in using the admin username with the password field left blank.

Reset Password Mikrotik

As I said that Mikrotik Winbox does not have a forget password feature so another solution is to reset your RouterBoard. Here’s how to reset the Mikrotik password.

  1. Via Hardware

Every RouterBoard must have a physical reset button located on the underside of the router, usually this button is in a deep position so we need a tool to press it like a needle. The way to reset is:

  1. Turn off the RouterBoard before resetting.
  2. Press the Reset button for about 5-10 seconds while turning on the Routerboard.
  3. Wait for the USR lamp to finish flashing then release the reset button.

There are some routerboards that do not have a board unit, so they can use a jumper to reset it. The method is as follows:

  1. Connect the jumper using a metal object such as a screwdriver to reset the router.
  2. Hold for about 10 seconds.
  3. Turn the Routerboard back on.
  • Via Software

Soft Reset is a way to reset RouterBoard via software using a GUI be it Winbox, Webfig or CLI.

  • Via the GUI

You do this by selecting the System menu> Reset> Check “No Default Configuration”> click Reset Configuration.

  • Via CLI

no-defaults = yes is a command on the CLI so that the router when the reset process, the router does not return to the default setting. For more details, you can read right here.

Bypass Mikrotik Hotspot Login

In doing Bypass Mikrotik hotspot login you don’t need to enter a username or password to log into the hotspot. But make sure your Mikrotik routerOS uses Winbox. After being able to enter Mikrotik RouterOS, then select the IP menu> Hotspot.

In the hotspot view, we can use the IP Bindings menu, Walled Garden or you can also use IP Walled Garden.

IP Bindings

technique Bindings IP enables us to log in without passing authentication. The trick is we must know the MAC address of one of the devices connected to the hotspot so that we can add it to our device.

  1. Select menu IP> Hotspot> IP Bindings. Then add the MAC address of the user to be bypassed.
  2. In the TYPE menu, there are three types of parameters, namely:
  • Blocked = MAC addresses that are registered automatically will not get hotspot service.
  • Bypassed = The registered MAC address will be Bypassed so that you don’t need to go through the authentication process.
  • Regular = MAC addresses that are registered through the authentication process.

So from that we can do IP Bindings to the active host, the method is to select the host then double-click and select Make Binding.

  1. then the IP Binding Hotspot will appear, in the parameter Type select Bypassed.

Walled Garden

Users who have not passed the authentication process but can access certain websites, in this case use the walled garden technique. For example, unauthenticated users can open the website “”.

Select menu IP> Hotspot> Walled Garden. Then in the Dst.Host parameter, fill in * and in Action, select allow.

IP-Walled Garden

Functions almost the same as Walled Garden but can bypass more specific resources on certain protocols and ports.

This is done to bypass local servers that do not require authentication. For example, we will bypass traffic using the TCP protocol and destination ports 20-21 FTP.

Mikrotik Default Password

When talking about routers, surely all routers have a default password which is also found on Mikrotik that uses Winbox.

Type the first time you log into Mikrotik, of course we have to change the computer’s IP address to static.

To access Mikrotik when it has just been reset, you can use port 2 on Mikrotik or Mikrotik hap lite.

  • Mikrotik Default IP Address:
  • Mikrotik Default Username: admin
  • Mikrotik Default Password: (blank there is no password)

This is the article about how to overcome Forgot Password Mikrotik and various solutions that you can try yourself.

Talking about your Mikrotik, don’t bother looking for an original and quality Mikrotik router, namely on NetData or visiting the website at Hopefully helpful, and thank you.


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