What Is Hybrid Remote Working Solutions

Hybrid Remote Working Solutions

Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out around the world, many companies have implemented Hybrid Remote Working Solutions and provided policies to get their workers to work at home which is commonly known as work from home.

For those who may be able to work remotely are able to survive the economic turmoil that is being shaken due to this pandemic.

Therefore, currently every company is trying to find a solution how to be able to continue operating without having to violate health protocols by implementing Hybrid Remote Working Solutions.

What are Hybrid Remote Working Solutions? Hybrid remote or it can also be called remote part, is different from all remote which imposes all employees who have to work at home because the company does not have a physical office that must be visited.

This hybrid remote is wider than the all-remote, because it is easier to implement by large and established companies.

The remote hybrid scenario itself is to apply one of the company’s branches to work entirely remotely. Meanwhile, other branches are enforced to physically enter the office.

What To Consider When Using Hybrid Remote Working Solutions

For some companies, switching to all-remote may or may not be possible at all.

Therefore, hybrid remote is the right alternative solution for companies that cannot implement all remotes.

In general, implementing a hybrid remote working solution is more difficult than all remote considering the two-tier working environment. Below are some things to consider when implementing a hybrid remote in a company:

Just a few days at the office

Companies that require employees to enter the office for 1 or more days per week must pay attention to the following three important factors:

  • This can prevent employees from adapting to their work environment, because they have to be located not far from the office.
  • This prevents company and hiring team resources from having to operate in different places. So that employees who have just entered work are required to move to the office area.
  • This will complicate the process of switching to workflows that are primarily remote, as the office will serve as the main collaboration crutch.

Informal meetings

Unplanned informal or impromptu meetings can disrupt the hybrid-remote team.

Even though it looks trivial which requires the person to spend a few minutes attending meetings, sometimes it will create disruption to the person’s activities and result in the work process getting choked up.

Maybe the person doing the remote outside the office didn’t experience this interference or the person who wasn’t invited to the meeting.

Therefore, leaders must pay attention to their subordinates whether they are ready to be invited to an impromptu meeting or not so that it can be agreed upon in advance regardless of their location and minimize miscommunication.


The place of leadership in the office

The best place for corporate leaders and executives in a hybrid-remote environment is outside the office.

  • This is to prevent remote employees from lack of face-to-face time with the leaders.
  • This prevents executive leaders from doing their jobs in ways that go against remote-first principles.
  • This prevents cognitive dissonance from leadership about what tools, technologies, and training to prioritize to support the first remote workflow.
  • This prevents team members from coming to the office to mingle with executives.
  • This reinforces that the office is no longer the epicenter of power or decision making.

Are There Any Advantages Of Hybrid Remote Working Solutions?

  1. Employees can work more flexibly without having to go to the office.
  2. Save on transportation costs, time, and energy that usually cost you money for gas, parking, and so on.
  3. Have a lot of time with family.
  4. Work more optimally.

Advantages of Hybrid Remote Working Solutions for Companies:

  1. Can implement health protocols properly according to health standards from WHO.
  2. Can reduce operating costs.
  3. Having workers with a more optimal level of performance without having to worry about the distance of the area and location.

Use The Right Tool In The Application Of Hybrid Remote

On the company side, it must be prepared to implement remote hybrid with a variety of capable network devices such as:

Remote Server

This remote server is a special computer that is used for remote purposes, why is a remote server needed? Here are some remote server functions,

  1. Turning the Server On and Off 

The first remote server function is to control the remote service itself. So that the remote server can turn on and off the server remotely and make it easier for server maintenance and configuration.

  1. Monitor Resource Usage 

Remote services will certainly generate a lot of resources on your web server, therefore remote servers can easily monitor and manage resources. So that existing resources will be optimized so that they are not full.

If the resource exceeds the limit, you can upgrade the server so that remote services are not interrupted.

  1. Easy to monitor security

Remote services do require extra security where this remote can only be accessed by remote employees. With a remote server you can detect and prevent unauthorized authentication to your remote service.

  1. Facilitates System Repair 

With a remote server it will be easier for you to repair the system. If the server has an error or bug, you can detect and fix it remotely as well so that the remote service can be repaired quickly.

  1. Controlling Other Computers

The most important function of the remote server is that it can control other computers. If your computer is dedicated to a remote server, you can control client computers that are connected to this server. 

Buy The Best Network Equipment For Hybrid Remote On NETDATA

Apart from remote servers, of course there are many more must-have devices such as routers, switches, and cabling with the best quality to be able to use remote services smoothly.

NETDATA, as a company that provides the most complete network equipment in Indonesia, is ready to assist you in fulfilling your company’s remote hybrid needs.

Starting from providing network devices, remote servers, to managing servers for remote hybrids, so you don’t have to bother anymore to create this remote system. If you are interested in networking to do Hybrid Remote Working Solutions, you can contact us. For more information, you can contact NETDATA customer service.


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