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Managed Service Provider

In business management, you may not be able to 100% Managed Service Provider what should be arranged in your company. There are several factors, one of which is a lack of understanding in this field. One of them is in the IT field. Maybe for most companies that are still in the pioneering stage using IT to support the business they are running.

Even though you don’t understand, technology about IT is very important in its role in business development. But take it easy, now there are third parties who can solve various problems that confuse you in the IT field. Is a managed service provider. However, what is a managed service provider?

What is a Managed Service Provider

MSP provides services, such as networking, applications, infrastructure, and security, through regular and ongoing support and active administration onsite, in MSP data centers (hosting), or at third party data centers. MSPs can provide their own native services in conjunction with other service providers (for example, a security MSP provides sys admin on top of a third party IaaS Cloud).

Pure-play MSPs focus on a single vendor or technology, usually their own core offering. Many MSPs include services from other types of providers. The term MSP is generally applied to infrastructure or device-centric types of services but has been expanded to include ongoing and regular management, maintenance, and support.

Kegunaan Managed Service Provider

As mentioned above, provide services in the areas of networking, applications, infrastructure, and IT security to your company. 

While some may specialize in specific segments of information technology such as data storage, others may focus on specific vertical markets, such as legal, financial services, healthcare and manufacturing.

A managed service security provider (MSSP), for example, offers specialized services such as remote firewall administration and security offerings as other services. Meanwhile, managed print service providers (MPS) give up the job of maintaining printers and supplying consumables.

What will be done at a Managed Service Provider

Maybe a question will arise in your head, “what will be done by a managed service provider?”. In general, there are 3 things that will be done, including:

ITSM Solution

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a process-based practice intended to align IT service delivery with company needs, emphasizing benefits for customers.

Its main focus is to provide satisfactory service to end user customers. ITSM involves a shift from managing IT as a stack of individual components to focusing on end-to-end service delivery using a best practice process model.


MADE provide and maintain to improve your IT Operation.

Below is a list of MADE’s features:

  • Asset management
  • Monitors and Alerts
  • IT Automation
  • Report Center Security Management

Data Erasure

Data erasure software permanently deletes data from all IT assets, including PCs, hard drives, servers, data center equipment, and smartphones. Using effective data erasure software allows your organization to safely reuse, resell, or recycle all of its storage media.

Services offered by NDS in various regions

If you need managed service for your company, you can rely on PT. NETWORK DATA SYSTEM. You can get various benefits that you will not be able to get from others. For regional coverage, NDS covers various regions in Indonesia!

Managed service provider Indonesia

NDS is available for many regions in Indonesia. With this, you don’t need to be confused anymore if you need services for your company. NDS is always ready for you if you need quality MSP services with various other attractive offers.

Managed service provider Jakarta

one of the managed service providers from NDS is covering the Jakarta area. So, for those of you who have a company that requires quality managed service at an affordable cost, you can rely on NDS alone.

Even though the cost is affordable, the workmanship quality of NDS is very satisfying. There have been many companies in various regions in Indonesia that rely on NDS for managed service affairs and they are very satisfied because NDS has workers who are professional and experienced in their fields.


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