How To Choose A Cloud Service So You Don’t Regret It

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Sometimes, you never pay attention to the details in choosing the cloud services you need for your company. You just think “As long as I need and I have to be there that day, whatever the cloud service is not a problem”. In fact, it is a very big initial mistake if you do not research in choosing the cloud service you want your company to make progress.

So, what should be considered when choosing a cloud service so you don’t regret it? 

Here we will discuss some points that you should pay attention to when choosing a cloud service so that you won’t regret it later. Check out the following discussion.

Anything to Consider

What can be considered when choosing a cloud service? There are several important factors for choosing a cloud service, including:

Certifications & Standards

It is very important to pay attention to the certifications and standards of the cloud services you will choose. Cloud service providers that adhere to recognized standards and quality frameworks demonstrate adherence to best industry practices and standards.

While standards may not define the service provider you choose, they can be of great help in selecting potential suppliers.

So in essence, the first step is that you understand that the cloud service you want is not arbitrary, it must be certified.

Technology & Services Roadmap


Ensure that the provider platform and technology of choice are compatible with your current environment and / or support your cloud goals.

Does the provider’s cloud architecture, standards, and services match your workload and management preferences? Assess how much recoding or customization you may have to make to make your workload suitable for their platform.

Technology roadmap

Ask about the provider’s service development roadmap – How do they plan to continue to innovate and grow over time? Does their roadmap fit your needs over the long term?

Important factors to consider are commitment to a particular technology or vendor, and how interoperability is supported. Also could they demonstrate an application similar to the one you planned?

With a good roadmap, of course, this will form a trust in you so that later your cloud can be in line with the services they do.

Governance and Data Security

Data management

You may already have a data classification scheme that defines data types according to sensitivity and / or policies on where the data resides. At least you must know the rules or data privacy rules that govern personal data.

With that in mind, the location where your data is located, and the subsequent local laws governing it, may be an important part of the electoral process. If you have specific requirements and obligations, you should look for a provider that gives you choice and control regarding the jurisdiction in which your data is stored, processed and managed.

Cloud service providers need to be transparent about the location of their data centers, but you also have to take responsibility for finding this information.

Security information

Make sure you assess the level of data and system security of the cloud provider, the maturity of security operations, and the security governance processes. Provider’s information security controls should be proven risk-based and clearly support your own security policies and processes.

Ensure user access and activity can be audited via all routes and have clarity on security roles and responsibilities as set out in contacts or business policy documentation.

Dependency & Partnership Services

Vendor relationship

Service providers may have several vendor relationships that are important to understand.

Assessing providers’ relationships with key vendors, their level of accreditation, technical proficiency, and staff certification is a useful exercise. Do they support a multivendor environment and can they set a good example.

Think about whether the service being offered fits into the larger ecosystem than other services that might complement or support it.

Subcontractors and service dependencies

It is also important to disclose all dependencies and service partnerships involved in providing cloud services. 

Contract, Commercial & SLA

Contract & SLA

Cloud agreements can seem complex, and this is not helped by a lack of industry standards on how to build and deploy them. Especially for SLA (contractual agreement of both parties), many cloud providers who like jargon still use language that is too complex, or worse, is intentionally misleading.

Reliability & Performance

This is definitely something you need to pay attention to. You can see reliability also from certifications and standards, or you can hear feedback from companies that have also used services from these cloud services.

Cloud Indonesia services provided by NDS

If you are still confused about which cloud service is the most appropriate and meets your satisfaction standards, then the answer is NDS (PT. NETWORK DATA SYSTEM). NDS provides many services for the cloud which consists of several services. Among others are:

Cloud Integrator Indonesia

A cloud integrator is a product or service that helps businesses negotiate the complexities of cloud migration. NDS can be counted on for a reliable cloud integrator. Yes, why is it reliable? Because NDS has many partners who entrust cloud integrator affairs to NDS. 

With this, you don’t need to be confused anymore if you need cloud integrator services, just trust NDS.

Cloud Solution Indonesia

Cloud solution refers to on-demand services, computer networks, storage, applications or resources accessed via the internet and via a shared cloud computing infrastructure from other providers. Yes, the only reliable thing for cloud solutions is NDS.

NDS provides cloud solution services at a lower cost than you rent other cloud services. This is one reason why you shouldn’t hesitate to rely on NDS for cloud solutions.

Cloud Service Indonesia

A cloud service is any service provided to a user on demand over the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s server, not from a company-owned local server. The very right answer if you are looking for a cloud service is NDS.

NDS has a clear and transparent roadmap to your company, so the security of your data is definitely very safe in the hands of NDS.

Cloud Backup Management Indonesia

Cloud backup is a service where data and applications on a business server are backed up and stored on a remote server. Cloud backup management is certainly very useful for your company to store various important data owned by the company.

NDS is the perfect solution if you are looking for an Indonesian cloud backup management service with various benefits.

You can contact us for Cloud problems with affordable service fees, highly optimal performance supported by a professional and experienced workforce, and of course certified. 


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