What is Cloud-Managed Network?

cloud-managed network

According to research data from IDC (International Data Corporation), more than 60% of companies in the world want at least half of their network infrastructure to switch to cloud-based. So it’s no surprise that cloud-managed networks are on the rise in popularity.

But, what is a cloud-managed network? Cloud-managed network is a method for remotely managing and monitoring a company’s network remotely through a cloud-based controller. Cloud-managed networks are usually SaaS (Software as a Service) which are used to control on-premise networks, such as wireless access points, switches and routers or security gateways.

Cloud-managed network allows you to manage your entire office network in a single dashboard, so you can work flexibly remotely as long as you have internet access. The process of deploying, maintaining, troubleshooting, and monitoring your company’s network can be done in one cloud-based controller. Want to know how to manage services from NetData? You can check the article here.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cloud-Managed Network?

  •     Fixed and Predictable Expenses

Managed-Cloud offers flexibility in the sense that you can choose a specific level of support, such as increase or decrease depending on your needs. This helps maintain a consistent monthly bill, resulting in predictable expenses and an accurate budget.

Even though your needs fluctuate throughout the year, cloud service providers can work together to develop a custom package that fits your needs. For example, if you are an auditing and assurance firm, it is likely that your business is conducted during tax season. Therefore, your needs for managed services and cloud support will peak during the first quarter and gradually decrease later in the year.

Fixed and predictable prices give you the flexibility and peace of mind of knowing that you can access this service whenever you need it, without worrying about additional costs.

  •     Avoid High Infrastructure Costs

Managed services allow your company to take advantage of a strong network infrastructure without having to buy expensive capital assets yourself. A Managed-Cloud provider prepares and maintains your network and takes full ownership of things like cloud migration plans, hardware assets and staff training. That way, you don’t have to decide between AWS or Azure, decide how to manage transitions, and write multiple checks in the process.

  •     Free In-house Developers & IT Staff forCritical Projects

Cloud-Managed Care operations around the clock, so your in-house team won’t be asked for cloud-specific tasks like troubleshooting slow connection or system outages. Hence, your IT team can concentrate on long-term IT strategies and other projects that drive the sales needle.

  •     Future-Proof

Migrating to a cloud platform is a first step future-proof in a data center as it is oriented towards the latest technology and services. On-Premise Servers are expensive to “maintain” and there is a huge risk of failure in the event of a disaster. Migration to the cloud helps minimize this risk and can serve as an effective disaster recovery strategy as well.

  •     Support Compliance

If you are a healthcare provider, online retail, financial institution, or other company subject to industry regulations, non-compliance with privacy and security regulations can put you in serious trouble.

  •     Faster Response Times

Cloud-Managed networks can provide efficient response times at all levels monitoring. Most cloud service providers have the expertise to access, monitor and fix network problems in a minimal timeframe. So your business can expect fast response times through remote cloud services and enterprise-level monitoring.

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