Things To Look For In Conducting A Big Event

Hal Yang Perlu Diperhatikan Dalam Melakukan Sebuah Acara Besar

Are you having a big event in the near future? Then you are confused about how to organize in coordinating the event? If so then you are running smoothly and successfully.

There are several things that you must pay attention to in holding events, especially large events. In the following you summarize 8 important things that must be considered: 

General Meeting

Meetings with people who are important because they will determine the basic and conceptual things in the event. If you are someone who is responsible for organizing the meeting then you must know a few things to prepare and the concept of the event design.

If your meeting is a success, chances are that the event you will organize will be a success according to the expectations of your clients.

After the general meeting, an EO must conduct an internal meeting to lower the conceptual planning into technical planning and share it with each division in the EO team.

Cost Budget

One of the outcomes of the previous meeting was the planning of a budget. So that it can determine how much it costs the client to hold the event.

Determining the budget at the beginning is very important because it is related to budget spending that cannot be more than the initial budget.

After the client determines the budget, we as the EO team must immediately divide the budget to each division, such as for the purposes of renting a place or building, accommodation, logistics, procurement of consumption, sound system, decorations, souvenirs, and fees for inviting speakers or MCs.

Check List

There is a lot to do in preparing for a big event. So that nothing is overlooked, it would be nice as a committee chairman to make a checklist or list to do mandatory assignments.

If this checklist is not available, it becomes the root of the problem of not carrying out a job because of the limited human memory.

Timeline of Work

Each division of labor that has been included in the checklist must be determined when the work is done so that no work is completed late.

Usually there are things that must be prepared long before the day of the event such as renting a room or place, ordering catering or food, ordering souvenirs, contacting speakers or presenters to contact important guests.

If the work timeline is not well prepared, then there are several things that have been prepared that are not implemented even closer to the day it is held.

Rundown Event

This rundown is a clear arrangement of events where each event must be carried out systematically and must be scheduled.

As the preparation for the rundown event continues, it must be continuously updated because not all plans that have been prepared go as desired, for example, the location of the event changes, the speaker or MC delivers event content that may change.

Vendor Coordination

Most large events will inevitably require a third party to meet the needs of the event.

As an EO, of course he will not be able or very difficult if he has to meet all the needs of a large event. 

This third party must be chosen properly so that important things can be fulfilled, for example, providing a network or wifi for the needs of the event.

Food Vendors or Catering

An event, especially a large event, will certainly require catering to meet logistical needs.

Of course, food procurement must be adjusted to the budget. Make sure the food vendor has a good reputation, or if necessary you can survey to compare food vendors to find the best vendor. 

Room / Building Vendors The

a building or event venue must of course be adjusted to the budget and needs. Adjust the room capacity according to the number of people attending the event you are creating. 

Ensure that the room facilities or premises must have the necessary facilities including toilets, parking lots, prayer rooms, and good air conditioning to an adequate sound system.

The choice of place must have a strategic factor so that everyone who comes to your event is not too difficult to attend.

Souvenir Vendors Souvenirs

are not mandatory for an event but have an important factor to make a memorable impression on the event you create.

It would be nice if this souvenir can also have useful factors such as souvenir bags, wallets, books, pens, and so on because they can be used for daily needs. 

For the selection of souvenir vendors you should also see their reputation as well as the kinds of souvenirs they provide, the more complete the better the reputation.

Media Promotion

For a large event that you are holding is an event that requires invitations or tickets to attend, you need promotional media.

This promotion is an attempt to introduce to everyone that you have a large event that everyone who buys event tickets can attend.

The better the promotion, the more people will attend the event you create. 

This promotion can be done on many platforms such as digital promotions which are currently trending. Because every publication through digital media does not cost a fortune and can also target millennials easily.

Digital media promotion is quite easy to do by utilizing advertising providers on several forum platforms, social media, to asking influencers to promote events that you create through their digital media.

Final Checks and Backup Plans

Every person or team working on your event certainly needs to have their duties integrated. This final check is needed to carry out the event so that nothing is missed and each team will know every plan of the event that has been prepared.

It also discusses the backup plan or plan B in holding events. Not everything that is prepared will go smoothly.

This backup plan is prepared in case something untoward happens. For example, events that retire, change speakers, the number of participants who change, and so on.

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Managed Service

In accordance with the topic this time, the procurement of an event or event, especially with a large guest capacity. 

Therefore it requires assistance from third parties to help manage for the smooth running of your event.

One of the most vital assistance from third parties is managed service. This managed service can be in various forms, especially in the IT field.

As said earlier, we need to get help from various vendors including in terms of network connections and in other IT matters.

The use of this managed service will certainly give you the advantage of the ease and smoothness of holding events.

The well-known vendor, NetData, is ready to assist you in managing services with various advantages and high professionalism.

NetData Service For NetData Events

As a trusted and quality management service provider, you will get many benefits with the best professionalism.


Netdata Can be the perfect solution for those of you who want to host large events including IT assets such as networks for running a more modern event. NetData will determine there are no security issues or bottlenecks.


Cabling is crucial where lots of network cables are connected to each other to a computer to provide smooth communication.

With good connectivity it will provide smooth continuity of the events you organize.

Cloud service

For cloud services, not all events are required, but this new cloud system can also improve the performance of existing systems.


Integrator This system integrator integrates existing systems with NetData’s systems to provide a smooth running event for you.

Because with an integrated system it can make it easier for the team to organize the event using only a laptop.

That is our discussion this time about NetData manage service by helping you organize large events.


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