Examples of Companies Using Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Now, many companies are using cloud computing technology to support the various work they do. Cloud computing is currently heading for a trend for various companies, because maybe you already know how things are currently doing WFH (Work From Home).

Then, what is meant by cloud computing? Cloud computing is the delivery of various services over the internet. These resources include tools and applications such as data stores, servers, databases, networks, and software.

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What companies use cloud computing technology? There are actually many who use it, but here are 2 local companies and large companies that you may already know. Among them are:

Provider XL (XCloud)

As you may already know, XL is one of the providers that provides cellular telecommunications services in Indonesia.

XL provides facility services based on GSM network technology. XL’s commitment to continuously provide additional quality facilities that are reliable and appropriate for customer needs is carried out continuously and continuously.

One of the facility solutions that has been developed by XL to make it easier for you to do special or corporate activities and businesses is to jointly use Cloud Computing technology or Cloud Computing.

In the world of cloud computing, XL provides three types of cloud computing to customers. Among them are Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).

  • PaaS PaaS

vendors provide hardware and software over the internet, and people use these tools to develop applications. PaaS users tend to be developers or developers.

  • IaaS IaaS

cloud computing service offers services such as pay-as-you-go storage, networking, and virtualization.

IaaS provides users with a cloud-based alternative to on-premises infrastructure, so businesses can avoid investing in expensive onsite resources.

  • SaaSSaaS

Theplatform makes software available to users over the internet, usually for a monthly subscription fee. This service is indeed used by users, such as you who are the customers of XL.

For companies that provide services in the form of services, XL also has a target and market share.

This company supports XL to expand digital marketing and mobile advertising to the Southeast Asia region. In addition to adding convenience to advertisers, this collaboration also makes it easier for XL to carry out cross channel digital advertising so that XL can drive campaigns serving not only in Indonesia, but also in Southeast Asia through the large Axiata Group network.

Google Drive

As a very large company, Google has a very well-known cloud computing service and also has a lot of users. A service especially if it’s not Google Drive which is the most famous cloud service and also its various features that are very profitable and very easy to use.

Google Drive is a very popular cloud storage service that lets you save various files to the cloud and then access them from your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s pre-installed on most new Android phones, and you’ll already have an account if you’ve used Gmail.

The type of cloud computing service used by Google Drive is Software as a Service.

The target originating from the Google Drive tool is prospective users who need an overly large data storage facility in order to secure important information if at any time it becomes necessary. The impact comes from the quality of the facilities provided by Google Drive are:

  • All data on the server is stored centrally. The

advantage of Google Drive cloud technology is that it is possible for users to store data centrally on one server based on the services provided by the cloud computing service provider.

In addition, users don’t need to bother providing infrastructure such as data centers, storage areas and others because everything is available virtually.

  • Data

security User data security can be stored safely through servers provided by Cloud Computing facility providers such as technology platform guarantees, ISO guarantees, personal data, and others.

  • High flexibility and scalability

Cloud technology from Google Drive has the flexibility along with easy access to information, whenever and wherever we are with the note that the user (user) is connected to the internet. In addition, users can easily increase or decrease the information storage capacity without the need to spend on additional equipment such as hard drives. 

Even one of the world’s leading IT practitioners, the late Steve Jobs, said that shopping for physical memory to store information such as hard drives is a useless matter unless we can store it virtually / via the internet.

  • Long-term investment

Cost savings can be in inventory such as infrastructure, hard drives, etc. can be reduced because users can be charged regular compensation costs per month according to the facility package that has been agreed with the Cloud Computing facility provider. 

Royalties for software licenses can also be reduced because everything has been done through cloud-based computing.

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