The Importance of Updating the Fortinet License

Lisensi Fortinet

Fortinet License – Fortinet as a company that develops a new generation of firewall devices certainly wants to continue to innovate in creating the latest technology by limiting its users to the presence of a Fortinet license that suits their needs.

What is a Fortinet license? Let’s discuss more about what a license is and also its types that are more complete and easier to understand.

Using License

Before discussing directly what a Fortinet license is, it would be nice to know what a license is first.

Licensing is the granting of permission to use or produce a product for which the product has been patented by the person who created it for the first time.

Often a license is also interpreted as a key that is given to a user to be able to use a product with full features and usability.

This usually relates to software products that use a license as the key to use the software to its fullest.

License Types

For the type of license itself can be divided into several forms, among others:

HKI License

Types of intellectual property rights licenses are licenses that are embedded in computer software such as the Fortinet license.

With this type of license the user is given rights by the software owner both in terms of features, duration of use, and so on.

Bulk License

A mass license in computer licensing is a license granted to an organization to use the computer software on multiple computers.

Goods or Service Brand License

This goods or service mark license is a license granted to a person or organization to sell products and services under the license owner of the trademark.

With this license, the use of the license can also use the trademark or services of the licensee, without worrying about being legally sued by the licensee because it has previously obtained approval from the licensee.

Artwork and Character License

The licensee also grants permission to the person or company that uses it to copy and sell copyrighted material containing art and characters.

Educational License

License in the field of education in the form of an academic degree. A college or university is the owner of a license so it can give a degree to someone who studies at that campus.

What are the Benefits of a License

Now that we are talking about the benefits of licensing, the person who uses the license will calmly use the product or service safely and legally.

So if the brand used is very well known or has a good reputation, the license user will feel many advantages in running his business.

While the licensee will benefit from getting royalties in accordance with the agreement.

Now that we are talking about the benefits of licensing, the person who uses the license will calmly use the product or service safely and legally.

So if the brand used is very well known or has a good reputation, the license user will feel many advantages in running his business.

While the licensee will benefit from getting royalties in accordance with the agreement.

License Advantages And Disadvantages


If you own a certain trademark then you can then receive off a lump sum to get back the registration fee. This allows you to negotiate the price for your token with the other party.

Trademark duties can also relieve you of the ongoing responsibilities of ongoing management and use of the trademark as well as irresponsibility while this is in progress.

You can maintain control over your trademarks as others use them.

Get royalties on the use of the licensee’s trademark.

Can exploit in territory, goods, or services as well as sales volume.


In selling your trademark you must relinquish all control over it.

It is possible that the licensee could become a competitor to our trademark if the deal is broken.

Enforcement of trademark licenses must still be carried out because it is not uncommon for rights to license names such as trademark infringement enforcement.

Why Use License

There are several reasons why using licensed software is so profitable. Besides being profitable for yourself, you can also at least appreciate the work that made the software.

The Fortinet license is very profitable, for several reasons, you have nothing to lose if you buy a Fortinet license officially and legally.

Forms of Support for Developers

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why you should use the official Fortinet license is not for personal reasons, but for moral reasons. Of course, by buying a license officially, it is a form of support for the developer by what he has made that has benefited you.

Although there are actually several ways to provide support to app developers, one of the most important is to buy the app legally and always renew the app’s license when it’s past the expiration date.

Virus and Malware Free Guarantee

Using the application legally is an advantage for you because the application you use is guaranteed to be free from viruses and malware. Just imagine, when you use an application illegally, of course there is no direct protection from the application developer.

Applications that are used without protection from the developer will be very vulnerable to being attacked by malware and there is also no protection against viruses that can harm your device.

Upgrade and Update Guarantee

With guaranteed upgrades and updates, the applications you use will always get updates in real time and also with upgrades, it is very possible for applications that you buy legally using a license to get new features or improvements to the application.

More Stable and Agile Performance

Believe it or not, an application that you buy using an official license can make the application run stably and also agile. This stable application is due to the absence of a cracked system from the application where there are some features that cannot be accessed.

The Importance of Updating the Fortinet License

Fortinet is an application that develops and sells cyber security solutions, including but not limited to physical products such as firewalls. Firewalls are very important for network security which can be detrimental to you if you are still using Fortinet applications without using a license.

The reasons why you should update your Fortinet license include:

Increase Speed

Fortinet will greatly increase the speed if you always update regularly. This speed increase is very important if you want a modern firewall with a higher quality concept and also as a very profitable solution for your company.

Enjoy the Latest Features

Fortinet will always provide the latest features if there are updates. This new feature is a feature that will certainly be very helpful. This one update will give you extra security with this feature. This new feature could be a solution for those of you who want a faster and easier job.

Beautify the System Interface

An attractive interface will make you feel comfortable using it. In addition to talking about functions, of course, an application must not be separated from an interface that is more attractive and also easy to operate.

Improve Device Security

As a company engaged in cyber security systems, of course, updates given to Fortinet always prioritize device security. Even though it is considered safe, Fortinet will always think one step ahead by anticipating cybercrime threats that can harm your device.

The Right Thing To Do To Optimize Fortinet Licenses

Now that you know how profitable it is to update a Fortinet license, now is how to resolve your confusion regarding “how to update a Fortinet license legally and safely”. Because you already know that updating means being able to optimize your Fortinet device.

NetData can be a solution where you can update your Fortinet license 3 months before it expires. Of course this is very advantageous because you are not too nervous when the license is almost up.

You can buy a Fortinet license on NetData for a lot cheaper than buying it elsewhere. NetData is certainly the perfect solution. You can buy a Fortinet license legally because NetData is the official partner of Fortinet Indonesia, which has been recognized by many large companies.


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