What’s the Correct Way to Renew a Microsoft License?

Cara Renewal Lisensi Microsoft

How to Renew Microsoft License – The use of Windows operating systems or Office programs from Microsoft continues to increase because there are still many people using computers or laptops with these Windows products with original licenses.

Not infrequently there are also people who are still confused about how to renew a Microsoft license and where to buy it if you buy it in Indonesia. Here is our discussion of Microsoft licensing in full.

What is a License?

What is a license, a license is a legal right where we are allowed to use, download, install software to a hardware device such as a computer or laptop.

The use of this software can indeed be used without using a license but with various limitations on features and functions.

So that by using the official license of the software, we have the right to use the software which is also legally protected.

Check License Authenticity

Then how to check the authenticity of the license?, in this case I will take an example of how to check the authenticity of the license from Microsoft software, namely Microsoft Office 365, here are the steps:

  • Open your Microsoft account on the official Microsoft website https://account.microsoft.com/services/.
  • Next, select the Microsoft Office product that you have, on this page it will appear that the product you have, for example, is Microsoft Office 365, then your product is ensured that your office product is genuine. On the other hand, if it doesn’t appear, then your product is confirmed to be using a fake license.

Benefits of Using Original License

The original license does have many benefits for its users, for example in the original Microsoft Office license as follows:

Technical support, By buying a genuine genuine Microsoft Office license, you get assistance from technical support services. This technical support will be very useful to help you if something goes wrong or crashes.

Update software, the original license for Microsoft Office whose name is software that has undergone many changes over time which is a software update.

More features, features that previously could not be used can be used smoothly and make work more optimal.

Safe, guaranteed security that is free from viruses and protected from hacking due to the use of fake license hacker programs.

How to Renew a Microsoft License

If your Microsoft license has already undergone a renewal period, you will need to renew the license either automatically or manually. But many people also do the license manually, here’s how:

Buka Office.com/renew.

  • Select the subscription you’d like to renew, then choose one of these:
  • Extend current to pay current for one year. full Microsoft 365.
  • Renew along with a monthly subscription for Rp.xxx.xxx per month to pay for one month at a time.
  • Review your purchased cart and select Checkout.
  • On the next page, sign in with the Microsoft account that you share with Microsoft 365.
  • Review your order and select Renew subscription.
  • Select Manage subscriptions to sign in to your Microsoft account, & subscriptions page.
  • When you place an order, the payment method is immediately charged, and the expiration date is extended for one month or one year, depending on what you choose.
  • Setelah memperpanjang, di masa mendatang, Anda akan disiapkan untuk tagihan berulang dan metode pembayaran akan dikenai cost pada tanggal yang ditetapkan, jika langganan dibatalkan atau nonaktifkan tagihan berulang sebelum saat tanggal tersebut.

Microsoft License Renewal

Maybe for the Microsoft license renewal class for individuals it is quite easy to do alone. However, if it is a company class, it will certainly be very difficult to renew for many Microsoft programs.

Therefore, NetData provides Microsoft office license renewal services that are more practical, professional and faster.

Microsoft License Pricing

Indeed, the price of the original Microsoft license is quite expensive but very worth it. If you want to buy the original Microsoft license price but at the lowest price you can buy it at NetData on the nds.id website.

For the exact price, you can contact NetData customer service to get a special price for the company.


That’s the discussion of how to renew a Microsoft Office license that still confuses many people who are new to using the program.

For Microsoft OFFice and Windows license renewal at NetData which provides professional services for individuals and companies.


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