How to Renew Aruba License It’s Very Easy

Renew Aruba License

How to Renew Aruba LicenseUsing software or applications by using them wisely is one of the things that is an obligation. One of them is by using licensed software or without piracy activities. By using licensed software, it is certainly very wise. One of the software, namely Aruba, also offers a license for each software. And the way to renew the Aruba license is really easy!

Renewal of Aruba’s license will be carried out if the previous license is approaching or may have expired. For some people, there are those who think that doing a license renewal is very complicated, but for an Aruba license renewal, the method is very easy.

Aruba is

First of all, before discussing how to renew the Aruba license, you need to know what Aruba is. Aruba is one of the manufacturers in the field of software and hardware that focuses on various wireless devices, switches, sdwan, and various security software.

Aruba has been repeatedly recognized by third-party analysts as a leader in Wi-Fi 6, switching, SD-Branch, and a visionary in Data Center networking. The world’s largest companies rely on us to provide a secure, AI-powered edge service platform that spans campuses, branches, data centers, and remote work environments.

Aruba Products

Talking about products, Aruba has a wide variety of products that you can choose according to your needs. Among others are:

Access Point

Simplify network operations while keeping everything safe, that’s Aruba’s motto for all the access points that are dedicated to you. With a high-performance access point, you can find AI-powered RF optimization, rich intelligence, and smart management options via the cloud or on-premises.


The Instant On access point from Aruba is a great substitute for a regular router. Simply plug the Aruba Instant On access point into the cable that brings the internet to your home to activate your Wi-Fi network.


The WAN transformation begins with an advanced SD-WAN platform. Design the advantages of modern SD-WANs that enable enterprises to achieve the highest return on cloud investment by delivering greater economy, control, reliability and performance.


Mobility, IoT and working from home make network security challenging, this is when you can rely on Aruba for your security concerns in cyberspace.

  • Zero Trust Security ensures that the same controls apply to campus or branch networks, extending to homes or remote workers. With Aruba, you can:
  • See what’s connected to your network
  • Use identities and roles to enable access to IT resources
  • Change permissions dynamically based on real-time threat data

Aruba License

The license is platform independent and can be installed on any controller. Installing a feature license unlocks the functionality of that feature for the controller’s maximum capacity.

Many licenses are used on a per-AP, or per-user basis, and are not unique to any particular piece of hardware. This type of shareable license can be assigned to a license pool and used by any device in a managed device group. Non-shareable licenses are created using the serial number of the controller, and can only be used by the individual controller that created them.

Shareable and non-shareable licenses are installed using Mobility Master, which allows network administrators with root-level access to remotely add licenses to a managed license pool or device on the network. For more information about adding licenses to remotely managed devices.

How to Renew Aruba License

Sistem lisensi Aruba berbasis pengontrol. Kunci lisensi adalah string alfanumerik unik yang dihasilkan menggunakan nomor seri pengontrol dan hanya berlaku untuk pengontrol itu saja. Lisensi dapat diinstal sebelumnya di pabrik sehingga semua fitur berlisensi tersedia pada pengaturan awal. Anda juga dapat menginstal sendiri fitur lisensi.

Activating a New License on Your Controller

The basic steps for installing and activating the new licensing features are listed below, along with references to sections in this document with more detailed information.

  1. Obtain a valid Aruba software license from your sales account manager or authorized reseller (see Requesting a Software License in Email).
  2. Find the system serial number of your controller (see Finding the System Serial Number).
  3. Use your system serial number to obtain a software license key from the Aruba Software License Management website: (see Obtaining a Software License Key).
  4. Enter the software license key using one of the following procedures:
  • Navigate to the Configuration > Network > Controller > System Settings page of the ArubaOS WebUI and select the License tab. Enter the software license key and click Apply (see Applying the Software License Key on the WebUI).
    Launch the License Wizard from the WebUI Configuration tab and click New. Enter the software license key in the space provided (see Applying the Software License Key in the Licensing Wizard).
  • Use the add license command in the CLI.

Activating the New Flexible License on Your Controller

  1. Obtain a valid Aruba software license with flexible licensing support from your sales account manager or authorized reseller (see Requesting a Software License in Email). You will be able to request a customized number of licenses when ordering your license.
  2. A single license certificate will be issued, which contains the following information:
  • Part number (e.g. LIC-AP-FLEX)
  • Quantity (eg. 450)
  1. Follow steps 2-4 of Activating a New License on Your Controller to complete the installation.
  2. The new license limits will take effect immediately.

Buy Aruba License

If you already know how easy it is to renew and activate a new license from Aruba, now is the time to find out where to sell Aruba licenses at affordable and reliable prices.

NetData can be the right choice if you want to buy an Aruba license at an affordable and reliable price. NetData itself is the official distributor of Aruba Indonesia which is trusted by many people as well as large companies in Indonesia and abroad.


When you already know how easy it is to renew an Aruba license and also how affordable an Aruba license is, now you no longer need to be confused and hesitant to register Aruba software or hardware. Aruba does provide a practical way to renew its license with quality products that are rich in very useful features.


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