CEMS Emission Monitor

CEMS Emission Monitor

CEMS Emission MonitorAir pollution is one of the difficult conditions of the environment which is currently a concern of the whole world considering its effects that can give rise to greenhouse gases that can increase the earth’s surface temperature, causing health problems for humans and other living things.

Therefore, controlling air pollution, namely CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring) is one of the things that must be carried out by the industry so that air pollution can continue to be reduced.

One of the efforts in limiting this pollution is by monitoring the levels of contaminants that are discharged through the chimneys of industrial facilities. The monitoring practice that was previously carried out in Indonesia was by doing manual monitoring where officers from the environmental lab did sampling of exhaust gases from the chimneys of industrial facilities.

Then, an analysis is carried out in the lab to determine the level of pollutants such as SOx, NOx, CO, CO2, H2S and so on in the exhaust gas.

CEMS Service

The services that CEMS can provide are:

  • You carry out complete monitoring that can measure 5 air quality parameters in the form of CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, O2 and particulates continuously.
  • Help to protect the surrounding environment from air pollution.
  • Utilizing IT as a means to protect the environment.

CEMS Features

Some of the CEMS features that you can get include:

  • The analyzer, which serves to assess the gas concentration in the stream
  • Equipment for advising gas flow samples to the analyzer, in case of long distances
  • Equipment for conditioning gas samples by removing water and other components, as they may interfere with readings
  • Pneumatic pipe with valve regulated by PLC, for advising sample gases to and from the analytical apparatus
  • System calibration and maintenance, for injection of calibration gas into the sample line
  • Data acquisition and handling system (DAHS), to collect and store each spot data and can perform the calculations needed to receive perfect mass emission.

Advantages of CEMS

There are several advantages of CEMS that can be obtained, including:

  • Accurate, reliable, and durable in rugged conditions
  • No need for shelter or air-conditioned room
  • Can measure CO, SO2, NOx, CO2, H2O, HCL, CH4
  • Can be used non-stop
  • Using gas diffusion technique
  • No filter
  • Online Calibration
  • Perawatan mudah & simple

Where to Buy CEMS?

In some areas, Smart City has been implemented which also includes how to prevent environmental pollution. And with the regulation from the government that makes many factories that have air exhaust systems in the form of chimneys to always pay attention to how air pollution is caused by it.

CEMS is software as well as hardware that is useful for monitoring factory pollution gas emissions. And if you need it, you can entrust it to NetData who sells CEMS at an affordable cost and also the installation will be done quickly and professionally.

CEMS Price

In order to maintain the environment, you can get CEMS with the best quality assurance and quality at affordable prices. For emission testing or measuring particulate carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), and carbon monoxide (CO) in industrial chimneys or boilers, turbines, furnaces and incinerators.

The affordable price makes this tool a tool that all companies must have.


Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) is used as a tool to monitor the flow of exhaust gases resulting from combustion in industrial processes. CEMS can measure exhaust gases for oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide to provide information for combustion control in industrial settings.

With so many benefits for protecting the environment, there can be no harm in installing CEMS in your factory.


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