The Importance of Network Security For Companies

The Importance of Network Security For Companies

Company Network Security – Various kinds of cyber threats that occur today also affect the progress of digital business in Indonesia. Not a few network security system companies that create the best solutions according to them, such as Sangfor and fortinet.

In this article, we will discuss aspects of computer network security, from understanding what network security is in general to some examples of network security from IT companies such as Sangfor and Fortinet.

Network Security Explanation

To begin to understand what network security is, we first need to know the meaning of the network security system itself.

The network security system is indeed made to be a solution to overcome the impact of the threat of cyber crime that occurs at home, school, or workplace.

The network security system must secure various resources on the network, especially those related to important data stored on a computer or data center.

That way people who do not have access to the data cannot enter the network to steal data or damage the existing network.

What is Network Security?

This company network security is a network that is actually a system that has the task of preventing and identifying unauthorized access to a computer network.

This prevention effort serves to stop intruders from accessing network systems, especially for a company network.

Yes, we know that the network that is built by a company, of course, there should be no unauthorized people to be able to access the network.

Therefore, the purpose of a computer network security system is to anticipate people who are not entitled to access the network so as to anticipate both physical and logical threats, directly or indirectly, that can interfere with the network security system.

We need to know that there is no computer network that is completely safe from network disturbances.

Therefore, to minimize the occurrence of network disturbances, a network security system is needed from various aspects of network security.

In addition, users also need to be educated about network security so that if there is a gap in the security system, it can be resolved efficiently.

Network Security Types

Here are some types of network security that can be used as a reference:


One example of a company’s network security on a network that is most often used is a firewall. Firewall as the name suggests is a system or tool that is able to create barriers to internal and external networks.

Firewalls have the task of ensuring that the connected connection remains secure from the external network to which it is intended.

This firewall can be installed in the form of additional applications on the computer or also in the form of a more sophisticated physical firewall in filtering all access to the internal network, especially for companies.

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

Viruses and malware like a disease on a computer can indeed damage or interfere with performance on a computer via a network.

The solution is to use antivirus and malware installed on the computer so that it can detect early whether there is a virus or malware file that enters through an existing network such as via the internet.

Email Security

Email is one of the services that is very useful for companies in sending letters electronically.

However, email services are also often targeted by cyber threats where viruses or malicious programs are inserted that aim to steal user information and data.

For this reason, the email network needs to be given a strong additional network security system such as anti-spam software to protect its users.

Various Network Security Threats

Earlier we discussed the types of corporate network security, now this time it is below:


Interception is a network security threat related to parties who do not have the right to access the network but manage to get access to information from the computer.


Interruption is a threat where an attacker can access access to the system but the administrator can still log into the system.


Fabrication is a threat where an attacker inserts a fake object into the target system.


Modification security threat is where the attacker has damaged the system while changing the existing system as a whole. This type of threat is the most fatal among other threats.

Various Ways to Maintain Network Security

Before discussing security systems from companies such as Sangfor and Fortinet. We also need to know some ways to maintain company network security.

Network Security Tips

To maintain the security of your computer network system, you can also follow some tips such as the following:

Use Encryption On Wireless Access

From research and surveys, half of today’s wireless networks are without security.

With circumstances like this, there are several parties who take advantage of existing loopholes in the network security system.

One solution that can prevent this is to use WPA2 encryption which has guaranteed security.

Change SSID address

The SSID or name of a network indicates the ownership of the business as well as the location of the network.

For example, PT Sinar Terang, the name of this SSID can indeed make it easier for users to use the wifi facility, but it is very dangerous because it can be tracked by irresponsible people.

Turn off router interface features

By turning off the router interface feature, it can prevent outside access from happening. Because when there is access to the router, intruders will easily check the log file on the router, so it’s best to just turn it off if it’s not really needed.

Use an antivirus Do a backup

Make sure the antivirus you are using is always updated. Because it is possible that there are many viruses and malware that can enter the network through an internet connection.

Do a backup

Companies must have important data that must be stored in a safe place. However, we also need to back up data in special storage places such as the cloud to make it more secure.

Computer Security Products

From some understanding about the network security system above, it’s time to discuss two well-known network security companies, namely Sangfor and Fortinet. What are the advantages of each of these two brands? Here’s the explanation.


This cloud and security solution provider company is indeed quite famous in the world, even in Indonesia.

The solutions offered by Sangfor are NGAF and WAN optimization to companies. NGAF or Next Gen Applications Firewall is one of Sangfor’s mainstay products in providing network security system solutions to your company.

The next generation firewall is much more advantageous as it has much less cost due to less time and effort.

The performance of the firewall is also equipped with the latest processor that is able to handle many connections at once without reducing its performance.

NGAF provides solutions and directions against attacks on the network and prevents attacks on certain applications from outside the network.


The network security system was further created by Fortinet which is a world-class provider of network equipment and market leader in unified threat management or UTM.

The services that Fortinet offers are wide and varied, with high device performance and the best network protection simplifying network security aspects.

Fortinet’s network security product is Fortigate which is the best integrated network security platform such as ASIC-accelerated protection, unified multi-threat response, and continuous updates and deep threat intelligence.

Fortigate uses innovative technologies for network analysis, and content security. And the Fortigate system integrates extensive features in security technology, including firewall, Antivirus, VPN, IPS or intrusion, application control, web filtering, antispam, wireless controllers, and WAN accelerators.

For example, Fortigate computer security is also equipped with FortiASIC ​​as a content and network analysis engine that allows the Fortigate system to be able to detect various threats and eliminate threats in real time without reducing network performance.


From the network security system review above, we can conclude that every aspect of network security is indeed very important to improve, especially for corporate businesses.

The form of the network security system can be improved in the form of software and hardware.

For network security system solutions, you can choose between Sangfor and Fortinet, which have proven capabilities in securing your corporate network for the better.

For more information, you can contact NetData as your company’s network security solution provider which also provides various network equipment such as firewalls and data centers.

NetData also provides managed network security services for your company so that you can still have a stable, secure company network, but without having to worry about all the technical matters.

That way the company can focus more on developing the business without the hassle of thinking about network problems.


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