NetData Integrator Cloud Service

NetData Integrator Cloud Service

The need for cloud computing to support today’s digital business. Cloud integrator technology is one of the cloud support services that can be adapted to all types of businesses and their business scale.

Before we discuss the cloud integrator further how precisely we understand its definition. Cloud computing is an information technology system service for users that functions to make it easier for organizations to do business.

Understanding and Explanation of Cloud Integrator

The definition of cloud integrator is software that can be run as a service in the cloud. This cloud-based service is subscription-based or on a use-only basis.

The cloud service will get a link for the application, data source, or data file. Here is a cloud integrator consisting of four options.

  1. Application integration. This integration is oriented towards ongoing business processes, such as approaching someone to order a product, cloud integrator to do something, for example doing credit card fees to the payment system.
  2. Data integration. Data integration is usually done in batches, i.e. moving data between systems according to a schedule either a few minutes or once a month. In addition, data integration ensures data can be received in other applications.
  3. Enterprise integration information. Enterprise integration information pulls information for dashboards at the management level so that data can be displayed, but don’t use it to process large historical data from multiple databases.
  4. Managed File Transfers. Managed file transfer can be used to manage, monitor, track, and transmit data to other places. Also called evolution beyond FTP (file transfer protocol).

What Does Cloud Mean?

Cloud has an abbreviation of cloud computing or cloud computing. This parable is a service provided on the internet by way of paying one time.

With this service users can use it to store, operate, and manage data via the internet, but cloud computing is a paid service that can be done on a larger scale.

With the cloud everything is done virtually, even if files aren’t stored directly on your computer. All the data that you store is actually stored in a remote place in this case is a server on the internet.

Data that you store using the cloud such as through the Dropbox application this file will be sent over the internet. Cloud providers have hundreds to thousands of physical servers that work together in an integrated manner or in terms of server farms or server fields located in various countries.

At its core the cloud is a digital storage technology capable of storing all your data digitally.

What is The Function of The Cloud?

The functions of the cloud include:

1. Centralized Storage Media on Server

With centralized storage media on one server according to the services provided by Cloud computing. That way users do not need to set up their own data center.

2. Data Security

In the application of cloud computing technology, it provides data guarantees such as data that is safe, not easily damaged or lost, technology platforms, ISO guarantees.

3. Cheaper and Durable

Cloud computing offers centralized data storage that is inexpensive and can be used for a long time.

How does the cloud work and how does it function?

Cloud computing technology uses the internet as a central server in managing data. This system makes it easy for users to deeply access programs via the internet without the need to install the program first.

Users can store data and programs on cloud servers virtually so that they can be used over the internet as if they were on your personal computer.

What Is Cloud Computing

For cloud computing or Cloud computing, it is the delivery of IT data sources on demand and needs via the internet at a cost that is appropriate to usage.

In addition to purchasing, owning and managing physical data centers and servers. At the same time you can use cloud services for storage, and database, as needed.

What Are the Types of Cloud Services?

Cloud computing is divided into 4 according to the nature of the service range:

Public Cloud

The type of public cloud is the most common form of cloud service that is used according to the payment model. Customers, both individuals and companies, can access the services provided by cloud integrators via the internet.

For resources, data storage systems, and networks that are accessed by many different users. Public clouds are also widely used by many companies because vendors have infrastructure that has large storage capacity such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

That way users can freely just what services are needed. In terms of public cloud security is quite good. So even though cloud services are in the same environment, one user cannot use other users’ data.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is a service designed for organizations or companies with customized and complete needs.

A private cloud has an infrastructure that is managed and operated for a large-scale group and has the ability to own the cloud independently. Private cloud has a position on site or off site.

Basically private cloud services cannot be accessed publicly or openly like public clouds. Or can only be accessed internally by the company.

The company has full control over its cloud services, be it network control, hardware, operating systems, other software.

Community Cloud

Community cloud is a cloud infrastructure that is shared by several organizations that have the same interests, which are accompanied by the same level of security.

The Cloud may be owned by and managed by one or more organizations in the community, and may also be owned by a third party or a combination of organizations and third parties.

Hybrid Cloud

The next cloud integrator is a hybrid cloud which is a combination of other cloud types. Although the entity remains independent, there are also several data portability technologies and applications between these clouds that can be connected.

Hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds, either public cloud, private cloud, or community cloud.

Find Cloud Integrator Services On Netdata

Those are some things you need to know about cloud integrators. You can consult with NetData for cloud integrators in Indonesia.

NetData as an IT company in Indonesia will support all your needs related to cloud integrators.

NetData has many partnet cloud integrators that you can use according to your needs, for example for companies.


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