Data Center Trends 2021

Data Center Trends 2021 for those of you who are in the world of computer or network technology, you must be very familiar with data centers that are starting to be seen and used by companies in Indonesia.

What is a data center? And why is it currently trending in the Indonesian business industry. Let’s look at the following article:

Definition of Data Center

A data center is a facility, building, or room that has a special function in storing servers or other hardware and software. In this device you can use it to store, process, manage company data.

Therefore, the 2021 data center trend is very important for an organization that has an important role to manage the company’s most important asset, namely data.

Definition Of Data Center

Judging from the history of the 2021 data center trend, it was first known as ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) since 1946 which was owned by the United States Army which was used for military purposes.

As the development of data center technology advances, it develops into a cloud-based data center.

In the data center there are devices and components such as server computers in a neatly organized manner.

In a data center with many servers, the things that need to be considered are sufficient power supplies, network security systems, and cooling systems that are able to reduce the temperature in the room.

Data Center Components

With the 2021 data center trend currently being discussed, it certainly consists of several components that affect the data type itself, namely:

  1. Computing equipment, including desktops, servers and racks.
  2. Network infrastructure, namely network components such as switches, routers, modems, lan cables, and other components that connect the data center server, data storage area, to users.
  3. Storage infrastructure, in the 2021 data center trend, storage or storage is a very important component because it relates to the storage of important company data, storage components include hard drives, SSDs, tape drives, and backup storage.
  4. Uninterruptible Power Sources (UPS), consist of power data sources, battery backups, to generators that supply electricity to servers without stopping.
  5. Climate control system, a temperature control system or computer room air conditioner or CRAC and heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC whose job is to maintain the temperature and humidity of the room so it doesn’t overheat.
  6. Security, namely physical security consisting of CCTV, biometric security, to security officers.

Data Center Functions

If you look at the 2021 data center trend, the data center is a top priority for a company’s digital business.

Today’s business people or businesses prefer data centers as external storage. Because at this time the data center has an important role for the development of the progress of the organization or company.

One of the important factors of a data center is a computer network and data storage. This service is a basic need that must be owned by companies because data continues to increase. So if there is interference in the data center so that it can experience interference.

Companies that follow the 2021 data center trend are also using it as a place for storing, processing, and disseminating large amounts of data.

The sophisticated data center system is equipped with a backup system or data backup in the event that data is deleted, damaged, or lost, it will be restored.

Types of Data Center

In the 2021 data center trend, it has its own types, among others.

Enterprise Data Centers

Enterprise data centers, also known as onsite data centers, are a type of 2021 data center trend that can be built, managed, placed in an organization or company environment that uses its services.

The advantage of this type of data center is that it can be developed and expanded according to the company’s needs and offers full control and access to the owner.

But the only drawback is that the costs incurred are quite large for this type of self-managed server. You need IT staff who must be recruited at high prices as well as other resources such as server components, security, air conditioning, to a stable electric current.

Colocation Data Centers

Colocation data centers refer to companies that provide server colocation services. So that companies that offer rental places for storage in their data center. Such as buildings, servers, security, bandwidth, to other resources. If you want to save you can use a colocation server.

Hyperscale Data Centers

For the 2021 hyperscale data center trend, it is the type that offers convenience to increase its scale, such as adding server racks, along with their tools.

Usually the hyperscale type of data center has millions of servers and virtual machines whose number exceeds the enterprise data center.

Managed Services Data Centers

The last type of data center trand 2021 is managed services data center. This type of data center is similar to a colocation data center in that it rents out equipment and infrastructure provided by data center service providers.

The difference between these managed services data centers is that companies that rent data center services do not need to manage their own data center or are managed by the owner of the data center service.

What are the 2021 Data Center Trends?

If you ask, what is the 2021 data trend? The year 2021 is indeed a quite tough year for companies in developing their business, especially if there is a PSBB which requires non-logistics businesses to close due to the pandemic.

However, certain companies, such as digital-based companies, definitely need a data center to develop their business. Therefore, data center services in 2021 are increasing in line with company demand.

What are the data center trends for 2021? Here’s the explanation.

5G Internet Network

The 5g internet network in 2021 has begun to be established by several cellular providers in big cities.

5g internet has the advantages of super high speed, low latency, and communication introduced to the data center industry.

Artificial Intelligence / Ai

Artificial intelligence or known as AI has begun to be applied in various fields of life. AI is expected to increase to produce new services and business concepts. These demanding companies and data center providers need to adapt in response to rapid network deployments.

Remote Management From Data Center

The data center must always be active for 24 hours to be able to access business information. In the midst of the current pandemic, it will certainly interfere with IT staff to keep monitoring for 24 hours because they will spend more time at home.

Therefore, a remote data center protocol is needed to always monitor and maintain the data center to keep it working and active.

Alternative Power Generation

The need for large electrical power especially if there are millions of servers in one place. Talking about electricity, of course, the data center requires alternative electricity if there is a power failure that can interfere with the performance of a server.

Alternative electricity that can be used such as tidal wave energy, wind farms, and to a lesser extent, as well as solar power.

Liquid Cooling And Submersible Chiller

Increasing the amount of computing will certainly increase the temperature in the server room while increasing the temperature on the processor.

Therefore, liquid cooling and immersion cooling technologies are needed to efficiently dissipate heat loads.

Data Center Trends 2021 in full is at Netdata

The conclusion from the discussion above is that the 2021 data center trend is influenced by the need for data storage and communication in a company.

In the use of data centers, both independent and leased, of course requires consideration of security systems, processing and storage, bandwidth, power resources, and IP providers.

In Indonesia alone, there are quite a number of data center providers, where companies that just want to start in the business field will be greatly helped by the existence of this data center service.

NetData also provides managed service data center services that are able to serve your business needs.

NetData as an IT company also provides data center services such as colocation data center and managed service data center.


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