Get to Know More About Wifi 6 from Ruijie

Get to know more about Wifi 6 from Ruijie

Ruijie Wifi 6 – The more you come here, there is no doubt that progress in technology is definitely progressing. One of them is progress in the field of IT related to the network. Wireless network or Wifi is certainly very much understood, in fact many have used it almost every day. Did you know that Wifi has now reached Wifi 6?

Wifi 6 was originally the first technology made by one of the leading technology vendors, namely Ruijie. Do you know what is meant by Wifi 6? Let’s discuss in this one article.

Ruijie Wifi 6 Explanation

Discussing about Wifi 6, of course it is a further discussion. So, what is Wifi 6? and what are the benefits of Wifi 6 for various needs? And why is Ruijie a very reliable pioneer in creating Wifi 6?

What is Wi-Fi?

Although Wi-Fi is usually used to access the internet on portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, in reality, Wifi itself is used to connect to routers or other access points, which in turn provide internet access. Wifi is a wireless connection to that device, not the internet itself.

It also provides access to the local network of connected devices, which is why you can print images wirelessly or view video feeds from a Wi-Fi-connected camera without needing to be physically connected to them.

Instead of using a wired connection like Ethernet, Wifi uses radio waves to transmit information on specific frequencies, usually at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. However, there are many others that are used in more specialized settings. Each frequency range has multiple channels that wireless devices can operate on, helping to spread the load so each device doesn’t see its signal overcrowded or disrupted by other traffic even if it’s on a busy network.

What is Ruijie Wifi 6?

Wifi will be faster. That’s great news: faster internet is always in demand, especially as we use more bandwidth-demanding apps, games, and videos with our laptops and cell phones.

But the next generation of Wifi, known as Wifi 6, isn’t just a simple speed boost. The impact will be more nuanced, and we are likely to see the benefits more and more over time.

It’s less of a one-off speed boost and more of a future-facing upgrade designed to ensure Internet speeds from Ruijie don’t crash for years to come.

Wifi 6 is the next generation of Wifi. It will still do the same basic thing connecting you to the internet with just a bunch of additional technologies to make it happen more efficiently, speeding up the connection in the process.

Benefits of Using Ruijie Wifi 6

With Wifi 6, of course, there are various benefits other than the increased speed. There are also other benefits that can be obtained when using a Wifi 6 connection, including:

Increasing Access Point Capacity To Support IoT and Mobile Devices

To better understand it, there are several features that make Wifi 6 better suited to handle modern IoT and workplace access demands.

With you setting the stage with today’s workspace in mind. Your employees are no longer just one workstation in terms of number of devices for AP or network access. They probably have at least their workstations, mobile devices, and maybe smart accessories.

If that workspace is in an industry such as high-end manufacturing or warehousing, that number increases. You have to load on top of that an ever-growing number of sensors, scanners and other equipment.

Bigger Channel Width

One of the concepts that affect speed is the definition of channel width.

The 5Ghz channel allows you to combine 20Mhz channels into 40Mhz and 80Mhz channels, giving you higher speeds. Now with Wi-Fi 6, you can even reach 160Mhz channels.

That can be surprising but keep in mind that the spectrum is still limited. 160Mhz can only work consistently if you are in a single access point environment such as a home network. If you try to run it with multiple APs at 160Mhz, you’re bound to see glitches, and it won’t work as well as you’d like on paper.

More Efficient Bandwidth Sharing

There are additional ways that Wifi 6 can provide efficiency to devices on the network, resulting in better speeds.

For starters, Wifi 6 has made progress in the number of antennas it can support, using a maximum configuration of 8×8:8. More antennas allow for more simultaneous communications, increase speed, and even allow multiple users to “talk” at the same time.

Wifi Sleeping

With previous wireless standards, devices were connected or not. Completely binary.

In comparison, Wi-Fi 6 has a protocol to effectively put certain Wifi devices to sleep when not in use. This frees up bandwidth with unused “sleep” connections. On paper, it will also result in greater battery life in Wi-Fi 6-enabled devices.

Wifi 6 Backward Compatible

Yes, the 802.11ax standard itself and the access points that support it are backward compatible.

802.11 ac, n, g, b, a are all covered and devices using them should be fine. However, it is always better to test your device first with the access point of your choice. Especially older devices just to make sure there are no issues.

Who Needs to Use Wifi 6?

If asked “Who needs to use Wifi 6?”, the answer is probably a company or office that really needs an internet connection to be faster and more efficient. By using Wifi 6 technology, it is certain that data transmission, downloads, and uploads are faster and also various other jobs are not constrained.

However, it is not only office areas that need to use Wifi 6. It could be for personal use at home there will be no harm in adapting to Wifi 6 technology.

Advantages of Wifi 6

Talking about the advantages of Ruijie Wifi 6, there are several features that are highlighted, including:

Higher Data Rate

Ruijie Wifi 6 can have a higher data transfer speed by using several techniques, ranging from more efficient data encoding and supported by the wireless spectrum of a more powerful processor.

Increased Bandwidth Capacity

Bandwidth keseluruhan dari Ruijie Wifi 6 lebih besar sehingga mampu menampilkan berbagai macam hiburan seperti streaming virtual reality dan video UHD dengan lancar.

Improved Power Efficiency

Ruijie Wifi 6 has Target Wake Time or TWT technology that allows wireless devices and routers to actively plan communication times.

So it can reduce the antenna reduction of the wireless network while reducing the signal seek which means it can save power to some extent and increase the life time of the device.

However, wifi 6 devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets require continuous access so they cannot take advantage of this technology.

But for smart homes that are becoming popular, especially wireless devices that use lithium batteries, this technology will significantly save power and improve the user experience.

Wifi Security 6

Ruijie Wifi 6 has a very high level of network security. This is evidenced by the passing of the wifi Alliance certification which must use the WPA 3 security protocol for greater security.

In 2018 the wifi alliance released a new generation of the WPA 3 encryption protocol, which is an upgraded version of the previously used WPA 2 protocol. WPA 3 is able to increase security and can be better so as to prevent brute force attacks.

Differences Wifi 5 And Wifi 6

Ruijie Wifi 6 brings many new improvements over wifi 5. Not only will the standard allow faster connections, it has enhanced network security and is reliable. Following are the differences between wifi 5 or wifi 6:

Improved Efficiency And Capacity

Ruijie Wifi 6 features Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access (OFDMA). This feature allows your router and devices to use bandwidth efficiently thereby reducing the time between data transmissions, thereby allowing other devices to share bandwidth.

Speed ​​Boost

Ruijie Wifi 6 brings a significant speed increase, although not as big as when wifi 4 to wifi 5, but the difference is still visible.

In this situation the perfect wifi connectivity the user can see a theoretical improvement. With a larger bandwidth capacity, Ruijie Wifi 6 can pack a lot of data with the same spectrum space. This is made possible by the new chip which is much more powerful and reliable than the previous version.

That means that speed is only a small part of the improvements that don’t really matter. But the focus of improving wifi 6 is fast connectivity but rather to make it more efficient and also better security.

Improved Reach

Special devices with a frequency of 20Mhz and with OFDMA features can use a smaller subcarrier meaning that the Ruijie Wifi 6 device is able to cover longer distances.

Future Improvements

Further improvements via MU-MIMO uplink. This MU-MIMO uplink functions to be able to multiply devices to send data to Ruijie Wifi 6 with network efficiency.

With this feature, it is possible to use Ruijie Wifi 6 in the future, it will make it easier for many users to connect to only one device


That’s the discussion about Ruijie Wifi 6 which has many advantages compared to previous generations of wifi.

In conclusion, Ruijie Wifi 6 technology allows users to connect with the best data speed while being able to accommodate many users at once.

For more information on Ruijie Wifi 6, you can view product information on the NetData website, namely at

NetData sells Ruijie Wifi 6 at distributor prices which is also accompanied by an original distributor warranty.


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